Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 80: 80. Epilogue

Yadav's PoV

She is being completely insane. She can't even imagine what she is doing to me. She is testing my
manhood. I was a man who was very active in my sex life until she stepped in! The way she teased me
for this whole day until now, is totally out of the world.

Everytime she teased me, everytime she brushed herself on me, at the dressing room, at

the underwear stores, in the car, during dinner and a little before on my bed. I see her everywhere. I
smell of her.

She had no idea that I was putting my maximum effort to stay sane and curb my feelings that were all
over her. It was the hardest challenge I have ever taken, to restrain myself from pouncing on her!

She made it even harder for me by talking dirty and openly asking me to take her. It took immense self
control to push her out of my bed. She wants to get laid? She had no idea what I could do to her.

I wanted to save everything for a special day. She is a precious girl. I don't believe in 'everything after
wedding'. I am not that kinda guy. But I do special things on special occasions.

Making love to her is the most special thing to me. I want to do it right. But she is making it impossible
with her activities.. Pushing aside all the adult things she did, she is so cute. She is so adorable. I love
that kid in her.

Tomorrow is a special day. It's an award function facilitated by 'The Truth' magazine. I am receiving the
'Best Entrepreneur' award yet again for this year. It is for this function, Gaurav has called Shia to be his
plus one. I thought of taking her with me. But dang, she said yes to him. Looks like her punishment has
to drag until tomorrow. I slept with a smile thinking about tomorrow.

In the morning, I met Shia in the dining room for breakfast. She is so beautiful.

"You don't have to go to the office today. I am going to the factory and other sites. I won't be needing a
secretary there." I told her.

"I will come with you wherever you go." she said like a baby.

"Listen, honey. I really have some site work. You can come with me tomorrow." I told her.

"Pch, Ok, So are we good? You agree you don't have anger on me?" she asked me.

"That is not what we are talking about now."

"Tell me now or I am going out with Gaurav tonight." she said with a challenge.

Wrong button babe. You have to change your attitude.

"I don't mind. Enjoy yourself. Know what? I will come there too. And my plus one is Janvi." I told her
and left before she could pick up a fight.

After reaching the factory, I called Gaurav. He is just going to be a chauffeur. So he better know that.

"Hey, man."

"Hi, Yadav. What a surprise!?"

"About your plus one, She is mine. You are not touching her. You are just going to bring her to the
party." I said blunt and straight.

"Haha, I knew it. I saw it in your eyes. Ok done." he said.

"Thanks, Was I that showy?"

"Um... Kinda. She gave away a little too."

"Haha. We had a fight."

"I could see that she was trying to make you feel jealous."

"Haha, she did. Alright, Will see you in the evening. We didn't talk now, Ok!?"

"Haha, done!"

Ok, All set. I called Janvi and she readily agreed. I carry on with my preparations and it took me almost
all day. I didn't have my lunch and it was already 5pm. It's time to go home and get ready. The function
is at 7pm. When I reached home, it was already 6pm. The traffic in Chennai, Ugh! I ran to my room and
had a nice refreshing bath. I came out and took a suit that was tailored for this special occasion and got
ready. I got out from my home by 6.30 to Janvi's home and picked her up and reached the venue at

Well, late but not too late.

When I got down and Janvi followed me, I heard the camera's shutter and the flashlights made my
eyes see white. Janvi held my hand and we made a huge entrance.

Shia and Gaurav were already there. I could see her eyes plop out of her socket. She sure is angry. I
love it. A little more time baby and it will all be over. Shia was in a beautiful brown floor length skirt and
blouse. I couldn't take my eyes off of her.

We settled down and the function started. In a series of awards, they called me on my turn. I got on the
stage and accepted the award.

"Some inspirational words from you, sir!" The hostess gave the mic to me.

"Set time and target. Run towards it. Family and love needs your time as well. So you gotta be an
expert in time management. Thank you for this award. Now I have to run even faster to sustain it." I got

down after the applause died down. Shia was the one jumping. Her joy lit up my soul. So far my
achievements are mine. But now, my achievements are her joy. A meaning to everything!

After about an hour, we went for dinner. It was a buffet. Since I didn't have my lunch, I was so hungry. I
went straight to the food. After that, Janvi asked my hands for a dance. I saw Shia. She still refuses to
come to me. She didn't even convey her congrats to me. I took Janvi to the dance floor.

We started dancing but my eyes never left Shia. She just finished her dinner and was waiting for
Gaurav. Poor her, Gaurav is not going to ask her hand for a dance.

Akshu's PoV

Yash never told me he is going to get an award today. Idiot! How dare he come with that Janvi? And all
these stupid so called journalists took pictures of them together.

Everyone's eyes were on them.

"Oh! They look absolutely adorable!"

"Ah! Picture perfect!"

"God! Made for each other!"

Everyone in the hall lauded their appearance. I don't like it. Not one bit. I so wish I could strangle him to

"Are you alright?" Gaurav asked me.

