Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 76: 76. Her Mother’s Approval

Akshu's PoV

This man has made me insane. My mom took me from him with just a 'Thanks' to him. He did nothing
better than nodding to her. Asshole. Above all, Kavya is in the clouds. Her dad and mom approved of
her love for Vishwa. Dheeksha is in the clouds too. Shiva and Dheeksha's wedding date is fixed prior to
the actual date. Raajiv and Anika's wedding is on the same date. It's just 15 days away!

Everyone is happy, except for me. No one is actually free to talk to me. I kept calling Yash! Nope, No
response. I kept messaging him. That asshole reads all my messages once I send him. But never
replies. Fuck him!

I went to my mom!

"Ma, I am going to Chennai tomorrow. I will join my office. It's boring here." Me being here in Coonoor is
not going to help me win him back.

"But Akshu you cannot work with him." Mom said.

"And Why is that?" I can't believe my mom still thinks bad of him.

"Because, Chennai is not safe for you anymore."

"Oh really? The family you hooked me with, was the danger to me. Yash took care of it all. Now there is
no danger. Even if something comes, he will take care of me like he did before." I told her.

"Akshu!" She got angry. Well, I am angry too.

"What? You came into the scene like the police in tamil movie. Only in the climax, that too after
everything was sorted. Ma, understand. I love him. I will never marry another man. So get it in your
thick skull. He is my husband." I almost shouted. She can't be serious!

"Akshu, I agree he protected you. But he didn't stop you from coming with me. Which means he is not
into you. He is a glowing star up above. We can just admire. We cannot go near it or own it." She said.
Now I'm angry at Yash. If at all he had listened to me and spoke to my mom on that day, she would
have believed that he is in love with me.

"That is because he is angry at me. I have to go convince him. Like it or not, I am going to Chennai
tomorrow." I declared a war on my mom.

"You cannot serve your love at someone's feet, Akshu. That will make it easier for them to just kick.
Love is to be earned, not to be received as charity!" She said. Know what? She is right. But I am now
going to take what belongs to me. No earning, no receiving, just taking.

"Wow! Ma, you can try writing dialogs for sad romantic movies. Ma, listen please, I made a mistake. I
am going to make it right. He is mine. You better make up your mind to accept him."

"But he is not right for you. I... I don't like him." She said. So she stops me because she still thinks he is
not the right one for me? Even after so many incidents? Even after I repeatedly told her that he is my
life? Is my wish not important to her?

"Whoa! You don't have to like him. You have to accept him, you have to respect him for if not for him,
you would have lost your only daughter to the saem people who killed my dad. Have you heard this
expression? 'You like because,but love despite!' You will like someone for the qualities they have. And
you love someone despite the qualities they have. But according to me, you can like someone without
reasons. But to love, you have to feel them in every cell of

yours. I feel him in me, ma. He is my destiny! That feeling I get whenever he is with me, I can't even put
it in words. He is a gem of a person, ma. Please!" I tried telling her how important Yash is to me.

"If that will make you happy I am ok with your decision!" She said.

Yay, Finally! Gosh! "Thank you, ma!" I hugged her. Ufff! I had to talk like I am giving a speech on a
political stage to make my mom agree. Anyways, I am happy with the results. Yash, Here I come. Let's
see how long you will resist me!

Yadav's PoV

"You did something to my daughter. But I am happy now, Yadav!" My aunty(Shia's mom) spoke to me
on the phone.

Haha, yes. You guys guessed it right. I was on the phone the whole time. I listened to every word she
spoke. She is a feisty girl. I love her. So she is coming back here tomorrow to win me back? I am very

"Haha, trust me, aunty. I did nothing. But your daughter changed the whole me into someone who loves
only her in this wide universe." I told her.

"I wish you both to be the same for eternity!"

"I can promise that to you, aunty." I assured her.

When we came back from Coonoor, I knew Shia's mom was not happy. I called her once we came
back after settling the accident issues. I don't know if I could convince her. But I tried anyway.

'I am impressed!' is all she told me. That gave me a boost. I have been in constant touch with her. We
had an agreement not to tell Shia about her approval. I took this decision when we had that dispute. I
wanted to punish her for her stupidity.

We got off the call and I went on with my work. I made sure to finish all my works that is assigned for
tomorrow too. I may be busy tomorrow with my darling.

Shiva came in.

"Yadav, I have to go shopping. Dheeksha is waiting." He said.

"Dei please da, just this file and you are free to go. Please." I pleaded with him.

"God, My wedding is 15days away and I have not yet started preparing. Alright, just for today. I am
taking off for a month from tomorrow."

"What? 1 month? Are you crazy?" I cannot afford to let him go for that long. There are certain
businesses that I completely rely on him.

"What? 15 days before and 15 days after the wedding. That's reasonable." he argued.

He is right. I have to give him that much. But if he is not here, who will help me carry out all the works?

"Don't panic, I have arranged for a temporary secretary for you for this one month that I am away. That
person will join tomorrow. Nothing will stop. Now give that file." he got the file and

went out.

I dont think a new person will be as efficient as him! Anyways, he needs a break to look after his
personal life too. My phone pinged with a message.

'Check out my status As*h*l*'!'

OMG, That nerve of her. I checked her status on Whatsapp.

"Odum neeril or alaithan naan!

Ulle ulla eeram neethaan!

Varam kidaithum Nan thava vitten

Mannippaya! Anbe!

(In the running water, I am just a wave

You are the wetness that prevails inside!

I missed the boon I have got!

Will you forgive me! My love!)

oru naal sirithen

maru naal veruthen

Unai nan kollamal kondru puthaitheney


(I smiled a day,

I hated you the other day!

I buried you alive!

Will you forgive me!?)

Awe, She is so expressive! I just wish to go hug her tight and tell her that I am not angry anymore. But
you know, I love to see what she is planning to do.

Also, that message she sent me and the content in her status, they don't sit well. Did you

notice that? She is being cheeky on the message and too polite in status.

My phone pinged with a message again.

'You didn't see the full status, did you?'

What? I clicked her status again to see it completely.

'This is your last chance to accept that you are just playing!'

Haha if not? She is an exclusive girl. I am so ready to play along.

'I am not playing, Ms.Akshitha. You are a closed chapter.' I replied to her.

'Alright, Mr.Yadav. You will suffer for this. Good bye!'

Oohhh! Is she angry!?