Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 79: 79. Can She Win Him?

Akshu's PoV

This man is putting up a tough play. Maybe he needs to be pushed off his limits just as I planned. The
way he pushed me in this dressing room, the way he came close to me. God, he is a delicious man.
His eyes roaming almost every inch of my body gave me goosebumps all over me. I felt so hot in that
small space.

I was so stupid to have asked that question. If not for that question, he was on the verge of kissing me.
That question woke him up.

"I will wait there. Finish your shopping and call me." he said and went to that same stool he was sitting
on before. Fuck him.

I think keeping my purchase a surprise will do better. That way I can keep him on his heels everyday.
But he is not getting off the hook that easily. I paid the bill and collected all my dresses.

When we left the shop, I saw Victoria's secret and stopped right there! ! !

Yadav's PoV

She stopped in front of a underwear shop. That challenge in her eyes is so not good for her.

"I need to get something here." she said.

Is she fucking kidding me?

"I will wait in the car." I said. I am not playing this game with her.

"Uh-uh, You are the one that took me shopping. It's not fair that you bail out at this point." she said,
blocking my way.

"Shia, you are crossing your limits. I will wait here. Finish it soon and come."

"Then agree you lose." she said with a smirk.

Oh she has to do better than that. I went in. Gosh it's so embarrassing. There were only ladies in there.
To my fate, there were only 2 or 3.

"Hey, I need to look for some bra, to make me feel sexy." she said to a sales girl there.

"Your bra you have now is making the passer by just nod. You need something to lift up the spirits. You
know what I mean. Something like this. It is super comfy and at the same time will give lifts." the sales
girl said, showing her an exclusive thing. What does she mean by just a nod by the passer by? Shia is
hell sexy. But I would prefer a nod from strangers. I mean just a nod from a passer by is enough! She is
mine to enjoy.

"So you say if I wear this, the passerby is gonna just stare at it?" she asked her, looking at me. That
nerve of this girl!

I so wish to tell her I have so many fantasies already planned for that spot. I am not just going to stare
at it.

"Haha, not just stare, madam." the sales girl said, looking at me. Are they fucking kidding me? I am a
full grown man who was deprived of sex for the past 3months. They can't talk like this to me.

This is not fair.

"Shia, this is cheating." I told her huskily.

"We didn't set any rules before playing." she said.

"Shall I try it on?" she asked the sales girl.

"Of Course yes, madam." She pointed to the dressing room.

"Um.. do you mind if I take him along to check the fitting?" Shia asked that girl.

"For god's sake Shia, Get them and come." I went out. No, I almost ran out, but still heard the giggles
of those two.

Akshu's PoV

That was so much fun. I placed all the stuffs in the back seat and sat in the front seat near him.

"Do you want to see my purchase?" I asked him.

"Amma thaaye, Aala Vidu. ( Oh god, Leave me alone!)" he said with his hands together above his

"Hahaha, Now, agree that you don't have anger anymore."

"Uh, No, honey. Not happening." he said.

"Cha, Wasteland!" I said loud enough for him to hear.

I googled the word 'boner' and got to know its meaning. Gosh, It is so embarrassing! I tried to seduce
him but I know nothing on that topic.

"Mama!" I called him.



"Enna de? (What?)"

"Intha bit-u pada cd enga kedaikum? (Where will we get the B-grade movie cd?)" I asked him!

'Screech!' He stopped the car with a sudden break and looked at me with horror. OMG, That look on
his face. I am so loving it.

"What did you ask for?" he asked me unbelievably.

"Where will we get the cd of blue film!?"

"Loosu, Olunga vaaya mooditu va. Illana eraki vittutu poitey irupen." (Loosu! Shut your stupid mouth.
Else I will just go, leaving you here.) He shouted.

"Pch, This is not fair, Yash. You won't teach me. You wont buy me stuffs that will teach me. How will I
learn to be your perfect wife?" I asked him, puckering my lips at him.

He stared at my lips for more than 10seconds now.

"ahem!" I cleared my throat.

"Um... You don't belong with me. so don't worry about being a perfect wife to me." he said getting back
at his asshole self.

"Oh, Mmm I guess I need to learn this to be a perfect wife for my husband. It may not be you. But
everything will be the same even if it is another man right?" I put up my very innocent face to him.

"Unna, Erangu de!" (You, Get down!) He extended his arms and opened my side door. I leaned in a
little forward when he took his hand back. His arms brushed me and that sent an electric pulse in every
cell of my body.

