Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 81: Bonus chap

Yadav's PoV

Shia and I are a happily married couple. I have always known that she is a kid. But I never expected
her to cry on our first night! Everything started great with us on our first night but she stopped me in
between when I tried to go below her waist.

"Yash! Yash! Stop!" she held my chin up stopping me from getting to her womanhood.

"Why? Are you scared?"

"Um.. No! But.."

"Don't worry. I will be gentle."

"No, I want to know what happens next." she blurted out.

"What? You mean you don't know what happens next?" God, Why do I feel like I am a pedophile?

"Um... I know. Like your sperms get into my ovum. Baby forms. But... uh.. but how will your sperm get
to my ovaries in my stomach?"

God! A semi naked sexy wife in bed. But she talks about 10th grade biology stuff!

"You really don't know?" I am totally surprised. I lost interest in love making now. All I am interested in
now is testing her brain. Has it grown with her as per her age?! I highly doubt it!

"Pch, If I have known before, why would I ask now?" she said, pushing herself up with her elbows. Her
bouncing boobs are on display with erect nipples. Gosh!

I started fondling it again with my palms and twisting her nipple between my fingers.

"Aahhh!" she moaned out.

"Does that feel good?"

"Yesss! Yes, Don't stop doing it." she said between her moans.

"Does it make you feel something inside?"

"Yes, Yes, I feel weird between my legs!" ufff! There she got it right.

"Where exactly!?" I dropped my hands from her boobs to her panties.

"Yash!" she jerked up and stopped me.

"Is it there you feel weird?"

"Um... Yes!" she said looking away. Awww she is so adorable.

"Well then, I think that is where I put my 'sperm' in you."

"What? How?"

"Let me show you how." I pushed her down on the bed and pulled her underwear down.

"Huh! Yash!" she propped up again.

"Shhh, Relax honey."

"Uh no, You tell me first!"

"God, You are torturing me, See, you are hella sexy. You are topless and I am already high. Don't make
it hard, Shia. Just relax and enjoy. You will learn on the way." She is testing my patience.

"You are angry." she started crying.

That is all happened on our first night. Wow! I didn't even get to see my fully naked wife on our first
night. The rest of the night went into compromising her. As it was a long day, we slept in each other's
embrace without even knowing when we slept.

Akshu's PoV

The next day of our wedding, we were so busy going here and there. We went to Coonoor. It was a
tiring day. Yesterday night was so embarrassing. I decided to watch that porn site a little bit before
tonight. I took my phone to the restroom and started watching a clipping. Eww gross.

Nope! I cannot see it. I fast forwarded it to see the end. Oops, So this is how it ends!? Alright. Now I
know what happens after what we did.

But alas! We didn't get a chance to do it. Rahul and Manoj were with him all day and they took him
somewhere in the night. I waited for him but fell asleep. Don't know when he came, I woke up beside

OK, Poor him. I spoiled it for us on our first night and he spoiled it for us on the second night. We are
even now.

"Good morning sweetheart!" he said, still closing his eyes.

"You are awake? Good morning, Yash!" I kissed his chest.

"Mmm I wish to wake up like this forever!" he said, cuddling close to me.

"I'm sorry!" I said.

"What? Why?" he asked, confused.

"For things that happened on our first night." I told him, getting even closer.

"Not here, sweety. Everyone out will hear. Don't tempt me!" he said.

"I know what happens next."

"Haha how?" he asked me playfully.

"I saw a video!" I said, burying my head in his chest.

"Hahaha! Good for me. So shall we go to Chennai tonight?" he asked me.

"Mmm mmm" I said yes.

"God I can't wait to eat you." he said.

"Eat me? I can't wait, too!" I kissed him. It was a long deep kiss that we were panting when we broke.

"Honey, We are already here, I have a very close friend in Coimbatore. He is family too. A relative to
my mother. You know she hails from coimbatore right?"

"Mmm hmmm!" I nodded to him.

"He couldn't come to our wedding. His wife is pregnant with his second baby. Shall we go meet them?"

"Of Course, yes. When should we be ready?"

