Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 82: Bonus Chap-2

Akshu's PoV

God where is this man? There are many things yet to be done. It's Aadvik's birthday today! Yeah, he is
our only son. He is turning 3years today. I wanted the party to be simple and elegant. We planned for it
in our backyard.

Aadvik wanted a pool party. He is good in the water. Not a swimmer yet. So I said no. We set up a
bounce house and water slide and some photo booths and small games for kids. The cake is yet to
come. Aadvik wanted pizza for his friends. Yash went to get pizzas but is not here yet.

"Yash! Where are you? It's already time, baby." I called him on the phone.

"Traffic, honey. I'm almost there."

"Ok, My mom didn't come either."

"I spoke to athai. Already sent a car to the railway station. She will be home any minute now, honey.

"Ok, Love you!"

"Love you too, dear!"

Ok, So all set.

"Mommy, I accidentally dropped chocolate on my dress." Aadvik came to me.

"Accidentally!? I know about your accidents, Mr.Charm. That is why I didn't put on your birthday suit
yet." I picked him up and went to our room to change his dress.

"Mommy, What will you do if I accidentally put another chocolate on this dress too?" Awww I can never
get angry at him!

"I will change that one too with an old dress. But all your birthday pictures will look bad because of your
old dress." My son is a photo maniac. He will pose extremely well for photographs.

"Oh, I will be careful until we finish taking pictures." he said and ran out. He is a gift of love from the

I started putting all the other clothes in the wardrobe!

"Huh, Idiot! You scared me." I swatted Yash's hands away. He sneaked up on me and hugged me from
my back.

"Who else has that courage to hug my sexy darling wife?"

"Shhh! The house is full of people. Don't talk badly." I closed his mouth.

"You are mine. I can talk anything to you in our room." he said, kissing my hand.

"Oh really? So I am yours. You can do anything in our room?"


"How about a short and crisp sex now?" I asked him.

"Hahaha!" he laughed.

"Why the hell are you laughing?"

"I am just wondering about your growth. From the cry baby on our first night to this expert at bed girl."

"Stop talking about our first night. I apologized numerous times for it." I pouted at him.

"Are you sure about what you asked?"

"Yes, baby." I said and the next minute he ruined my dress and hair and my makeover.

"You have no patience, Yash. It will take another hour for me to get ready."

"Don't complain. You asked for it!"

"Why can't you just put you in me straight." I whined! But I love how he takes me like this for the first
time every time!

"Will try next time. Now hurry up and get ready." he said while putting on his dress for the party and
setting his hair with a gel. Wow! He is so delicious!

"How about a second round after the party?" I asked him, still naked in bed.

"Shia!" he sounded like warning! I like it.

"Mmm" I teased him by making moaning sounds.

"Shia, we have a party to host. Come on. Cover yourself first." he put the blanket on me.

"Cha! Wasteland!" I mumbled.

"I heard! Now get ready. Also be ready for your punishment tonight." He pulled me up and kissed my
life out while twisting my nipples.

"Aahhh! You are very bad, Yash." I pushed him away. But I love it.

"You asked for it." he said and ran out. Haha he knows that if he stays one more minute, we will never
leave the room.

Kavi, Vishwa and their son Yugan have come. Shiva, Dheeksha and their daughter Diya have come.
Raajiv, Anika and their daughter Hira have come. Yugan is also 3years old but a couple of months
senior to Aadvik. The girls are 2years old. They are the next generation of friends!

The guys have become such close friends over the years and so are we ladies. Anika and Dheeksha
have become just like Kavi to me. We shared most of our weekends together. The guys will have guys
night out some days. We girls will stay together with the kids. Next weekend, we girls will go out
shopping, lunch or dinner out or movie night. The guys will take care of kids. We are making it like a
tradition now.

During the cake cutting, everyone gave Aadvik gifts. He was overwhelmed. So are we. The party went
cool. We left the kids in the playroom.

2 years later!

We have this tradition of going to Coonoor every year in summer. We take everyone with us. While we
are there, my mom would also join us in the mansion. It is fun to see the kids grow up and play

"How about we play dumb charades? Boys versus girls?" Anika asked.

"Ok!" We all agreed.

"I'm out. You all play." Athai said.

"Uh uh, No, athai. You are in. Ma, you too. Mama, you are in the boys team." I said. Everyone does as I
say because I am now pregnant with our second baby. Yash is sitting near me never leaving my side.

He is the lovable husband a girl could ever ask for.

This second pregnancy is totally different than my first. I am having too much vomiting and back pain in
this pregnancy. Yash is keeping me going. If not for him, I would be in bed now as a patient. He gives
all his time in taking care of me. Late night massages are the thing that makes me sleep. Poor him, he
doesn't get to sleep.

"It's not fair you get an extra member in your team!" Yash said going to the opposite couch to sit with
the guys.

"Ugh! Stop whining like a baby. Come on. We will go first. Get ready with a movie name. I will act first."
I said.

Guys are bad at acting. We girls won. Yay!

"See, guys don't know how to act! But you girls are too good at acting!" Yash said.

"What do you mean? " I asked him.

"Nothing!" he said.

"Better be nothing. If not, you will sleep on the couch." I said.

Everyone laughed, while my athai said, "Awe, I pity you my son."

"How dare you talk like this? This is my son's home. You send her out, Mapillai!" my mom told him.

Haha it's a shame everyone takes up my side except for my mom. She always takes up his side. We
are one happy family!

In future!

I am content in my life. Yash, Aadvik and Aadya, my daughter are the meaning of my life. Aadvik is now
going to the office with Yash. Just like Yash, Aadvik gets so much attention from the girl crowd. Like
dad, like son! But he still refuses to open his heart.

"I want to beat dad's achievements. Only then will I think about a partner." Aadvik says.

Aadya is now in her 3rd year of her degree. She joined college in Coimbatore. She is daddy's girl. Yash
practically rolls his head for whatever Aadya says. I doubt Aadya is in love! I even know who that might
be. Ridan, Rishi and Danya’s son. But I don't see him react that way to her. They have been friends
since childhood. Let's see what the future has in store for them.

"Hey loosu! How many times do I have to tell you to stay downstairs when we come from the office?"
my hubby called me, getting into our room.

"Sorry, Yash. Love you!" I turned to him and gave my hand in his extended hand. We walked a long
path hand in hand! We will still continue till death do us apart!

The End.