Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 75: 75. Why Did They Do It?

Raajiv's PoV

I knew this would be hard. But I never knew this would be horrible and heart wrecking. My mother has
a mental illness. She is very dangerous to be let out just as a person. But she has been working as a
doctor. I couldn't even imagine all the awful things that could have happened.

My grandma used her own child's illness to help her make money? How cruel is she! She has been
doing this awful thing even on her deathbed. She is a monster. If treated at the right time, my mom
would have become a great doctor. The real criminals are my grandma and her brother. I couldn't
believe that my mom killed my dad by giving him that injection that induces heart attack. Being a
doctor, she didn't even try to help him but enjoyed his life end! I don't know if it's too late to treat her.
But I know it's better for her to stay in jail.

"Why are you still standing here? You don't have any questions?" my mom asked me.

"No!" I said. I am afraid to lose my cool. I tried to go out when she called me again.

"Raaj!" I turned to see her. Her eyes shone brightly. She has no regret for what she has done.

"I never wanted you to marry Akshitha. She was just a prey for us." she said.

"So you knew she was in love with Yadav?" I asked her unbelievably.

"Ha, I knew more than that. We always got information on them from Uncle Ben. Only recently we knew
her blood group. We knew she was coming to Chennai for work. We planned to take her down.
Everything would have worked fine, if Ben uncle didn't want to let her live. He suggested we take
Kavya instead of Akshitha. That son of a bitch Yadav was digging up everything that made us make
mistakes. When we knew Akshitha and Yadav loved each other, I contacted her mom asking for her
daughter's hand in marriage with you. I wanted to make a gap between them. I thought Yadav would

lose interest in finding us if he was distracted. I made their gap big when Dheeksha brought Shiva and
Yadav for lunch. But that bastard did whatever he was doing at an even faster pace!" she screamed .

"Despite your illness, you are wicked and cruel, mom. Just think that you killed us too. Your chapter in
our lives is done for good." I exited the room with a heavy heart.

The more we go away from her, the more we will be at peace! I went out to find Dheeksha crying in the
arms of Shiva. She is in good hands. Her future is shining bright. I went near them and he let her out of
his hands.

"Dheekshu, we have to sign some documents to transfer the properties that legally have to go to
Akshitha and her mom. I am going to make papers that say we are free of our mom, that we have no
connection with her or whatever she is connected to. I am not going to attend any trials to bring her out.
I'm out." I told her.

"Do whatever is good for us, anna. I never want to see her again." she said in between her sobs.

"Raajiv, I'm so proud of you. You did what is right. This is not the right time, but I would like to prepone
our wedding. I would say, we both get married soon and move on with our lives." Shiva said. He is
right. Pondering upon what happened is not going to get us anywhere. I should prove myself clean to
get my reputation back. Dheekshu has to do it too. We have to think forward to move on with our lives.
We have no one now except for ourselves. We need to make a family that is true and loving to us.
Getting married is one way we would get what we wanted.

I nodded to him as my response. Yadav brought Akshitha to us. She is tired of crying too.

"Here, be with them. I will be back in a minute." he said to her.

"No!" She held him tight, not letting him go.

"Pch, Shia listen. I will be with you in no time." he freed himself from her and went back into that room
where Benjamin was held captive.

Yadav's PoV

I couldn't see her cry like this. I have a death wish for that bastard. I want to know why he wanted to
see me. But I could not let her cry all alone.

"Shhh Shia, Calm down. It's all over now!" I tried telling her.

But she cried like there is no tomorrow. It hurts me to see her cry.

"I will make sure they all reap what they sowed. If you want them dead, I can make that happen too." I
told her if that will make her feel better.

"No, No, Yash! I wish to kill them too. But they are not worth touching. Let the court punish them. I don't
want to make your hands dirty." she said leaning on my shoulder.

"Then stop crying like this."

"I don't know. I don't know what to trust in anymore. How can he pretend to be someone else for his
whole life? My dad was really a good friend to him. How could he do this to my dad? I have spent the
maximum of my life in his mansion with him. I have watched very old movies with him. I have shared
almost all of my feelings to him more than I did to my mom. I don't know, Yash!" she cried more.

"Shia, listen to me. This is over. You have to let it go. This doesn't mean you have to change anything
you trust. Be yourself. That's the real beauty in you. He is just garbage you passed by. He is not worth
your time and tears."

She nodded her head in agreement with me. I saw Shiva, Dheeksha and Raajiv standing out. I took
Shia to them and went back to that room with Ashok.

"Why did you want to see me?" I asked him.

"I wanted to see the man that is responsible for my descent."

"Well then, Have you seen me enough?" I stood up from the chair.

"If I had left Akshu alone, would you have stopped searching for me?" He asked me.

"It's not just about Shia. I would have caught you even if you didn't touch her."


"I hate people who earn money by investing others. Prostitutes are to be seen with respect as
compared to you." I spat at him.