"Mudiyathu! (Nope!)"

"Then shut up. One more word, and I am pushing you out." he said.

Hahaha, I am totally killing it. We will have a wonderful love life.

"Ok Ok, Zip!" I dramatically zipped my mouth. He extended his hand to close the door when I leaned

"Uh... Don't you have a hand? Close the door!" he retreated his hand and barked at me. He is afraid of
me. He knew if I kept making him touch me, he would lose his control.

Reaching home, I went to my room and kept all the stuffs in and came down. We settled down for
dinner. Aunty and uncle said they already had.

I took a seat near Yash. He looked at me and then again buried his head in his plate.

Stupid! I am determined to irritate him. I took the salt shaker that was far out of reach to me by putting
almost all of me on him.

"Shia!" he whisper yelled. Only I could hear him. His voice is so metallic and sexy.

I took the salt and ACCIDENTLY dropped it on his plate.

"Oops, Sorry, mama." I said.

"It's ok, honey!" he said politely. That is so not him!?

He bent down to get the lid of the shaker.

"Aahhh!" I shouted. That asshole poked my thigh with a fork.

"Omg, I am so sorry, honey. It was an ACCIDENT! " he said with a stupid smirk on his face.

I kicked his leg under the table. He arrested my leg between his legs. He was wearing shorts. I was in a
three forth bottoms. Our bare legs and the skin contact made fire with the friction.

I can't wait any longer. The little touches we have shared since morning have grown a huge fire inside
me that needs to be put out. I need him. I am desperate for him. This anxiety kills me. But I am not
going to plead with him.

He went into his room after a formal goodnight to all of us. I bid a good night to aunty and uncle and
went upstairs. I took the room near him. I changed to a white shirt and shorts. I went in his room
sneakily and looked for him. I heard sounds in the restroom. Ok, He is in there. I settled myself in his
bed warm and cozy in his blanket. I switched the lights off. I waited so long before that stupid
handsome man come out of the restroom.

"What are you doing here?" he asked me standing beside the bed.

How the hell did he find that I am in here?

"Pch! How did you know?" I asked him.

"I am not blind. Now go out." he showed me the door. Huh, Not that easy.

"I came so sneakily. Aunty and uncle will never know. Now come and teach me something that I don't
know." I pulled him on me.

"Ugh! Shia! You are being a bad girl. This is so not right. Remember I told you long before that may be I
am interested in sex with you? If you stay here a minute longer underneath me giving away your
treasures, then I may lose interest in you tomorrow." he said, inhaling me between my breasts. Oh that
sends tickles all over my body.

"Oh really? Let's try it on then." I pushed him down and pulled the blanket that was covering me.

"Fuck! Shia!" he cursed at the sight. I am damn sure that I make him excited just like he makes me.

"What? Like what you see?"

"Of Course yes! You are a fine woman, with beautiful curves and ups and downs." he said, tracing me
up and down with his finger. Shit, it makes my womanhood tingle in anticipation.

"Alright, Back to business. Are you ready to teach me what I don't know?" I asked him stopping my
stupid mind from turning in to a jelly in his hands.

"I am glad to teach you, honey. But you are not ready yet." he told me drawing lines on my lips,
gradually lowering his hands to my neck and then to my cleavage making it hard to catch my breath.

"Uh-uh, I was talking about this." I stopped his hand and showed him my phone.

"I now know what a boner is. Are you having one now?" I saw his pants.

"Fuck, Shia. Don't talk. You are not searching for anything on your phone. Are you? " he asked me,
trying to grab my phone.

"I found a website. Didn't see anything yet. I saved it for us to watch together. How about now?" I told

"For god sake, Go to your room already. Give me your phone. You are not ready yet. You hear me?" he
said. I could see his pants made a tent. Haha this is so fun and erotic at the same time.

"What if I told you I am ready? I need you, Yash!" I told him. Hell with this game and ego. I desperately
need him.

"You gotta stop talking like that. Now go out, Shia." he retreated from me.

"What the hell is wrong with you? I love you. I am so sorry that I doubted you. I will never do that again,
Yash. I need you! I am aching for you! You are doing indescribable things to me. I want to feel you on
me. In me! I.." He shushed me by putting his finger on my lips.

"Shhhh! This is not the right time. Stop talking. Now be a good girl. Go to your room!" He said, looking
me in the eye. I know he is serious.

I don't know why, but I feel like crying. He just doesn't want me. Hell with this man!