Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 78: 78. Can I Seduce Him?

Yadav's PoV

After the meeting, we went to my, No, our room. Wow, that sounds sexy. Once in, I pulled her to me by
her elbow.

"What the hell were you thinking? He is a flirt. How dare you give him your number?"

"Aahhh, Valikuthu da!" (Ahhh! It hurts!)

"God, sorry. But what you did was outrageous." I left her arm.

"Why does it bother you anyways, SIR?" she had that stupid smirk on her face.

"Fine!" I don't want to accept my defeat on the first day.

We carry on with our work. During lunch, I got up to go have my lunch. But She was still working.

"Um... Ms.Akshitha, It's lunch time."

"Oh, Thank you for reminding me, Sir."

She continued her work. She has too much fat reserve on her mind.

"Hey loosu, Go have your lunch." I told her again. She stood up and came dangerously near me. I had
an option of moving back. But hey, she is mine to enjoy, so I stood on the same spot until her bosoms
touched me. Oh I am loving it.

"My lunch is here." she pointed at me with her index finger.

I am sure she didn't know what she was talking about. But I love that bold side of hers. I love her taking
the lead. I find it sexy.

"Oh I am not yours to have, honey." I told her, getting too close to her lips.

She is too easy to excite, remember? She closed her eyes when I closed in on her. But woke up from
her trance when I said that.

"What do you mean? I was talking about my lunch box behind you,SIR." she said.

BURN! It hurts. But I couldn't stop the smile that lit up my face because of her kiddish nature. She
smiled too. We both knew this was just a game. What are we doing? No idea. But I am having the
greatest fun I have ever had in my 28yrs of life.

"Oh really, I thought you pointed at me with your finger. Looks like that's not your finger that is touching
me!" I looked down on her.

"You! Bad boy!" She stepped back and turned away. Awe, how cute!

Her phone rang. Who is that interruption? Ugh!

She looked at me and her phone and had that smug look again. I know who that is.

"Hi handsome, So soon!" she spoke.


"Oh, That's so nice of you. I'm honored."


"Oh is it, Thank you so much. I am glad I could be your plus one."


"See you!"

Plus one? I know what they have been talking about. I left the room. If she plays this game, I can play it

At noon, Samantha came to see me.

"Excuse me, Sir."


"Sir, I see Riya is down on my floor. I am already there doing the work. She is not needed there." she
said and she was throwing daggers at Shia. She is right. I glared at Shia.

She averted her gaze to her laptop pretending to work. I wanted to tease her. A taste of her own

"Oh yes, dear! I put her on your floor so that you could come here." I told her.

Shia jerked her head from her laptop and burned me with her eyes. Wow, cool.

"Si...sir!" That girl looked at me unbelievably. Poor her.

"Yes, Move your desk to this floor tomorrow." I told her.

"Yes, sir!" she said happily and went off with a sexy walk swaying her hips. She didn't forget to leave a
winning smirk to Shia.

Oops! Shia caught me looking at her.

"Ms.Akshitha, Bring me a hot coffee." I asked her to divert her.

"Right away, SIR!" she said and went out to the coffee maker.

"Here, sir." She placed the coffee on my table and waited.

I took it and sipped it. I spit it straight out in the cup and looked at her in horror.

"Samantha is not coming here tomorrow. Don't you dare flirt with others. If I ever see you looking at
other girls like you did now, then be prepared to be blind for the rest of your life. I don't mind marrying a
blind man" she said. I am totally loving it.

"What the hell you put in this coffee? And when you can look out for a prospective boyfriend, why can’t
I look for a girlfriend?" I asked her.

"I put water, cream, chocolate and salt in a cup and microwaved it. And about a girlfriend, you already
have me." she pushed my chair behind and it rolled back. She sat on my lap with her legs either side of
my thighs.

"Shia, Get up!" I told her. This is so not good.

"Why?" she asked me.

"Because if someone walks in on us, they will think you are sitting on my boner." I told her. she is really
giving me one.

"Boner na?(what's a boner?)" She asked me that made my boner really gone and I burst out laughing.

"Loosu, Endhiri de. Po, poi velaya paaru. ( get up. Go, go do your work.)" I pushed her up.

"pch!" She went back to her work. I made a note to not ask for coffee from her anymore.

That was a horrible one. I am glad that she put all the edible stuff in that horrible mix. It's an exhausting
yet lovely day. I get to see Shia all day long. Though playful, she is good at her work too. She kept

teasing me all day. Did she succeed in what she played for? Yes she did. Wait until I make my move

I got home. I saw mom and dad having coffee. They are one adorable couple. They are happy,
laughing. It's a sight to see.

"Hey, mom. Hi, dad!" I greeted them.

"Hey, Yadu. Come. It's a very special day today." my mom said.

"I can see it. What's so special today?"

"We have a special coffee." She said. Here too? I am not in for another dreadful coffee.

"What, our cook tried something new and that turned out so good?" I asked.

"No Yadu, we have special news for you over coffee." Dad said.

"Wow, What's that?"

"Your aunt's daughter is here. She has come to Chennai for a month's trip. We love her. We would be
glad if you could spend some time with her and get to know her. We are thinking of getting you married
to her." my mom said.

"What? But dad, you gave me a year for that, remember?" I didn't expect this.

"But this girl is too good to pass. You will love her. She said she wants to go shopping. Go get ready
and take her out." My dad said.

What the hell!?!? When I was about to refuse it to them, I saw that stupid, glide down the stairs. So she
is here. She is my aunt's daughter? Well of course yes!

"Very well. So you are all on her team? Do you have any idea what she did?" I asked them when she
neared us.

OMG, That look on her face! She is so scared that I will tell on her to my parents! Hahaha she is

"We dont care. She is the one." my mom said. Her reaction completely changed from scaredy cat to
that smug effect almost immediately. I love her.

"Shall we go, mama(way to call aunt’s son)." she asked me. God, Why the hell does it sound sexy to
me? She is going to be the death of me.

"Of Course, Honey!" I mouthed her.

We went to the mall and she started shopping for clothes. I just sat at the stool waiting for her to finish.

"Mmmm come. Tell me how it fits me." She pulled me to the trial room and made me wait outside. She
came out in a dress and posed in front of me.

FUCK! That dress she was wearing! She is so not going to buy that or wear that to the office.

"Shia, Get in now and get changed."

"Pch, Mama, I have no good clothes to wear to the office. I like it. Don't you?" She licked her lips and
gave me a sexy look. That's it!

I pushed her in and went in and locked the trial room behind.

"This is super sexy. You are not wearing it outside our room. Now if you like it, you buy it. But it will stay
with me." I told her.

"Am I still a closed chapter?" she asked me, drawing lines on my chest.

Wow, Clever girl! I am having fun and I am not giving up on the very first day. She will then tell these
tales to our kids mocking me to be weak. I want to put up a fight before accepting defeat.

"Yes!" I told her and went out.

"Asshole!" she shouted from inside.

Hahaha! Not so easy honey!