Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 70: 70. Spy On Her Family?

Dheeksha's PoV

I have no words. I am not convinced with what they told me now. They want me to spy on my own
family? Organ trafficking is a huge crime. A family with respectable doctors can't do this. But my
grandma had secrets? Does she have a brother? She has never spoken of him.

Our trucks plan accidents on victims? Then what? Accidents happen in different places. How is it
connected to our hospital?

"Let's say whatever you told me was true. Let's say I am convinced that my dad's trucks caused
accidents. But they all happened in different places. How is it connected to our hospital and my family?"
I asked Yadav.

But as a matter of fact, our hospital gets many brain dead patients whose organs are donated. But they
are all very legal. My mom has a whole room full of legal papers maintained.

"I have already told you, my dad was taken to your hospital after the accident." Shiva told me.

"My dad was taken to your hospital too." Akshitha told me.

"God, What about all the other accidents? How many of them have actually happened?" I asked. I
cannot think of any low of my dad or my family. I have spent an entire lifetime with them and now they
are all not they appear to be?

"We have the accidents list for the past 6years. That is from when Shiva and Shia's dads left. There are
57 accidents and 35 have been taken straight to your hospital. 22 others have been taken to the near
by government hospitals and later somehow, they have been

transferred to your hospital." Yadav said.

"God, our hospital has a special service for accident victims. We give them advanced treatment at
affordable prices. And ofcourse, the insurance policy also plays an important part. We have tie ups with
3 insurance companies that give maximum benefits to the victims. So, many government hospitals
transfer their patients to our hospital." I tried explaining them.

We ought to do good. Nothing like what they all say now. My mom has spent all her life in that hospital.
She made us dream of becoming doctors. She was very proud of us for getting into medical college
with good merits. My brother, though playful with me, is a very good surgeon. He specializes in open
skull surgeries.

"Exactly, Somehow, your family gets what they wanted from the victims after they come to your
hospital. Remarkably, all 57 victims are dead." Yadav told me.

"Take the list of accident cases that came to our hospital. We hold the record for saving most of them.
You cannot blame us for some mishaps. It always occurs! Not only to us but to all doctors." I tried
telling them it's not my family's fault.

"Dheekshu, I love you. I want to trust you. But Yadav set men and dug up all these dirts when he
sensed something was wrong around Akshitha and him. They have made attempts to kill them twice.
Yadav, in the park, Akshitha, in an accident. The second time through an accident when they both were
together. Surprisingly, it was done by a truck that has just disappeared!" Shiva told me.

"And also Kavya is missing now. She is in danger too because her blood group is AB negative." he

"There is another part in this whole mystery that is very unsettling. The Cancer! Some victims die of
cancer after they are freed from your hospital's grip." Yadav said.

God, What else are they going to add to the blame list?

"Yadav, Please, the victims will know if they have been operated to take out any organs like you say. If
what you say is true, then there must be complaints on our hospital. We have only good will." I am tired
of these accusations! I am tired of explaining!

"You are an oncologist right? Is there any medicine that can aggravate the growth of cancer cells?"
Ashok asked me. More like inquired me.

"There is no medicine that aggravates cancer growth. But there are some chemicals that, if combined
in a right ratio, will do what you say!"

"Wait!" Yadav pulled out a medical report from his phone.

"See if these are the chemicals you talk about." he showed it to me.

I was taken by surprise and horror to see the exact combination of chemicals that induce the speedy
growth of cancer cells. It was a blood report of a 15year old girl. Horrible. So there is a group of people
out there that do exactly what Yadav is saying.

"What do you want me to do now?" I asked him defeated. Everything sounds serious and dangerous. I
have to do something to make Shiva understand that my family is not bad.

I don't care about anyone else’s opinion here.

"I want you to go to your house or hospital where there are documents. Search for anything regarding
the organs." Shiva told me.

"Alright, I will do it. Not to bring you proofs you need. But to bring you proofs that my family has nothing
to do with all this mess." I told them and left that place with a very heavy heart.

Akshu's PoV

I almost feel sorry for her. Even I would behave like her when someone talks ill about my parents. After
she left, Vishwa came to Yash. It's heartbreaking to see him. I know what danger Kavi is in. I am scared
for her life. But somewhere in my heart I see light and hope! I know Kavi will be fine.

"Yadav, What now? Every minute we delay, Kavya is getting closer to danger." Vishwa spoke.

"I have men out there. Don't worry Vishwa. We will...!" He was interrupted by a phone call.

"Yes Mike." Yash put the phone on the loudspeaker.

"We know where Kavya is. Pramod is also there. We are going in for rescue. You want Pramod alive?"

"Yes!" is all he said.Vishwa cried out loud and hugged Yash. He poured out all the suppressed
emotions he had so far on him. Yash consoled him. I love Yash. He is a compassionate man. He
comforts everyone around him. He takes care of everyone.

"Dei Yadav, Ask him where they are. I will send back up." Ashok said. This time he is not irritated!

Yash called Mike soon to get their location. Mike shared his location through Whatsapp. Everything
happened so fast. I just prayed that Kavi is safe. We all had nothing better to do other than to wait in
this clinic's room. We wait for Kavi. We wait for Dheeksha to return with some proofs.

"Yash, Shall I call Jamin uncle? Just to talk to him without telling anything? Let's see if he knows that
we know who he is!?"

"I am not putting you on the phone with him!"

"I am here, With you. Why can't I just talk to him?"

"We don't want to alert him. Now stay quiet until we get anything. If Pramod talks, we might turn him
into an approver. If Dheeksha has nothing to bring, we can use him against them!"

"ok!" I trailed off. I badly want to confront Jamin uncle. I want to ask him face to face about all this. He
plotted to kill me? I loved him dearly. I considered him family.

"What if Dheeksha spilled something to her family?" Ashok asked.

"She won't. I trust her." Shiva said.

"That's love talking. I am talking about reality." Ashok said.

"We will have Pramod and Kavya. That is more important now." Yash stopped them.

"Yash!" I called.


"I am alright!"

"I know."

"Shall we go home?" I asked him. Hospital, medicines, chemicals, organs, blood! These are too much
for me. I just could not stay sane if I am here.

"Not yet!"

"Pch!" he is so hard to crack!

The doctor and the nurse came in. They looked worried. No, Not again!

"Mr.Yadav, We need to talk in private." the doctor told him.

"No, I want to know too. Talk here." I interrupted.

"She is fine right?" Yash asked, alarmed.

"Yes, But you need to report this to the police. This is not just any food poison. They have added heart
attack inducing medication in something she ate. This medicine is only accessible to doctors. We use it
on patients whose heart stopped working due to shock, to revive them. It has an immediate effect if it's
injected straight in the bloodstream. You are lucky they gave it to her through food." the doctor said.So
they wanted to kill me!? Again?

"Can't we find out it's because of this medicine if she had a heart attack, in case?" Ashok asked.

"Not possible Mr. This cannot be detected if it dissolves in the blood. We happened to detect its
presence only because you brought her soon before whatever she ate digested."

So it is a plot to kill me without any proofs. If delayed, I would be dead by heart attack. Nothing else?
Why? Because I knew too much!? Because they have Kavi to replace my need? Yash hugged me tight.
I hugged him back, still trembling.

"Shall I call the police?" The doctor asked.

"I am a cop, doctor. Everything is taken care of." Ashok showed his ID.

"Shall I go home?" I asked the doctor.

"Yes, You are one lucky girl." the doctor told me and left the room.

"Yash, let's go home."

"Ok!" he said!