Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 77: 77. Is He Possessive?

Akshu's PoV

I am all set to go to the office. I went to my pg and vacated the room. I took all Kavi's stuff and dropped
it in Shiva's home. I got my appointment order from Shiva as Yash's personal secretary. Yeah, It was
my idea that Shiva takes a month long vacation.

I have to make some arrangements in the office to settle myself in there as his PA. I am going to create
havoc in his office that he comes and surrenders to me as soon as possible. That nerve of that man, he
calls me Ms.Akshitha? He is done for good. No more mercy and no more pleading or pleasing.

I went to the place where I am going to stay for the month and kept all my stuff in there and got ready
for the first day of my office. Ok, First day as his secretary. I have a strategy to drop him on his knees.

1. Irritating!

2. Seducing!

3. Pushing off his limits!

4. Giving the taste of his own medicine!

5. Waking up the possessive side of him!

He thinks he is punishing me for my deeds? I am already sorry for it. I told him the same. But that dumb
head is not heeding to my request. Now I have my mom's approval too. Shalu aunty and Aravind uncle
are on my side. Shiva is also on my side.

Yup, I told him everything. He was angry. But he also knew his friend's happiness lies in me. See,
everyone knows it except for that dumbass. He said he would do anything in his power to make Yash
accept his feelings for me. As promised, he gave me some credentials as Yash's PA.

I took a bath and surfed all of my clothes to find something sexy. Oops, No sexy outfit? I made a note
to go shopping tonight after coming back from the office. I looked at myself in the mirror. Satisfied with
what I saw, I came out of my new room.

"Alright, aunty. Will see you in the eve. Bye." I told my aunty.

"Hey, You didn't eat your breakfast yet."

"Awe, I will have it tomorrow." I told her and ran out of the home.

"Ok, All the best!" She came to the doorstep to send me off.

"Thanks, aunty. Bye."

"Bye, dear."

I took my bike and went off to the office. I know, I am too early today. I have some pre-work to be done
before that idiot comes to office.

I made some notices. I sent some emails to the staffs. I made some changes in the seating positions. I
altered his room and with the help of the security, I moved my table in his room and set up my office

Woah, Tiring and exhausting! I called up Shiva.

"Hey, Shiva! "

"Hi Akshitha, Good morning. Is everything set?"

"Yup, All done at my end. I want at least one more hour. I need all the staffs to see the changes and
settle before he comes here."

"You want me to delay him ONE hour? What did I tell you about his time? He is a punctual man." He

"Oh, cut the crap! He is going to become a family man soon. Punctuality and family man don't sit in the
same seat, you know. He better practice it."

"Haha, You are just the right one for him. I will try to hold him up."

"That's a good boy. Bye."

"Haha, I am already feeling bad for my friend. Bye!" I hung up on him.

Alright, now I just have to make the staffs settle in their new places. Everyone came in and there was
chaos. As they saw the mail, they all made the wanted changes and yes, it's all set now. All this work
made me tired. I went to the restroom to groom myself. I have to be appealing to that idiot.

All the best, Akshu. You can do it. Just have to ignore all his yelling and anger. And concentrate on
making him kneel in front of me.

Ufff! Deep breaths! I said to myself.

Yadav's PoV

When I stepped on my floor, everything looked so weird. I see only men. The reception desk is not
available. Who made all these changes? What the hell is going on here? I see all the men that were
working here before stay the same. Every spot women were working before is now taken by other men.
I know that guy.

"Good morning, sir!"

"Good morning. You were on the third floor networking right?" I asked him.

"Yes, sir!"

"What are you doing here?"

"My place has been changed, sir. We all got mail today when we arrived. The securities helped us
change places quickly. We are all set now, sir."

"Oh, Who gave you the orders to change?"

"It was from Shiva sir's mail. But the mail said, from your new secretary." he said.

I have the slightest idea of who it might be now. She is absolutely ridiculous, stupid yet brave!

I went in my cabin to see that idiot sitting straight opposite to my table. She has set up a work station
for her in my fucking room? I wish to laugh out loud. So Shiva is on her side.

"Good morning, sir!" She greeted me with utmost politeness.

"Bad morning. What the hell.." she interrupted me.

"Are you doing here? Is that it? I am tired of you repeating the same dialog since we met. I am your
new secretary, sir. Shiva sir didn't tell you?" She is very bold. That won't work honey. I decided to
irritate her.

"He did. My morning didn't start up well because I didn't see my beautiful receptionist. Why did you
make this floor so boring by putting all the men!?" I shouted. It is so hard not to laugh looking at her red
face. She is very angry.

"Shiva sir has given me orders to make the productivity high. Those girls are very distracting, SIR!" she
emphasized that last part.

"I don't want you in my room. You are invading my privacy. Get the hell outta my room." I told her.

"Mudiyathu da!(I can't!)" what did I hear?

"Excuse me?" I asked her. She called me 'da'?

"I said, I can't. Now learn to live with it." she said on my face and went to her seat.

Wow, I love it. My fierce and feisty girl. I loved it when she called me 'Da'. She is so confident in
bringing me down. I am going to play this game till the end. I am so willing to see what all she has

"Sir, you have a meeting now." She came to me with her ipad.

"Alright, You know what to do right? Bring your ipad and take notes on important details."

"Yes, sir!" She came with me. She walked so close to me. Soooo clooosee!

"What are you doing?" I asked her. I whisper yelled at her. Everyone is looking at us and she walks
almost brushing her on me.

"Um..Nothing, sir." she brushed her hip with mine.

"Shia!" I warned her.

"My name is Ms.Akshitha, Sir!" she said, puckering her lips at me.

Did I make a mistake by brushing her anger? She is going to make it impossible for me.

"Hi Yadav, How are you?" Gaurav, our ally, greeted me in the meeting hall.

"Good, How are you?"

"I'm good too. Wow you have a very beautiful secretary." he said looking at Shia.

"Hello beautiful, I'm Gaurav." he introduced himself to her.


"Hi handsome, Akshitha!" she shook hands with him.How dare she call him handsome?

I started the meeting to cut them from talking more. He took a seat near Shia. She was looking at him
when I was reciting the important notes. She is testing my patience.

"Shia, This is not right." I murmured to her in a low voice after sitting.

"Pch, Enna ya un problem? (what is your problem?) You said my chapter was closed. I have a
prospective boyfriend here. What's wrong in persuading him?" she asked me.

"You will not see him." I told her and left the meeting hall.

She is bold yet stupid!