Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 65: 65. Grandma Is Not Grandma?

Yadav's PoV

'Dear Sumathi,

You might have known me as a stubborn, angry, egoistic man. You are not wrong. That is what I
wanted you guys to think. You know I am a doctor right? That is the main reason I lost my loving wife
soon after your husband,my son was born. I married Sheila, a nurse in the hospital I was working at.
She is not his mother but a step mother. A step mother with all the characters of a typical step mother.

I knew I made a mistake by marrying her, soon. That is why I made sure he got everything when he
grew up. I kept him under my watch. I knew about your relationship soon after you met. I ran a
background check and made sure you are ok for Ilango. I got to know something was wrong with
Sheila when Ilango was in his college, so I wanted you guys to stay away from us.

So when I got to know that you guys married hurriedly because of your family situation, I used it to
keep you away. I have been monitoring you all ever since. Though I was physically not with you all, my
heart has always been with you. Akshitha has grown into a beautiful girl.

I have huge doubts on Ilango's demise. Because, I have heard Sheila talk about Ilango to someone on
the phone the day before his accident. I don't know about Devaki, but she did the autopsy for him. Be
careful with this family in my absence. I don't have huge properties but I do have some that should
legally reach Ilango. I know you guys are not facing monetary needs so I wrote my will giving
everything to Devaki. That way, they won't bother you after me. Don't get me wrong. I don't want to die
a bad man in your eyes and my granddaughter's eyes!

I'm growing weak due to old age. The purpose of this letter is, I have been hearing your and Akshitha's
names in this house more often. I find it not genuine. Stay where you are and don't ever get in touch
with Sheila even if she approaches. My blessings will always be with you and Akshitha.

With love and blessings,

Dr.Kathirvelan '

Shiva looked at me with a question mark. I know some details in this letter beforehand. From what Shia
spoke in her sleepy state, I know she didn't read this letter completely.

"This letter doesn't speak about Raajiv and Dheeksha. Sheila is Shia's grandmother. She is on her
deathbed now. That is the reason they reached Shia and her mother. Or at least that is what is told by
them. If Sheila is bad just like her grandpa anticipated, she cannot be working alone. Because she is
on her deathbed now but we are still in danger. There is someone or everyone in the family behind all
this." I told Shiva.

"I doubt, Yadav! Dheeksha is nothing like you say. I don't know. I love her!" Shiva said. Pain and
confusion evident in his face. I know what he feels like. Even we need someone inside to help us.

"Call Dheeksha and ask her to come here." I told him.

"Are you sure? If she is bad then you are putting everyone in jeopardy."

"Do you trust her, Shiva?"

"I do!" he said without thinking twice. I trust his gut feeling.

"Then call her."

He nodded at me and went out to call Dheeksha.

"Yash!" Shia called me from the bed. I went in and saw her sitting on the bed.

"It's ok. Don't strain yourself. Take rest." I told her.

"Did my grandma kill my dad for his property? She is not my grandma, Is she?" she asked me,
trembling in fear. I pity her.

She heard the matter in the letter.

"Shia, Listen, your grandpa knew something was wrong. But he doesn't know the full picture. I know.
Let's wait for Dheeksha to come."

"No, Don't bring her in. What if she is bad? Yash, don't bring anyone in. The whole family is doctors.
Grandma is a nurse. I am so scared to even think about them." she shrieked in fear.

"Shia, Shhh. Calm down. You know all the people in that house. Who do you think is dangerous?" I sat
near her and took her hand in mine.

"I don't know. No one looks scary. I can't even think bad about them. They all look so genuine. Athai is
a kind doctor. Dheeksha is a bubbly girl. I see myself in her. Raajiv is a nice gentleman. That is what I
think about them. Grandma is really very sick. I am not sure! " She is confused.

"See, They are all not bad. Let's take a chance." I told her.

Dheeksha came in after almost an hour. I never moved from Shia. She held onto my hand and hugged
my arms and leaned on my shoulders. It felt just like that day when I dropped her at her pg from the
Pub! No matter what, she always seeks comfort in me. It gives me so much satisfaction.

"Yash, I want to tell you something." she said.

"Don't say anything and spoil this mood, Shia. Whatever issues we have had before still stays the
same. I want to be your support now. I like being this close to you. I am happy that you find comfort in
me at your distressed times. But this doesn't mean we have sorted out our differences."

"Yash, I know. I wont take any advantage of this situation. But just hear me out this once. I made
another terrible thing that you want to know. I don't want anyone else to tell this to you and make things
that are already worse." she said.

"Huh! What did you do?" I asked her defeated.

"What I am telling you now is not a separate issue. It goes along with the problem we already had last

A small smile crept on my lips looking at her. She is preparing me to hear her stupidity. She is really a
'Loosu'! She is scared to see my face. She put her face under my chin on my chest and started talking.
She is so cute!

"Tell me." I told her with my angry tone. She hugged me tight with my tone. I love it.

"You have all the right to be angry. Just give me a tight slap like you gave me before. But please don't
get mad and leave." she almost pleaded.

"I won't!" I said and I sounded soft which I didn't intend to.

"I went to Janvi's home that day to get you back. I promise I will never think of anything like that in
future. I am so sorry." she spoke in a breath.

I should get angry now! Don't I!? But I don't. I love her more. I can feel that she is possessive of me.
Very possessive. I see her love for me. Besides, no one will get angry when someone apologises like
she does. I mean she is hugging me tight and holding me like for her life. She is definitely a magic! An
angel that dropped from heaven just to make me smile!