"Do you think I did this for money? I have plenty. I have more money than you have." He said with cold

"You are wasting my time Benjamin."

"I did this as a business, Yadav. You have your business that is given down to you by your father. I had
none. I made my own business. Know what? I am very good at it!" he laughed. I stood up again to

"When did you know?" He asked again.

"I suspected you when you warned me about taking good care of Shia. You were directly or indirectly
involved in every danger she stepped into. It was you who asked her to go pick Emily. It was you with
whom she went to Coonoor the last time. Mike confirmed it to me yesterday."

“I wanted to be that good old uncle in her eyes. Though I did things that were unethical, My love for
Akshu was true from the heart.” He said. How dare he talk about her. I wanted to leave the room but he

had to answer another important question.

“What is all with that cancer? How did you do that?” I asked him.

“Oh, that was a side business, you know. We not only stole organs, we also wanted blood plasma that
we export to foriegn countries for the cosmetic industry. When we get plasma out of our victims, they
will go very weak. If their blood stream fails to produce enough plasma in two days they will have to
seek a doctor's help and if checked, they would definitely know that this is because of the plasma
deficiency. If they checked their body thoroughly, doctors might even find that they are robbed of
plasma. That is no good right? So we inject our victims of Plasma with a cancer aggravating chemical
that was used by a pharmaceutical company that is trying to find medicine for cancer. Oh, and they
needed cancer patients first to try their medicine on them!” He finished. I think we had all the answers
the police needed to confine them into the prison walls for the rest of their lives.

"Raajiv said his mother has a hard drive that has proofs. I have sent men to search in their home. We
will take it up from here. You guys can let it rest." Ashok told me after exiting the room.

"Ok da, Thanks. Where is Pramod!?"

"He is in another interrogation room. Wanna see him?"

"Uh, No, Don't leave him out!" I told him.

"Haha no one in here will come out alive."

"Better!" I went out to Shia and others.

"Shall we go?" I asked them. Everyone is better now.

"Yeah!" Raajiv said.

Joshua came to me! God I forgot about him."Hey Joshua, Sorry I forgot about you."

"No problem, sir!"

"Everything is over, Joshua. Thank you so much for keeping her safe for so long." I told him with
heartfelt gratitude.

"Yes, Thank you so much Joshua!" Shia told him with a hug.

"No problem, madam. I did the work assigned to me." he said to her.

"I will have you in mind, Joshua. I will be giving you work more often."

"Pleasure, sir!" he left. We all got in the car too. This time Shiva went with Dheeksha and Raajiv.

"Um... Am I forgiven?" she asked me.

"Yes you are. I told you that before. I have called your and Kavya's parents and let them know a gist of
what happened. They should be in my home already." I told her.

"What? She will take me to Coonoor now. Why did you call her?" She whined just like the first time she
whined in my car fearing Kavya.

"What do you mean why? This is big. Your parents are to be notified that you are safe. Besides, she
was panicking already because of Benjamin's arrest yesterday night."

"You want me to go with her?" she asked me with a little voice. How adorable!

"That's between mom and daughter. I don't wanna comment."

"Idiot!" she mumbled to herself but I heard it loud and clear.

"What did you just say?"

"Nothing." she turned to the window.

"Ok!" I just let it go.

"What ok? Nothing is ok. I love you. You love me. I made a terrible mistake. You got angry. You forgave
me because I was no one to you. I don't want that forgiveness! Be angry at me. Slap me like you did
before. Then kiss me like there is no tomorrow. Don't send me with my mom now. Tell her that you are
going to marry me." she spoke in a breath, holding on to my shirt.

"Shhh, Relax. You are spoiling my shirt." I stopped the car and freed myself from her.

"Listen, I had feelings for you. But not anymore. You don't have trust in me. You have insecurities. I
love making films. I'm not going to stop it any time soon. What if there comes another gossip that
connects me to a leading actress? You will make our lives a living hell. You don't belong with me." I told

She cannot get my forgiveness so easily. It's true I have no anger for her now. But that doesn't mean
she didn't hurt me. She hurt me so badly. The intensity of the incidents that happened after that are too
much that we got carried away from it. She must earn her forgiveness! I'm not going to just give it to

"You are mine! You cannot change that. I know I made a terrible mistake. Everyone makes mistakes.
It's how people get better! You belong to me. How am I not belong with you? I pulled you to me before.
I can do the same again. Let's see how long you are going to resist me." She put up an open challenge
to me. I love it. I love this about her. She won't just quit. I'm eager to know what she is going to do to
sweep me off my feet.

"Haha, try your best, honey!" I said to her.

Her mother was ready to take her home when we went in. Kavya looked happy. I think her parents said
ok to marry Vishwa. I am happy for them. They all thanked me and left with their daughters!

I am now waiting for my cute girlfriend's next move!