Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 74: 74. Psycho?!

Dheeksha's PoV

Shiva went in Yadav's car giving me and Raajiv privacy. He is a gentleman. I was terrified when Raajiv
pulled me out of that archive. I was scared of him. But deep down I knew he wouldn't harm me. "Let me
go, Anna. So you are behind this? I never expected this!" I started beating him to free myself. He
pushed me in the room nearby and locked the door behind us.

"Shhh!" he said.


"Dr.Balaji is coming. He is the one that is responsible for the archives room. Let him go."

"But you..."

"No, Not me."

"I left my phone there!" I told him when I realized he was trying to help.

"Shit! Is that in silent mode or will it shout?" He asked me.

"I put it in silence like we always do when we get into hospital." I told him.

We waited for Balaji to pass. He stood directly in front of the door we were in.

"Your daughter has been in there, I think she was the one that went in there before too. She has
missed her phone inside. I think she knew something." He spoke on his phone and we knew it was our
mom he was talking to.


"Yes, the computer was shut down when I saw it. But the keyboard looked like someone tried to use it.
There were finger marks on the dust that covered the keyboard. She must have tried to login."


"Our men are waiting at both exits, madam. She cannot go out."


"I will see to it, madam. I will not indulge in any violence. Raaj is not yet back in the hospital."


"He went out to drop Akshitha. He is not back yet."


We heard the feet walking away from us!

"Ufff! Anna, Is that mom he was talking to?" I asked Raajiv in complete shock. I don't want to believe
anything that I heard just now.

"Hopefully yes. Now we cannot go out. We need a safe place to hide in." he said.

"What do you know?" I asked him.

"I saw some donor applications in grandma's room after Akshitha left home. I went into grandpa's room
to take a look because she wanted to see. Then it struck me that we never went to grandma's room
after she had been admitted to the hospital. So I went to her room. I tried cleaning it up when Yadav
called me. He said something about organ trafficking that is happening in our hospital through a mafia
named Benjamin. I didn't take him seriously. I continued cleaning up the room and that is when I

happened to see those papers. Every application had the same handwriting and there were some
future dates on it. I was alarmed. I knew Yadav was right!" he said.

"You know Akshitha is in love with.." I tried to tell him but he cut me off.

"I know. He called me to tell me that." he said. He didn't sound disappointed.

"Are you ok? " I asked him.

"Yes, I had no feelings for her. I liked her. She is beautiful. But this didn't hurt me, Dheekshu." he said
and I felt a wave of relief wash over me.

"Grandma is the one that is evil, anna. That Benjamin is grandma's own brother. I didn't believe
anything they said but that computer had details that said whatever they said was true. I came here
telling them that I will prove them all wrong about our family. But it looks like I am wrong in everything I
thought about."

"Not only grandma. But mom is also in, I think. I was the one that tried to get in that archive room
before." he said.

"I am so scared, anna. What are we going to do now?"

"Shhh, Keep it low. We have to take the details from that computer and send it to the inspector and

"Mom will be in jail if you do that." I cried. I can't do this to her.

"She can come out if she is not at fault. We should do what is right now, Dheekshu!" he said with a
hard voice. I know he is struggling to keep himself calm.

"I think they will start to search for me." I said. As for them, Anna is not in the hospital. I wonder how
they missed seeing him come.

"Yes, We need to stay somewhere safe." He got out and asked me to come out after scanning the

"Let’s go to the archives room. They will not search for us there." He said which I felt was right too.

"Right, we need the proofs to be turned in too." We went in there and went to the last corner of the
room where the computer was sitting.

"Hurry up and open the documents." he said.

"It's a damn Windows 2000 desktop. Wait!" I am petrified too.

After a hell of a long time, it booted up. Raajiv took pictures of the documents and sent it to them. I am
scared. What next?

"Wait, Akshitha is calling me." He took his phone when someone came into the room. We unplugged
the computer and stood behind the file rack that was up against the wall. We don't know who that was
but that man was very close to finding us. He looked at the computer and ran off. Ufff!

"That was very close." Anna said.

"Yes, What next?" I asked him.

"Don't know, Wait let me go and see if it's clear for us." he went out of the hideout. I stayed put in the
same spot praying for us to go out safe.

"No one's here. Come out." he said.

"Anna, why don't we call mom and ask her straight? I don't like hiding. Let's face it. I don't think she will
harm us." I told him.

