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  • The Return of His Unrivaled Ex-Wife

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 642

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    Read The Return of His Unrivaled Ex-Wife by Zara Gibbon. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free here......

  • Marriage Beyond Redemption

    Latest Chapter : Chapter Chapter 300 No Need to Take Responsibility

    Views : 16049

    Marriage Beyond Redemption, a remarkable novel by Lesley Harte, tells the captivating story of Peyton and Nolan. Peyton and Nolan were married for three years, but ultimately, Peyton was defeated by the deep-seated grudge Nolan had harbored for ten years. On the day Peyton received her stomach cancer diagnosis, Nolan stood by her side as they went for her son{#39}s check-up. Without causing a scene, Peyton quietly left with the divorce agreement. However, she never anticipated the merciless retaliation that awaited her. It was revealed that Nolan had married Peyton solely to seek revenge for his sister. When Peyton was gravely ill, he coldly gripped her chin and uttered, {#34}The Schmitt family owed me.{#34} Tragedy struck Peyton{#39}s world as her family was torn apart, and her father was left in a vegetative state after a car accident. Consumed by despair, she made the heart-wrenching decision to leap from a tall building. In her final moments, Peyton whispered to herself, {#34}The Schmitt family owed you your sister{#39}s life. I{#39}ll repay you with mine.{#34} Nolan, who had always carried himself with dignity, fell to his knees with bloodshot eyes, desperately begging her to return, over and over again......

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