Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 72: 72. Ufff Long Day!

Yadav's PoV

Shiva is freaking out and I don't know why is this all happening today, one after the other? I got hold of

"Dei calm down, Tell us what exactly happened?" I told him.

"Dheeksha got caught by her brother. She is in danger. I think she saw something in the documents
archive room in the hospital. She said something about an old desktop computer."

"Did you try calling her again?"

"The phone rings on. But she did not pick. "

"Alright, We will call Raajiv now." I told him.

"Shia, you have his number right?" I asked her.

She glared at me before giving his number. I must be the one to glare at her for having his number. I
called him through her phone itself. But he didn't pick up.

"Shiva, don't panic. She is his sister. He won't harm her in any way. Let's see what we can do."

Meanwhile Mike came in with Kavya. Kavya is taken to a seperate room for further treatment and
diagnosis. Shia ran with her to the next room. Since it was a small clinic, we were the only ones in

Vishwa is now relaxed and went with Kavya. But Shiva is tensed. God why is this all happening on the
same day? I called Ashok to know the progress with Pramod.

"Dei, what did he say?"

"You were so right, Yadav. He was with them. We didn't have to try hard on him. He just spilled
everything. We video taped his confession and sent it to the chief justice for quick arrest warrants. We
are just waiting for approval. We might get the lead to get the whole medical mafia from them.
Hopefully Pramod's doctor degree will be cancelled and his rest of his life would be in prison. Same
goes to everyone involved. We already arrested the henchmen and truck drivers."

"Wow! Do whatever you are doing soon. Dheeksha is caught spying. Bring them safely." I told him.

"Don't worry. Since I already knew the targets, I have put guards for surveillance in their places. They
can't escape. Once we get the approval for warrants, they will be in jail."

"Ok da!" I disconnected the call. Since I put the call on speaker, Shiva relaxed a bit now.

Now I am worried about Kavya's condition. I went to the doctor for the briefing.

"Doctor, what's her condition now?" Vishwa was questioning the doctor when I went there. Shia was
standing near him.

"Don't worry Mr. She has been sedated using surgical anesthesia. Her vitals are good. We have taken
blood samples. Let's wait for the results. As for now, she is good." the doctor said.

Oof! A very long day.

"How long before she wakes up?" Vishwa asked.

"Anytime between half an hour to one hour." the doctor said.

"Thank god." Shia said.

We all went into the room to see her. She is fine. No bruises, No traces of violence. I wonder who got
her trapped. She must answer that question after she wakes up. Shiva went out and I pulled out Shia

too to give Vishwa some time alone with Kavya.

"Shiva, don't worry. Dheeksha will be with you soon. Just in a matter of time." Shia told him.

"I wish, too. The police is right on them." Shiva said while Shia's phone rang in my pocket.

It's Raajiv. Wow!

"Hello!" I picked it up.

"Mr.Yadav, Where are you? Why are you picking up Akshu's phone?"

"Because she is with me. Where is Dheeksha? We know everything. You don't have to hide anymore!"
I told him.

"God, She is with me. What should I do now?"

"Come to Aaradya clinic near my home. Bring Dheeksha too. I'm so sorry you are going through all
this." I told him.

"Please don't. If not for you, we would have been living in a false world full of lies." he sounded
defeated and wounded. After I got off the call, I turned to see Shiva standing with a stunned
expression. Shia too! Oh, I didn't tell them the back story yet.

"Relax, Raajiv is not a bad guy. Dheeksha is safe. Bringing both of them safe was my goal. I pointed
only that to Ashok. After I got you out of your aunt's home in the morning, I called Raajiv to warn him
about getting near to you. I knew he was in a physical relationship with his fellow doctor recently. I also
got to know she is in love with him. So I disclosed that we are in love with each other to make him stay
away from you. He was shocked at first but then agreed to what was happening. I also told him about
the dangers you got into because of Benjamin. I hinted to him about the organ trafficking being
happening in their hospital. But I didn't disclose that it was his family that was doing it. I just wanted to

know his reaction to what I said. I felt he was genuine. He even offered to help me by looking into the
hospital for any leads. He did what he promised. He sent the proofs to Ashok and me in email, just after
taking Dheeksha out of there. The culprits will be in jail before tomorrow morning." I said.

