Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 69: 69. Who Is Good?

Akshu's PoV

I can see how tired Yash looks now. I scared him to death. He loves me, He loves me for his life. He is
pure, true and honest in his feelings. He has proved it yet again.

Everytime I see his honesty, I feel terrible about myself for my very cheap and low act. I made a scar
on his pure heart. I wonder if I could ever make it go away. I so wish my love would make it vanish.

He is completely under my spell. I know it for sure. But he just acts like he is still angry. I wanted to play
along. I knew something was wrong. Yash is kinda restless under me. I have always felt him relax
when I hug him. But now I can feel his heart race. He is not right.

"Yash, I'm alright, I feel completely fine." I reassured him.

"I know, honey. Just relax. Take rest!"

"I want you to relax. You are not normal!" I said to him looking up at his beautiful face. I know we can't
call a guy 'beautiful'! But he is!

"I'm alright too, honey!" he said, placing a kiss on my head. What did I do to earn his love!? Someone
knocked on the door.

"Huh, Kavi came!" I exclaimed, trying to free myself from his hold.

"Shhh, Relax. That's not Kavya!"

"How do you know?"

"Because I called someone to meet us here. And that's not Kavya." He said.

"Oh! But where is she anyway?"

"She has gone out... um.. I gave her some work!"

"Oh!" Something is not right. But I don't want to push him now. He is already under a lot of pressure.
And it's all because of me.

"Come in!" he said.

Dheeksha, Shiva, Ashok and Vishwa came in.

"How are you feeling?" Dheeksha asked me. She is angry.

"Good!" I said still in Yash's embrace.

"Walk us through, Yadav. Where is your mafia friend?" Ashok asked him.

"Ashok, Calm down man. You guys have so many protocols. But he has none. He is faster and more
efficient. Accept it or not, He got more information." Yash told him.

"Details, Details are more important now. Quit your fight." Shiva intervened.

"Alright, Emily is Shia's neighbor's granddaughter. This account where they credit money to
Rudramoorthy's account operates under her name. But she is not the one we are looking for. She has
no idea there is an account in her name. It's all Benjamin and his sister Sheila's work." Yash said that
completely took me by surprise.

"Jamin uncle?" I asked him in trance! What am I even hearing? The Jamin uncle I know is nothing like
anything he said now. He is a very nice man.

"No, Yash. You are mistaken. I have known Jamin uncle from my childhood. He is a very good man. I
have spent almost all my time there with him. I didn't get any slightest idea like this on him all these
years. Jamin uncle is innocent." I am at the verge of fainting again.

"Shhh, Relax Shia. Yes! Your Jamin uncle is not what you see. Sheila was a nurse in the hospital
where your grandpa worked as a doctor. She was doing these illegal organ transplants and sharing the
details of the patients who have rare blood groups with the help of her brother ever since. They had
been doing this on a small scale back then. When your grandma passed away, your grandpa struggled
a lot to come out of it and to handle your dad as a baby. So he started bringing your dad to the hospital
along with him. Sheila pretended to help your grandpa by looking after your dad. Your grandpa thought
your dad needed a mother. So he asked her hand in marriage for which she readily accepted. Sheila
never spoke about her brother to anyone. Once becoming the wife of a doctor who had a very good
reputation, Sheila and Benjamin expanded their criminal work. They got tied up with some organ
stealing groups. They made huge money! After your aunt was born, Sheila's natural motherly instinct
came out and she started to discriminate against your dad. Your grandpa was smart enough to find that
out soon and gave your dad everything he needed." He stopped and looked at me.

"I don't know what to say now. He is not what I see? How can a person pretend for a whole life?" I told
him. Yash gripped me tight, giving me a cozy and safe feeling.

"Dheekshu, Relax!" Shiva told her. She is frozen. Her eyes were pouring!

"Why should I believe anything you say?" she asked Yash.

Yash showed her a picture on his phone where her grandma is with Jamin uncle in their young age.

"I want you to listen with an open mind, Dheeksha. I know it's too much information for you to digest.
But try to sink in all the details. Your guess was right. Your grandma is a christian." Yash told her.

"But why?" she cried on Shiva.

"Dheekshu, please, Relax! " Shiva tried to calm her down.

"Shia, What was your dad doing?" Yash asked me.

"He was into travels." I told him.

"Dheeksha, what was your dad doing? Was he a doctor too?" Yash asked her.

"No, He was into travels too. But he was into trucks and trailers that transport goods across south of
India." Dheeksha said.

"Right, Travels connected both your dads a long time ago. They became friends and Ilangovan
uncle(Shia's dad) introduced your dad to your grandpa. They saw him as a prospective groom for your
mother." Yash said to her.

So that is how Dheeksha's mom and dad got married. My dad made his friend as his step-sister's

"So all the accidents were planned and executed by Dheeksha's dad?" Shiva asked in rage. I know
how he feels right now. I feel the same way. He planned and killed his friend who gave him life?

"No, No, My dad is nothing like you say. He is a loving dad. He ... No, No, Shiva. He has nothing to do
with this. He is not like you think. He can't be." Dheeksha cried profusely. I really feel sad for her.

"No, Shiva. Dheeksha may be right. Her dad may be innocent. We only know this much. We know for
sure that Benjamin and Sheila are bad. But there are still people in her house that help them. Raajiv,
her mom and dad. Since her dad is no more, we don't know his part!" Yash spoke.

Uff, Too much for her to take in.

"But you were right. All the accidents that happened were planned and executed using Dheeksha's
dad's trucks." Yash completed.

"Shut up, Mr.Yadav. Do you know whom you were accusing? My mom is a responsible doctor. My dad
was a loving father. My brother has a high reputation in his major. He gets Patients from the north too.
He is a famous doctor. Proofs!? Give me proof!" Dheeksha shrieked.

"Here are the details of the accidents that happened. Here are the details of your trucks rentals on the
same date. We cross checked all the places and found that your trucks were not there on those dates.
If they were not there, where they had been? We got the mechanic to whom your trucks go regularly for
clean ups after the accidents. He confessed about changing the number plates before accidents." Yash

I feel like everything around me is slipping away. Whatever I had thought so far is a lie! Whoever I
thought to be good was bad!

Dheeksha looked at all the details Yash showed her. She is dumbstruck. Yash showed the video of the
mechanic confessing about his part too.

"So what now? These proofs can prove that they caused accidents. But we cannot prove anything
related to organ stealing." Ashok said.

He is right!

"Right, That is why I need Dheeksha to search for some details in her house. Or in the hospital.
Anything that can prove our hunch. Anything that is related to this. Only then we can save Kavya!"
Yash said.

KAVYA?!?! What happened to her? Why should we save her? I saw Vishwa just then. He has never
spoken a word since. He is broken and shattered.

"Yash, where is Kavi?" I asked Yash, trembling.

"Kidnapped!" he said.

"I want to talk to Jamin uncle!" I said.