"Maybe, But we can't take chances at this point of time." He said.

We heard footsteps nearing us. We ran back in the same spot and hid ourselves. We didn't even dare
to breathe!

"She should be in here. Find her. I'm sure she cannot transport the files from here. This computer has
no internet and it is very slow. Besides, she doesn't have her phone. So the data is safe. I have a hard
drive with the details. Now crush this computer and bring her to me!" my mom was screaming like a
mad woman.

I have never seen her like this. I just dissolved that idea of calling her and facing her. She is kinda
obsessed. Her phone started ringing.

"Yeah, Uncle Ben." She picked it up. Uncle Ben? Yeah, her mother’s brother! How was it even possible
for them to underplay their relationship? Are we that dumb that we couldn’t see this facade?


"I know, It's all because of that bloody Yadav and that girl. We should have killed her just like mom said.
You had a soft corner for her." She was shouting on the phone. I could no longer see her as my mom.
The mom that I know off wouldn't get a bad temper and even if she gets one, she would never scream.


"What do you mean your home is surrounded by police?"


"No way they would have proof. I have just destroyed everything. We will handle it, uncle! They won't
have anything except the drivers from our travels against us. That's all hit and run. Not a strong case.
Besides, I made sure all the dead bodies were cremated and not buried. There will be no evidence of
us taking the organs out." She said. Now, I erased even the minimal of doubts that she was forced by
Benjamin and grandma to do this.


"Just don't make a scene. Go with them. I will do the same. They won't have anything to hold us in. I
can come out with a clean name. It’s an added advantage for us."

God, She is cruel and evil. My brother got very angry and was about to confront her. Oh! That's not
wise to do now. I got hold of him.

"Balaji, Go see if there are any police around our hospital. You two go along with him. You both stay
here. Bring that little devil to me, if she ever gets in here." She gave orders to everyone in the room and
went out angrily. Yeah, she meant me when she said little devil. With her tone, I am sure she would
strangle me if I get caught.

Everyone left except for the 2 men she ordered to stay back. They just broke the computer into pieces
and set it on fire. Thank god we took pictures of all the evidence. If not for Raajiv, I could have not done

We heard commotion outside the room and the two men went out to check on it. We used that gap to
call back Akshitha. Yadav picked up the call and told us we are safe.

We ran out to see our mom and Dr. Balaji getting arrested. Anika came to us. Only then I knew my
brother had her in his heart. He literally cried to her. She gave her shoulders for him to cry on. Yeah, A
perfect girl for my brother.

I broke my trance when my brother patted my shoulders saying we reached the custody place. It was a
fancy place. Nothing like a regular police station. We saw our mom in a room. Handcuffed! Though she
is evil, she is my mom. My heart bleeds looking at her like this. They let us in that room along with a
police man after all the security checks.

"Ma!" I called her.

"You little rascal, It's because of you I am here." she shouted like a mad dog.

I got scared of her. She is not that happy mom I have ever known. I got behind Raajiv.

"Ma, Do you realize what you have done? It's a criminal offence. How could you do such a horrible
thing? We never even imagined such things and couldn't believe that you were a part of this." Raajiv

"You won't understand, Raajiv. It was a pleasure taking things out of a human body. It was divine to see
the parts go numb when I cut every nerve that keeps it functioning! I loved it! It was never money for
me. I had enough. It was just a pleasure for me. And you spoiled it for me." she looked at me and
shouted. She is a lunatic. She needs medical help. She is dangerous.

I remember that my mom liked to disassemble every electronic toy we had. I remember she took off the
batteries from the remote. She would say, she did that because we were over watching TV. I remember
her always unplugging every device she uses when she is done. I thought she was careful not to waste

No, She had a mental illness. She finds pleasure in making things go limp. Gosh, How did we not
guess it before? Because she was so good at hiding it away.

"Ma, You are a doctor. You knew you had to seek medical counselling. Why didn't you do it?" I asked
her defeated.

"You call me a lunatic? I have made you all lunatics for so long that you didn't even have the slightest
of doubts about me. Your dad found out very late. He too asked me this very same question. When I
refused, he said he would go to the police. I gave him a little injection and saw his life get away from
him." she said cruelly.

OMG! She killed our dad? I hate seeing her! The last string of hope cut me through there! I went
running out of that room bursting out crying and I saw Akshitha in the same state as I am now.