Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 68: 68. Where Is Kavya?

Yadav's PoV

I just couldn't tolerate seeing her lifeless. Her speaking eyes and ever bubbly talking, I am at the verge
of killing Pramod. I still can't believe he did this to my love. He was my friend from my childhood.

"Yadav, Please, Relax! Let's see what the doctor has found. She will be alright, Yadav." Vishwa sat
beside me.

"I hate this, Vishwa. I should have not let anything happen to her. I knew she was in danger. I should
have been more careful. It's all my fault. But I had no idea Pramod would do something like this."

"Nothing is your fault, Yadav. Please calm down. Control yourself. You have to be strong for her. She
wont like you crying."

"I should have killed all of them before they plot to touch her. I had all the power to finish them off. I
wanted to put them in the hands of justice. I wanted proof. I am so stupid to have let this happen to her,

"Please, Yadav. It's heartbreaking to see you cry. She will be fine"

"I will kill everyone who is responsible for this, Vishwa. I don't care about justice anymore."

"We will see what can be done. Now relax."

The doctor came out and we went running to him. I could not read anything from his face. He started to
scare me to death.

"How is she, doctor!?"

"We have cleaned her stomach. We have taken blood samples now Mr.Yadav. I am waiting for her
reports. Only after that I can tell what was given to her. Her pulse is normal now. She is out of danger."

That is all I wanted to hear. She is out of danger. She is fine.

"Shall I see her?"

"Sure, But she is still unconscious. It may take another half hour for her to regain consciousness. By
the way, the nurse said she didn't get the medicine yet." The doctor said.

"What medicines?" I asked him confused.

"I gave a prescription for her Mr.Yadav. We have to give that medication to her. The sooner the better.
So get it now."

"To whom did your nurse give the prescription? No one gave anything to me." I told him while a nurse
came out from Shia's room.

"I gave it to the girl that came with you."

"Kavya." Vishwa said, alarmed.

"When exactly did you give her? Where are the medicals here?" I asked her while holding Vishwa's

"It's almost 30minutes before. The Pharmacy is just outside. "

"God, How am I so careless?" Vishwa started worrying. I am worried too. Whatever danger Shia has,
Kavya has too.

We must have been more vigilant. Shit, We ran outside to see if she was there. But she was not there.
Vishwa is all tense and worked up. I know what he feels now.

"Relax, Vishwa. We will find her." I told him.

We ran to the medicals to enquire if they saw something.

"Hey, did you see a girl come out of the hospital? Any girl came to your shop about a half an hour
before?" I asked him.

"No, sir," he said.

"Here, See this picture. Have you seen this girl? Did you see someone take her with them? "

"No, sir!" he said.

"Anna(brother)! I saw this akka(sister) some time before. She went in a taxi." A boy said coming from
inside the Pharmacy.

"Did you see someone forcing her?" Vishwa asked that boy. He was working in that Pharmacy.

"No, She went with another akka. They talked and got in the cab and went."

"Which taxi?"


"Thanks, Here, have this." I gave that boy Rs.100 and went to the hospital again.

"Vishwa, try calling her number. Looks like she has gone voluntarily. If she picks up the call, then we
don't have to worry about her." I told him.

"ok!" He started calling Kavya. Meanwhile I called Ashok to know the status of Pramod.

"Dei, Did you get Pramod?"

"Not yet. We are still surfing the area. We sealed his home. How is Akshitha?"

"She is out of danger. But still unconscious. Doctor is waiting for her blood test results to know what
was given to her."

"Thank god, Do you know if Pramod came in his car?"

"No, I didn't see. We have got another problem now. Kavya is missing."

"What the hell? She was with you guys, right? What happened?"

"I was so consumed in Shia and Vishwa was with me all this time. Kavya went to Pharmacy to get
medicines for Shia but she didn't come back. We realised it only when the doctor asked about the
medicines. Looks like she has gone voluntarily with another girl in an uber call taxi."

"Ok, Yadav, don't panic. I will track down the uber taxis that have gone to that area. You be with
Akshitha. I will send 2 constables for protection."

"Do something, Ashok. Faster"

"You have to tell me the whole story before I can do something." He spoke a little irritated. I know, we
didn't tell everyone who is responsible for all the chaos.

"Alright, bring Shiva and Dheeksha with you to this clinic. We need Dheeksha to get Kavya back if she
has been kidnapped. We also need her to trap the targets." I told him.

"Ok, We found Pramod's car near the central railway station. Let's see what we get there. We will be
there in 30minutes."

"Alright da, Come soon." I wonder if Pramod has escaped. He cannot escape me. He is a dead meat.

"What happened, Vishwa?"

"She didn't pick, Yadav!" He sat on the bench, broken.

"Don't worry, I have notified the police of what happened. They have already started their search.
Pramod's car is found near the railway station."

"I want her back, Yadav. She is the only good thing that has happened to me."

"We will get her back. Don't worry, Vishwa!" I truly don't know what to tell him now. Nothing will settle
him down except for Kavya.

I called Mike to run down the details and find Kavya in his ways. I strongly believe his ways are faster
than the police. I told him that Pramod is not a priority. Kavya is.

"She is awake, Mr.Yadav. She asks for you." A nurse told me.

I ran in to see her. She made me realize how much I love her.

"Shia!" I went near her. She looks like a wilted flower. It stings my heart to see her like this.

"Yash, I am fine." she said, pulling me down.

"Shhh, Rest honey. Don't strain."

"I am hungry. Other than that, I am fine. I am so glad, Yash!" She spoke tiredly.

"Glad? Why?"

"Because I didn't let you eat that teeny bit of chocolate!" she said, hugging my arm. She is happy that I
didn't eat it?

"I am so sorry, de. I should have been more careful."

"I love you, Yash. It's not your fault. I know you will save me." she said, trying to smile.

"Shia!" I kissed her cheeks and forehead.

"I'm sorry!" she said.

I looked at her puzzled! Why is she saying sorry?

"About that Janvi matter. Can we please resolve it?" She is so cute! She is very speculative.

She says sorry for her behavior in a hospital bed knowing I am so weak in emotions now. She is smart
and intelligent too!

"I said this is not the time for it. Everything stays the same. We will talk about it after we finish the
matter at hand." I told her trying to sound serious.

"Pch! Where is Kavi?" she asked me with a sad little face.

"Kavya is not here." I told her. I don't know if I should tell her or not.

"Can we atleast hug?" she asked me.

I sat down on her bed near her. She scooted closer to me and hugged my torso and leaned on my

"Yash, Is Eli a bad girl? Eli is a strong headed girl. She is always bad and mean to me. But I don't think
she will do something like this." she told me.

"Do you think that? "

"I believe that!" she said.

We heard a door knock and in came Vishwa, Ashok, Shiva and Dheeksha!