Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 73: 73. The Confrontation!

Akshu's PoV

I cannot believe anything that is happening around me. The very humble doctor I saw is not what she
appears to be. The man whom I thought to be family is not a good man. That old lady whom I pitied for
is a devil.

But thank god, all the good people are safe! Yash is looking very tired. Kavya is all better. But she is not
out of the after effects of sedation. Vishwa picked her up and went in the car with Shiva and Dheeksha.
Raajiv and Anika went in their car. It's just us now.

"Um... Shall I drive?" I asked him. I want him to rest.

"I wish to live longer!" He said. I glared at him.

"Yash, I know how to drive. Kavya has taught me." I whined.

"Some other time. It's already a dramatic day. Don't make this a climax!" he said very seriously.

"Hmph!" I kicked the floor and got in the car. He came around to the driver's side and got in.

"I hope everything ends today," he said. Still serious!?

"What do you mean?"

"I meant everything. All this drama. ufff this is too much." he blew out relaxing himself.

It's a sight to see. His arms flexing under his shirt. Though tired, he is sexy as hell! A very smart man!

"What are you looking at?" he asked me. Shit! It's a shame I got caught ogling him.

"Nothing." I turned away to the window.

"Oh!" he drove without talking. But I can see his dimple at the corner of my sight. His shrunken eyes
and his dimples are the sign that he enjoys embarrassing me. I turned to him and kissed his cheek.

"I love your dimple." I said.

"I have told you before. Don't kiss me like this." he spoke while stopping the car at the curb of the road.
I have this sudden adrenalin gush. He turned to me.

"What do you love about me?" he asked.

"Everything!" I said. I don't know why my voice sounds husky. I heard a chuckle. How sexy!

"You are very easy to excite." he said with that same chuckle again.

Dang, He is talking!? I have a serious doubt about his playboy tag. Have you all seen the movie 'Arjun
Reddy'? The hero makes everyone think he had sex with all different girls everyday. But in the room, he
does nothing except for drinking and crying about his lost love!

"Have you seen the movie 'Arjun Reddy'?" I asked him.

"Hahaha, I know what you are thinking." he said laughing.

"Huh!" I gasped when he pulled me closer to him suddenly. I bumped into his chest.

"I will make it hard for you to even get up. You don't know what you are craving for." he said in warning!

He is right. I don't know what I want from him. But I crave his touch. Even his warning excites me like
he says. Though I don't exactly know what he means by excite.

"You are aroused and ready now." he said.

"Uh! No!" I know I feel something unsettling between my thighs. But he need not know that!

"Really?" he asked me, getting closer.

"um... yes." I said, getting back from him.

"Shall we check!?"

What? WHAAT?

"What? How?" I asked, defending myself from him. He chuckled.

"So you want to know if you are aroused or not!?" he asked me, his breath fanning my lips.

I shook my head in a No. He came so close to me that I closed my eyes tight and waited in


"Zzzzp" I opened my eyes to see him put my seat belt on. Cha, He settled back in his seat and started
driving like nothing had happened between us a little before.

Once we reached his home, Kavi and I went into a room. Dheeksha and Anika went into another room.
Boys settled themselves too. Sleep is all we are deprived of.

Someone knocked on the door. Kavi was still sleeping. I opened my eyes to see the time. I searched
for a clock and found it on the side wall. It's 11.30? OMG! I woke up hurriedly. I ran to the door and
opened it to see Dheeksha.

"Good morning!" She said, She is all swollen and red. Traces of crying all night are so evident in her

"Good morning!" I greeted her back.

"Um... I want to tell you I am sorry. I behaved rudely to you." she said.

"Please don't be, Dheeksha. Anyone in your shoes would have behaved that way. I'm glad you are safe
now." I told her with a hug.

Yash came down from his room. He is all ready to go out. I saw a servant maid bring us coffee.

"Good morning guys." Shiva came out of his room all ready too.

"Are Vishwa and Raajiv ready?" Yash asked.

"I hope so. We shall leave after breakfast." Shiva said.

"Where are you guys going!?" I asked them.

"To the police station. Benjamin and Devaki are arrested. Your grandma is sick. So she is under arrest
at the hospital." Yash said.

"I am coming too." I said.

"Not now." He denied right away.

"Why? I want to see them."

"I will take you when it's the right time." He went back to his arrogant-self.

"No, I will come with you now." If he is arrogant, I am adamant.

"Shia!" His voice rang in warning.

"Please, Mr.Yadav. Take us too. I want to see my mom." Dheeksha added.

"Huh, Ok. Then get ready fast." He agreed to her.

We all left, leaving Kavi, Anika, and Vishwa back at home.

"Why are you going to see them anyways? Dheeksha and Raajiv can go. Devaki aunty is their mom.
Why do you want to see them? " I asked Yash.