"By 10? He asked me to come to lunch."

"Sure, baby!" I kissed him again, still in his embrace. How I feel at home. Thinking about how strangers
we were 4 months before. Now I have nothing except him in my universe.

We had our breakfast and got ready to meet his friend and his family. Yash is a very gentle man.
Though we both felt that pull and attraction towards each other, he restrained himself from even holding
my hands in front of people. But I hate this good boy.

"Hi, Welcome!" Their whole family came to the doorstep to welcome us in.

"Dei, Congratulations! Finally got your soul mate huh?" a very tall man, who must be his friend, pulled
Yash in a bear hug.

"Haha, yes, She is Shia. Shia, this is Rishi." Yash introduced me to him.

"Hello, Please sit down. This is my dad. My brother Shakthi. And this is my princess Aadya." Shankar
introduced his family to me.

Awww that's an adorable beautiful kid. For sure, a princess!

"OMG, She is so cute. How old is she?" I asked him.

"She is 2years old. And congratulations, Akshitha! " a very beautiful girl of almost my age, in a saree,
came with a tray of juice. She must be his wife!

"Hi, Thank you. You are so beautiful!" I told her while taking up the juice from her.

"Awww, thank you so much, beautiful!" She gave me a friendly hug. I like her.

"And that's my queen Anya!" Rishi said, bringing her in his arms. How lovely!

"Congratulations, anna! Did my idea work? You haven't sent me the proposal video yet." She spoke to
Yash. What idea? What video?

"Haha, it worked, Anya! Sorry I got busy after that." he said, pulling out his phone from his pocket.

"Um.. excuse me. What idea?" I asked, looking at both of them.

"Haha you don't know? Anya was the one who gave ideas to Yadav to woo you in. She was the one
that told him to take Janvi with him. She gave him the idea of a proposal in the crowd." Rishi told me.

"So it's you who sabotaged my plans?" I asked her playfully.

"Oops, Sorry!" she said. Awe she is so cute and little.

"Haha just kidding." I said. We became close in a matter of minutes.

"Hi, aunty! Where is your baby?" Aadya asked me.

"Awe! We were just married, honey. No baby yet." I told her, putting her on my lap.

"Um... Then I think you don't love each other enough." she said like a big girl in deep thought.

"Oh! Is that so? Why do you think that? " I asked her. It's so cute seeing her talk.

"Because mommy and daddy love too much, I came so soon." she said.

"Vaaya moodu de! Maanatha vaangatha! ( Shhh keep quiet! Don't embarrass us!) Danya stopped her.

Everyone laughed. A beautiful mother-daughter duo!

"Hahaha, Then I think I should learn something from your mom." I told Aadya.

"Yeah, She won't teach you anything." she said.


"Because we always fight for daddy. So she will say ‘don't get a baby’." she said. OMG I want a baby
just like Aadya.

"She will talk non-stop for forever. Come let's go in." Danya took me in with her.

"So how was everything?" Danya asked me once we locked the room.


"Pch, Come on. How was your first night? Did you have a good time?"

Gosh! Embarrassing! I never expected her to ask me straight away. I mean we just saw each other.

"Um..yeah, everything was good." I said awkwardly!

"So nothing happened? Poor anna."

"How did you know?" I asked, still in shock.

"It's written all over your face."

"Pch, Yes, I ruined it. Actually I didn't know what exactly it was." I told her.

"Hahaha, I get it, Don't worry. I will help you." she said and unfolded some tricks of her to me. God she
is an expert.

"Thank you, Danya. You are a lifesaver!"

"Haha anytime, babe."

We had a good lunch and spent some more time there with them. While leaving, Danya came with a

"Anna, Here is our wedding gift to the lovely couple." She gave it to Yash.

"What is it? Why, Anya?" He declined but she stuffed that pouch in his hands. He opened it to see a

"What is it?" he asked her.

"This is the key to our guesthouse in Thenamanallur. We have everything arranged for you guys for a
two days stay. There is no internet or tower or tv. It is a lovely little house in the midst of coconut trees.
You will love it!" she said.

