Anything For Her

Chapter 97

Chapter 98 Mason Is Mine

On Sunday, the Laird family and the Tanner family were meeting at Pegasus Pavilion. Yale had already
brought his family there early in the morning. Josiah wasn’t feeling well that day, so he stayed at home.

Seeing that the Laird family wasn’t there yet, Yale reminded, “Willa, take full advantage of this
opportunity, okay? With the Laird family’s support, we will surely gain control of Tanner Group.”
Considering how well Transfix Cosmetics was doing, Yale was really worried that he could lose

“I know, Dad.”

“Let’s go! The Laird family should be here soon. Let’s go out and welcome them.” Yale had always
been trying to get on the Lairds’ good side.

Upon hearing that, Charmaine and Willow followed him out.

The moment they got out, Mason and Constance arrived.

Yale immediately went to welcome Constance when he saw her.

When Constance saw them waiting outside, she couldn’t help but say, “What are you guys doing
outside? Since you guys have arrived first, just wait for us inside.”

“We got bored, so we came out to see if you guys have arrived! Mason is looking even more dashing
now,” Yale praised, buttering Mason up.

Mason kept a straight face and behaved coldly.

In fact, that was how he had always treated the Tanner family.

“Mason, why are you not greeting Mr. Tanner? What’s wrong with you?” Constance wasn’t happy with
Mason’s attitude.

“Where’s Sophie? Is she not here?” When Mason decided to speak, the first person he asked about
was Sophie.

All of a sudden, it felt as if the surrounding air had turned colder.

Even Yale had no idea how to respond to that question.

“I thought I heard Sophie is back? What’s going on? Is she not a part of the Tanner family?” Mason

“Mason, you’re aware of Soph’s temper, right? We asked her to join us, but she didn’t want to.” Despite
how upsetting it was for Willow, she didn’t dare to express her feelings in front of Mason.

“Oh, I see!” Mason stopped pursuing that subject and walked right in.

Upon seeing that, the others breathed a sigh of relief.

“Willa, don’t mind him, okay? That’s just how he is. I like you the most,” Constance uttered.

Willow smiled and answered, “Mrs. Laird, I didn’t take it to heart. That’s just how Mason is. He’s so nice
to everyone.”

Constance was satisfied with Willow’s magnanimity. That’s how the future lady of the house should

Mason was cold and distant throughout the meal, and it seemed that he wasn’t interested in anything at

However, he couldn’t help but furrow his brows when he heard Constance and Willow’s parents talking
about the engagement.

Finally, he responded, “Engagement?”

“Yes! Aren’t you and Willa a couple? Now that you’re back, you guys should get engaged!”

Willow stared at Mason nervously.

Did he recall something? Otherwise, why would he be treating me coldly?

“Mrs. Laird, perhaps we should take things slowly. If Mason doesn’t want to get engaged, it’s all right,”
Willow said.

“What are you on about, Willa? Mason and you are definitely getting engaged!” Yale immediately
stopped Willow from saying anything further.


“No buts! I’ll get someone to set the date. I’m definitely having you as my daughter-in-law,” Constance
voiced assertively.

Mason merely scoffed in response and said nothing.

Hearing that, Willow felt relieved.

However, she couldn’t understand Mason. Why does he look like he doesn’t want to get engaged to

After the meal, both the families got out of the private room and bumped into Sophie on the way out.

Willow instinctively took a step backward when she saw Sophie there. Why is she here? Is she still not
giving up on Mason?

Yale frowned when he saw Sophie. F*ck. What is Sophie doing here?

At the same time, Constance also frowned slightly when she saw Sophie.

Charmaine immediately walked up to Sophie and whispered, “What are you doing here? Soph, it’s your
sister’s important day today. Don’t cause any trouble, okay?”

At that, Sophie couldn’t help chuckling. Does Pegasus Pavilion belong to the Laird family? Why can’t I
be here?

“Soph—” Charmaine was just about to distract her.

“I don’t care what you guys are doing here today, so you should just leave me alone as well,” Sophie

With that, she ignored Charmaine and strode forward.

Tristan and the rest were just in a private room nearby.

When she walked past Mason, he reached out and grabbed her hand.

“I was told that you don’t wish to see me. Is that right?” Mason’s tone was indifferent, but there was a
hint of warmth in his gaze.

Willow’s heart sank when she saw that.

Sophie raised her brows. What does he mean? Who does he think he is?

“Is there a need for me to see you?”

Willow heaved a sigh of relief when she heard Sophie’s words.

However, Mason uttered in the next second, “Don’t be so willful, Sophie. What’s your phone number?”

He was going to contact her in the future.

“Mason, let go of Soph.” Willow walked up to Mason. I am his girlfriend, not Sophie.

Sophie pulled her hand away from his. “Don’t touch me again! Otherwise, you’ll regret it!”

Upon seeing Sophie’s reaction, Mason furrowed his brows. She wasn’t like this before.

“Mason!” Constance gritted her teeth and yelled.

She was furious because what Mason was doing was embarrassing her and the Tanner family.

“I’ll look for you tomorrow.” With so many people around, Mason didn’t want to dwell on the matter
further. He then left the scene with Constance.

“Sophie, I’m warning you. Mason belongs to Willa. Don’t you dare harbor any funny thoughts!”

Sophie was speechless. Do I look like I want Mason?

At the same time, Willow was also glaring at Sophie in jealousy. “Sophie, I can let you have everything
but Mason. No matter what, I’m keeping Mason for myself.”

“Ms. Tanner, may I know what you mean by that? What are you giving me?” Sophie was amazed by
Willow’s shamelessness.

“I can give you everything that belongs to the Tanner family, but I’m not letting you have Mason,” Willow

Those who didn’t know better would probably think that Willow loved Mason deeply, and they might
point an accusing finger at Sophie.

“First, everything that belongs to the Tanner family isn’t yours to give, and I don’t need you to go easy
on me as well. Second, I don’t care about Mason. If you want him so much, go get him. I have nothing
to do with that. Hence, don’t try to stir up trouble.”

With that said, Sophie went straight into the private room.

“Mom, do you see what she did?” Willow looked at Charmaine with a pitiful expression.

Charmaine caressed her face. “There, there. Mrs. Laird has already made up her mind, and she wants
you. All you need to do now is make Mason feel the same way toward you. The Laird family is not
going to accept Sophie who has an unspeakable past.”

The upper-class society cared about their reputation a lot.

“Let’s go send Mrs. Laird out.”

Right then, Yale couldn’t help but look in the direction Sophie had gone to. I wonder who Sophie is
mingling with. There are only so many people allowed in that particular private room in Pegasus

“Mason, things are not going to work out between you and Sophie. Willa is the girl meant for you.”
Constance was certain that Mason and Willow would make a good couple.