Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 71: 71. Caught In Archives!

Yadav's PoV

Pramod is not worth living. I wish to kill him. But if we can crack him, then he is very much important.
That is the only reason I said not to kill him. Now all I wish is the safe rescue of Kavya. If Dheeksha can
manage to bring in some proofs that would be an added advantage.

I know Shia is badly in need to confront Benjamin. I am eager to know what he had planned too. But
this is not the right time. Shia is in my hands. That is all that matters to me now!

"Yash!" she called me.


"Go get the discharge forms. Let's go home." she urged me. I don't want to leave her. I just wish to hug
her all eternity. I got up reluctantly to finish all the payments here to go home. While I got out of the
room, Ashok joined me too. Mike called me.

"Yes, Mike."

"Sir, we got Kavya. She is sedated I think. She's got pulse but is unconscious. Pramod is in police

"Great job, Mike. Bring her to the same hospital where Shia is in now. Don't delay." I told him.

"Yes, sir."

I turned to Ashok. He has a sigh of relief on his face too.

"Alright, I will go see what Pramod has to say. I will keep you posted." Ashok told me.

"Handle him like a criminal. He is no longer our friend." I reminded him.

"Ok da. He will spill whatever he knows."

"Keep me updated!" I told him.

I made all the payments and went back to the room to tell the good news to Vishwa and Shia.

"Vishwa, Kavya is rescued. She is on her way here. She is safe." I told them.

Vishwa hugged me with so much emotion. I patted his back to calm him down.

"Shia, we will go home after Kavya gets better." I said to her.

"We will go home with her." she said.

I nodded my head to her. What else have we got to do? Nothing Except waiting. Shiva came running in
all tensed. Ok, Either Dheeksha is trouble or Dheeksha is in trouble.

Dheeksha's PoV

I have a heavy feeling in my heart. I reluctantly went back to the hospital to search there first. Shiva
came along with me. But not in my car. He followed me along. I connected him on my phone. He talked
to me all along giving me hopes and will power.

I asked him to stay away from the hospital and I went in. I went to my cabin and pretended to do
something. I am so tense. I am not used to doing all these spying. What if there are other doctors in
this hospital that do this? What if I get caught with them? I sneakily went to the documents archive.
Where should I begin with?

"Shiva, I am in the documents room. What should I look for? It will take too much time to surf through
all these files." I told him on the phone.

"Start with my dad and Shia's dad's file." He said.

"But you guys did not donate your dad's organs. Did you?"


"Then there will be no files on your dads. This archive is for organ donors and organ receptors. All very

"Just give it a try on those dates." He insisted.


I started looking for the files in accordance with the date and year. I found nothing.

"There is nothing here." I told him.

"Pch, Do you guys own any laptops? Computers? I mean who in this world maintains a room full of
paper records?" he asked me, frustrated.

"These are very important. We need to produce these files with the authentic signatures of the donor
and recipient if and when asked. You know, everything is legal. Nothing like you guys say."

"Then why are you so worked up and tense?"

"Hey, I have no access to this room. I came here sneakily." I told him in my defense.

"Pch, quit talking. Search!"

"It's no use searching here. It would take months to go through all of them."

"Then come out. We will go to your home."

"Ok!" I told him and went out.

But there is a computer in the corner of the archives room. I got back in to see if I could get into it.

"Shiva, wait."

I put the phone on the computer table and tried switching it on. It's a damn old desktop with Windows
2000. It's completely dusty and looks like it has not been used in a long while.

"I don't think this computer will have anything on it." I told him.

"Don't waste time then. Come out. We will see what your home has in store for us." Shiva said.

I was about to give up when the system finally booted up and asked for a password. A password?
What might it be? I typed in our hospital's name.

'Access Denied'

I typed in the archives security's name.

'Wrong password!'

I typed in my mom's name.

'Try again!'

Ok! Think! Think!

I typed in Raajiv!


My name?

'Wrong password'

Think Dheekshu, Think, Think, Think!

I typed in our travel name.


The system opened. OMG!

I looked for all the files and folders hurriedly. When I saw a file named 'Donors', I opened it. It was a
long list. I searched for names. I typed in Ilangovan. Akshitha's dad didn't donate any organs. But his
name popped up. His blood group is AB-ve. His heart,kidneys,lungs, pancreas and liver have been

I looked for Shiva's dad's name. He came up too. Who is behind this? I cannot doubt other doctors
here. The password is our travels name. So it is my family. Who can it be? Grandma is here in this
hospital. Mom? Raajiv?! Who can it be?!

"Dheeksha, What the hell are you doing here?" a voice boomed in the room that scared me to death.

"Anna!" I turned to look at Raajiv standing behind me with an angry face!

I heard Shiva call my name repeatedly with so much tension on the other end of the phone before
Raajiv dragged me out of that room. I am scared. Scared to death! Scared for my life! I am scared
looking at my own family with whom I have spent my entire life!