"But Anya, we have some plans, dear. Mom will be waiting..."

"Uh, I took care of everything, da. I spoke to aunty. Anya spoke to Akshitha's mom too. You are free for
2days. Just you and Akshitha." Rishi said.

Rishi, though he had Aadya on him all the time, he never left any chance to hold Danya’s hands or her
shoulders. He addressed her 'Baby' everytime he called her. Their love is just amazing and very showy.
I mean if we just look at them, we will know they are madly deeply in love with each other. No word
spoken! I wish me and Yash would be just the same.

"Wow, Well then. Thank you! " Yash said to him with a hug.

We went to the address Danya gave us, straight from their home. I am now really excited and
desperate for Yash.

Alright, This place looks like a paradise. Cool breeze and birds chirping and greenery all around. Yash
opened the door and we were surprised again. A beautiful compact house. The bedroom was
beautifully decorated. Dinner was all set on the table.

"Are you hungry?" Yash asked me.

"Yes, For you!" I said.

He closed in on me and took my lips. He lifted me up still kissing and took me to the bedroom. We both
fell on the bed full of red rose petals.

"Yash, I love you!" I told him.

"Love you too!" He pulled my zipper down on my top. He started kissing me on my back, discarding the

Yadav's PoV

God she is so beautiful. So soft, I could feel her shiver beneath me. I took off her top and pulled her
pants down. She is lying there only in her underwear. A pure treat to my eyes.

"Stop looking at me like that." she said.

"I love looking at you. God, You are so beautiful."

She pulled me down on her by my collar and kissed me on my lips. I deepened the kiss and explored
her mouth. She is so addicting.

"Are you sure you are ready?" I asked her to be sure before getting her completely naked. I am dying
to be inside her!

"Yes!" she said, dropping her bra straps down from her shoulders. Such a tease she is.

Fuck! She is a perfect turn on.

I pulled her bra down, freeing the babies. I love them. They are stress busters. I started feeling them
with my fingers, palms, tongue and teeth. Her erect nipples that are so purple kept me on it. Her moans
and reactions are out of the world.

I dipped down from her boobs to her stomach. I kissed her all over. I pulled down her panty to reveal
her treasure. Wow!

"You know what? You are ready. You are slippery down here!" I said.

"Gosh, quit talking." she said, turning all crimson. I put my mouth straight at her clit and started sucking

"OMG! Yash!"she propped up.

"Shhh, Relax."

"I thought you would put your thing in there." she questioned me, panting.

"Haha I will. Now relax and enjoy." I put her down and started showing her stars.

She came undone in a minute.

"God, Yash. That was out of the world." she said between catching her breath.

"You like it? Now tell me how you like this." I rubbed her clit in circles and put my Middle finger in her
cunt. She is tight!

"huh!" she took in a deep breath and closed her legs.

"aaahh, Yash." she started moaning and that was hella sexy. I kissed her thighs and drew lines to
soothe her. She relaxed and opened her legs for me. I opened her folds and gradually added fingers to
make it big enough to ease her.

"It will hurt you. But trust me, you will be in heaven after a little time." I said to her before putting me in

"Okay! " she said.

I took her lips and started kissing her deep to make her concentrate on the kiss. I pushed myself in a
quick thrust in her breaking her hymen.

"Aaahhh!" she screamed in my kiss.

"Shhh, It's done. I am so sorry, honey. Tell me when you are ok." I soothed her and stayed still to give
her time to adjust herself to my size.

"It's better now." she said. I could see she was in pain. I am in pain too. She is so fucking tight. But I
need her. I started moving at a slow pace and picked up speed out of control. I fucked her in between
her screams of pain and pleasure.

She came soon but I continued fucking her and spilled in her. God, I feel eccentric! Euphoric! This is
the first time I have enjoyed sex. So this is why it is called Love Making!

"Sorry, honey. Love you!" I kissed her forehead.

"Omg! It was awesome. I love it. But it hurts like hell." she said.

"haha, you will get better. I loved it too!"

We started our life. We have many years to come in our way that I promise myself to make it as happy
as possible for my shia.