Shia and Shiva were in trance. I know.

"Dei, If you have already set up Raajiv, then why did you send Dheekshu in too!?" Shiva asked me,

"Dei, I was not sure about Raajiv. What if he didn't take whatever I told him seriously? Besides, I had
no chance of contacting him throughout the day today. That is why I wanted Dheeksha to go in!"

"You have a point, but you could have told me that Raajiv is on our side." Shiva complained.

“I didn't want to trust him until he sent us the proof.”

"So Jamin uncle is bad?" Shia asked me. Poor girl still has doubts.

"Shia, do you remember the name of the medical camp you complained about to the police?" I asked

"Ummm... I think it's BSD medical camp. But it was all fake, Yash. The police told me when I followed
up on the complaint I gave." she said.

"Yes, there are no medical related firms on this name. But there is a travels in this name. Dheeksha's
dad's travels."

"No, Yash. You are wrong. Their travels office name is R&D Travels. R for Raajiv and D for Dheeksha."
Shia said, correcting me.

"Right. They made a little change in that name. They made R into B. They made the & symbol into S.
And D stayed D. B for Benjamin, S for Sheila, D for Devaki. They are the criminals who planned attacks
on us. They are the ones who have been involved!" I finished the puzzle.

"You have known this all along?" Shia asked me, shocked.

"Nope. I knew only about Benjamin and Sheila. I was not sure about Raajiv, Dheeksha and Devaki.
Since I did not deal with Raajiv face to face, I was unable to wipe him off of the suspects list. When
Dheeksha came to us, we all knew she knew nothing about this. So until before Raajiv sent out the
proofs, I had Devaki and Raajiv on the hook."

When I finished narrating, Raajiv, Dheeksha and another girl came in.

Shiva and Dheeksha rejoiced in their reunion. Dheeksha was crying all the time. Raajiv is completely
off. I know, it's huge for them to digest that their mom is really cruel and evil!

"Who is she!?" I asked Raajiv.

"My fiance. Anika. My junior in college and in the hospital. I was reluctant in admitting that feeling I had
for her for so long. She opened her arms for us in our times of distress. She didn't judge us. It's time I
reciprocate her feelings." Raajiv spoke, bringing Anika in his hands. Cool!

Vishwa came out to us, "She is awake, Her blood work came in. She is clear of everything." he said.

We all went in to go see her. Shia and Kavya hugged each other.

"Who the hell got you trapped, idiot? With whom did you go in the cab?" Shia asked Kavya. More like
shouted at her.

"Pch! Don't scold me. I am tired already." Kavya said in a very low voice.

"Shia, Let her rest. We will talk about it later." I tried to stop her.

"I won't leave her until she tells everything. She scared the shit out of us." She bumped her fist on
Kavya's shoulders for which Kavya said "ouch".

"Nithya. Nithya came to me and said Ranjith got into an accident and he needed AB-ve blood soon. I
didn't think about what I was doing. I just jumped in the car. I thought to help him back." she said.

"Help him back? Who is Nithya anyways?" I asked her.

"Yeah, he paid the relieving fee of 2 lakhs for us." Kavya said. What the hell!? I glared at Shia and she
turned away. Awe she was so cute avoiding me.

"Arivu kettavaley!(idiot) Yash paid for us. Not him." Shia said to Kavya.

"How do I know that if you didn't tell me? I got alert only half way through. I asked her how she knew
that I am AB-ve and where I was. She sprayed something on me and blank. All I know was in the
hospital bed with Vishwa by me."

"Idiot!" Shia hit her hard.

"Nithya is the one who told me about that reporter friend. It was because of her I was in your suite that
day." she told me without making eye contact. She is cute. Did I mention that already?

"Guys, it's a long day. It's 3am now. We need to rest. My home is close by. Let's go there." I told
everyone and took them to my home!