Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 67: 67. Chocolate?

Yadav's PoV

I can see Dheeksha is genuinely confused. That means we can trust her. So I decided to tell them all
who is behind all this.

"Relax, Dheeksha, This is serious and I want you to be open minded while we tell you our theory. I
want you to pay attention until we finish." I told her.

"Please tell me what this is all about soon." she said

Shiva went near her and gave her a side hug. He made her relax! It's so good to see them help each

"Sit down!" he said to her and sat along with her.

"Mike, explain what you found." I told him.

"Yes, sir." he started.

"So we now know Rudramoorthy sells vital information to someone. When we trailed down even more
on him, we got his substitute account. This account is being periodically loaded with a huge sum of
money. And the money comes from another account that is named Em..."

He stopped when we heard a doorbell. I stood up to go see who that is because my mom is not home.

"Yash, Don't go." Shia held my hands tight.

"It's ok. You stay here. I will be back soon." I told her, trying to release my hand from her.

"Then I am coming too." She stood up with me. She won't listen to anything I say.

We both went down and I saw who it was in the eye hole on the door. It was Pramod. What is he doing
here at this hour? I opened the door.

"Dei Pramod, What a surprise!" I welcomed him in.

"Hi da, Aunty called me to come home. She said she wanted to talk to me about that girl in the
orphanage." he said, coming in.

"What? But mom is not home today. She went to grandma's place early today. When did she call?"

"She called me yesterday. I told her I would come today. She said ok."

"Oh!" Even I forgot to check on that girl. Mom must have called him to get an update on her condition.

"Ok da, If she is not here, I will call her before I come some other day. So what's up? Having fun in your
home itself?" he asked me, looking at Shia.

"It's not what you think." I warned him while putting Shia behind me. I hate myself now, I am making her
look bad in everyone’s eyes.

"Ok ok, Get me some water. I have no plans for the next 1hour. Let's catch up on the things we missed
in between." he settled himself very comfortably on the couch.

"I will get the water." Shia went into the kitchen.

"Who is she da? She is so beautiful!" he said.

"She is my wife." I told him. I saw his eyes go wide.

"Sorry da, But when did you marry? Why didn't you call me? When did this happen? I was not talking to
you like what? 2weeks? You married in that little time and didn't let me know?"

"Relax da, She is my fiance. We are going to marry. I won't marry without informing you all." I told him.

"Thank god, You gave me a mini heart attack." He laughed.

"Here." Shia came with a cup of water.

"Thanks, and Congratulations!" he said to her.

Shia looked at me confused. I didn't make any eye contact with her. I don't want her to know I said all

"um...Thanks, I guess." she said to him, still confused. But she didn't ask him for what. I'm glad she

"Here, This is what I have handy with me now." he gave her a dairy milk.

"Thank you!" she said with a wide smile and took it from him. She is a kid. I hit my head mentally.

"Alright da, Then I will leave now. You guys should be scolding me now in your minds." he said and left
the home.

"Uff, So many interruptions. Come let's go and continue where we left." I called her.

"Shhh. Wait, Let's eat the chocolate here and then go upstairs. There are many people there to share
with!" she said in a husky voice. I couldn't believe that I am actually admiring her at this most crucial
time, in the midst of unbundling a secret, but I do and I am enjoying it.

"God, Are you for real? Do it fast then." I told her.

She opened the chocolate and broke a cube and gave it to me. I can see how much she loves it. I am
not a fan of chocolates.

"I don't want it. Finish it soon." I urged her.

"Hehe, thank you. I actually prayed that you should say this." She told me and ate it as quickly as she

She is adorable. She caught me seeing her and she blushed. OMG can someone get cuter than this?

"Stop looking at me like that." she said.

"Haha you are cute!" I told her and wiped the teeny bit of chocolate that was on the corner of her lips
with my index finger.

"I think I will have this chocolate." I told her while bringing my finger to my mouth.

"No!" she pulled my hand away and stood on her tippy toes and kissed my cheek.

"I love you, Yash. Sorry, I couldn't resist your dimple." she said, licking that chocolate away from my

"I want to kiss you senseless now. But we have serious issues with us now. I won’t stop if I start. So
come before someone comes down to get us." I told her getting so close to her that her bosoms
touched me. I felt her breath getting uneven. She is so easy to excite.

"Come!" I went away from her.

She came with me and once again we settled with a sorry for the long interruption. Mike started where
he left.

"Yes, That account holder's name is Emily." He said.

"Emily? Eli?" I heard Shia talk to herself before she slid down to the floor and fainted.

"Shia! Shia!" I bent down on the floor and picked her up.

"Call a doctor. Do something." I shouted.

"Let me see." Dheeksha stepped forward.

"Put her on the bed." she said. Kavya ran to Shia and sat near her and called her name repeatedly.

"She is not responding. Her pulses are getting down. We have to get her to the hospital now."
Dheeksha said.

"Akshu!" Kavya started to cry and Vishwa came to her to make her better.

Dheeksha called the hospital but I took her phone away.

"No, Not to your hospital." I told her.

"Shiva, Call a doctor. A trusted one!" I told him.

"You are insulting me. You are putting her in grave danger with your decision. Every minute you delay,
You are pushing her near death." Dheeksha shouted.

"She will be alive only if she stays away from your family. That hospital is nothing but an organ stealing
place." I shouted back.

"Yadav, Take her. Let’s go to the clinic nearby and find what is wrong with her. I know that doctor. He is
a good one." Shiva came running to me, stopping the fight.

I picked her up and ran to the car while Kavya and Vishwa ran with me to help. Before I took off to the
hospital, I looked at Ashok.

"Grab Pramod. He is the one responsible for Shia's condition now. Get him, Ashok! It must be that
chocolate he gave her. He can't get away. He was just here. I want him now." I told him. I see all red

But first things first. I drove the car as fast as I could. I can't see her like this. I will not let anyone
escape this. I should have made Ashok arrest the people responsible for this in the morning itself
instead of this meeting. But we don't have enough proofs against them except for our theory. I called for
everyone to gather proof. To make a plan to get the proofs we need.

I hope it's not too late. I picked her up and ran into the hospital. I didn't realize I was crying until before
Vishwa said,

"Control yourself, Yadav. She will be fine."

She should be fine! She should be fine! She should be!