"Yeah, Uh... Yeah, Absolutely!" I said.

"Haha, you look like you are angry. I hope it's not on me."

"Oh no. No, Gaurav. I'm fine."

"They sure do look awesome together. Lucky him. What do you say?" he asked me.

"I don't know about that. But I think my anger may get to you now."

"Oops! What did I do!?"

"Just kidding!" I managed to distract him with other topics to talk about.

We settled down. That idiot took that Janvi and settled down on the front row. Ugh, If I didn't say ok to
Gaurav, it would have been me sitting along with him. Stupid me! Thought of lighting up his jealous
side. But all I got was that burning sensation of jealousy in me.

"Now, for the best Entrepreneur award for the year goes to the most handsome man in the house!
Mr.Yadav Rishid!" the host girl called on him. She was all lovey-dovey to him. She was literally showing
off all her teeth on the stage when Yash got on. Ugh! I hate to have to come here.

He went on the stage and the cameras stuttered. The stage was drenched in flash lights! All the
women in the audience went aahhh and ooohhh. God damn it! This game got backfired!

Only happy thing is, his eyes never left mine. All the while on stage, he looked at me. That beautiful
smile and charms, all belong to me.

I so wanted to run to him and congratulate on his achievement. But Janvi never left his hand! I so
wanted to kill them both now. Yash for not asking me out. Janvi for clinging onto his arms. I want to kill
myself for my stupidity of saying yes to Gaurav.

Alright, Whatever is done is done. Now girl up and finish this damn game. We went for food. Janvi took
him to the dance floor and I waited for Gaurav to take me there. I mean, that way, bringing up the
possessive side will still work right!?

I waited so long for Gaurav to ask me to dance. But that idiot was too good to me. I don't know why he
asked me out in the first place now. Ugh! Why the hell everything goes wrong today? That Janvi was all
over him. Yash is dancing so close to her. His guts, he looks at me and gets too close to her if that was
even possible. That's it! This is so not happening in my presence.

"Hey, take your hands off him!" I walked straight up to them and told Janvi with a smile.

"Excuse me?" she said.

"Gimme a minute, Janvi!" he excused himself from her and came to me.

"What the hell do you think you are doing? How dare you take her with you? Why the hell didn't you tell
me that you won an award? How dare you touch her? I will kill you. I planned for something and
everything that happens here is something else. You! Idiot!" I blurted out on him.

"Shhh, Calm down, honey!" he said with a charming smile. That is when I noticed the whole hall was
calm with a pin drop silence. The focus light is on us! What is happening!?

"Whatever is happening, is happening because of me. Gaurav didn't ask you for a dance because I told
him that you are mine. Janvi danced with me because I told her that I wanted to wake up the
possessive side in you. I didn't tell you that I am receiving an award tonight because that was a
surprise. There is another surprise waiting for you! I waited so long for your burst out. Now that you did
what I expected, here, honey!" he went on his knees with a beautiful ring on his hand!

OMG! This is really happening!

"To like someone, you don't need reasons or qualities. But to love someone, you gotta feel them in
every cell of yours. Very true sweetheart! I feel you in every cell of my body. I love you. Will you be with
me even when I lose all my teeth and all my hair turn grey!?"

"Say yes! Say yes! Say yes!" the crowd cheered!

I looked around to see my mom, Shalu aunty, Aravind uncle, Shiva, Dheeksha, Kavi, Vishwa, Gaurav,
Janvi and many others. God is this really happening or am I dreaming?

This is too good even to be a dream.

"ssss Aahh!" I looked at Yash.

"Does it hurt too much? It is not a dream, honey! My knee hurts!" Yash said after a hurtful pinch on my

"YES! YES!" I lifted him up.

"How did you know that dialog?" I asked him huskily when he put that ring on my finger.

"Haha, I was on the call when you said that to your mother. I love you, sweetheart." he said.

Wow! What a lovely flashback! I am now waiting for Kavya to finish this damn makeup.

Yash is waiting for me in our room. Yup, This is our first night!

"Pothum de! Vidu!" (Enough de! Leave me!) I told her. She is caking me up and taking too much time.

"Yen de avasara padra?"(Why are you in so much haste?) She asked me.

"Unaku ellam nadanthuthu illa? Why delaying mine?(Everything happened to you right?)"

"Thu! Konjamavthu vekka padu de! Alayatha!" (God, Blush a little! Don't be so desperate!)

"Pode! I have waited so long! Not anymore!"

She left me on the doorstep and went away. I went into the room to see the most handsome man ever
in his casual wear. God he is a sculpture!

"No talking!" he captured my lips as soon as I reached him. His hands started exploring me. Soon we
discarded everything that was in our way. The naked us! His hands and tongue and lips started doing
magic on me. God I so wished for this! Don't let me die out of pure pleasure!

The End.