Me, Shiva and Yash were in a car. Dheeksha and Raajiv in another car.

"Your uncle Benjamin wants to see me." Yash told me.

"What? Why?" I asked him, alarmed.

"Don't know." He shrugged his shoulders.

We reached a place which looked nothing like a police station. It's like an IT wing. Benjamin uncle was
handcuffed and was sitting on a chair in a room. Devaki aunty in another room.

We got clearance from security and went near them. Ashok was there.

"These are soundproof rooms. We have cameras inside the rooms. We will go in to talk to him. He is so
rigid. He didn't open his mouth except to tell us to bring you here." Ashok said to Yash.

"I will come too." I said. So the 3 of us went into the room where Jamin uncle was there.

"Ha, come, Akshu. How are you? Looks like Mr.Yadav has taken good care of you like I said." Jamin
uncle spoke. He spoke like that same compassionate man I once knew.

"Why uncle?" is all I could manage to ask.

"Money. Me and my elder sister Sheila have always been poor in our early age. We lost our parents at
a very early age and I did everything to keep us fed. We knew how important money is. I started doing
this at a very small age. I made my sister study nursing to aid us. My contacts grew bigger as we grew.
I befriended Rudra and everything went smoothly until one day this Yadav came in. The only mistake I
made was taking those kids from that home after he took over." he spoke with rage.

"I thought of you as family." I spoke, I am at the verge of breaking down.

"I thought of you as family too until one day when I happened to see your ID card. From then, you have
become a target. We needed an AB-ve heart and your blood plasma! You were readily available. But
then when I knew Kavya is the same blood group from Rudra, I truly wanted to leave you alive." he
said. He must have known about Kavya’s blood group from our office files.

"Kavya is my friend." The more he speaks, the more I get disgusted by him.

"But she is not my friend. I wanted to move away from Coonoor before we trap you. That is why I sold
my mansion. But when Yadav turned up, I willingly sold it to him. That way I can keep an eye on him
without raising any doubts. He was so good that he gave me a place to stay. I thought to stay back until
you are trapped. I asked my men to follow you once you were all by yourself in Chennai. That is when
they told me about Yadav helping you. I thought it to be a coincidence. But again, you saved him from
my first attempt on him. My doubts grew. It may be a coincidence too. I want to get a clear picture on
what is happening between you two. Again my men spotted you two together at the Pub. It's the same
time, Vishwa turned down our offer to turn Kavya in. He was in love with the victim. He declined the
huge sum of money we offered him. He is an idiot. We hate unnecessary kills! So we left him
unharmed except that we damaged his reputation and love. I used the same time to know about your
relationship as well. So I put you in Yadav's suite. He saved you! I know you both are in love!"

He spoke long, He took the glass of water on the table and gulped it down. So it's been him all along!

"I got angry with you when you made a complaint on the home. Yadav was already digging up things
and that damn connection between you two made him push forward faster. You escalated things soon.
Sheila wanted to kill you soon to get your heart. We did that accident on you. Stupid apprentice didn't
puncture your lungs. You escaped. I saw that connection between you two with my own eyes when
Yadav came to Coonoor. I knew Yadav would not let it go easily. So I decided to kill him. He is a boring
O ve. But I should say you are one lucky girl, Akshu. I still think it's your luck that saved Mr.Yadav twice

from death. That accident was a flop again. I got to know you have surveillance all the time you are out
of your mansion. So we shifted our target to Kavya. But I should say, Vishwa was very good too. He
protected her well. I came to Chennai to see Sheila. I sensed something is off between you and Yadav!
My men said you are going to Yadav's place. So I intervened and took you to Coonoor with me hoping
to make that gap bigger. But that damn man that follows you everywhere came along. I couldn't do
anything." he continued.

So it is Joshua that kept me safe at every instance. I am thankful to him.

"I sensed Yadav got to know me when his man Mike was seen more than twice in Coonoor. I knew I
couldn't escape. So I destroyed every other document proofs against me. But damn, Devaki left that
computer unformatted. You can never get to the next step in this ladder Mr.Yadav. If not me, there are
many out there like me to do this." he finished with Yadav.

"Why did you plan to kill me again?" I asked him.

"Haha, you mean the chocolate? I made you eat that. Devaki wanted to inject you with that medicine.
See I wanted to leave you alive. We did that to distract you guys to get Kavya!" he said with a smile.
How can he smile? He is a monster!

"Did you kill my dad?" I asked him.

"Yeah, your blood group is very rare, you know. We get more demand at times." I wish to kill him.

"You don't regret what you did?" I am almost at the verge of bursting out.

"Regret? I knew what I was doing all along, Akshu." he said. No tint of regret. This man is not worth

Yash took me out before I broke down.

"Shhh! It's over!" he said, hugging me.