Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 64: 64. What Is In The Letter?

Akshu's PoV

"Kavi relax, We are safe. Yash will protect us. Tell us what you think." I consoled her.

"The one thing that is common between us is our blood group. We are AB negative. They are after us
for our blood group." She exclaimed.

She is right. We are both AB-ve. We knew it when we donated blood in our college camp. Surprisingly,
my dad is AB-ve too.

"That is right. We are both AB-ve." I told her. So just like Vishwa said we have this thing in common.
They knew me and after following me, they got to know Kavi has the same blood too. That is why
Vishwa told her that she is in danger because of me. I remembered how the accident claims were
made by all rarest blood groups and not even one in O ve.

"Yash, when I made the sync of their software with us for uploading our database, I saw the accident
claims and health claims were made by all different rare blood groups. Not even one O ve blood

"So they target people with rare blood groups." Yash spoke to himself.

"Dei Yadav, After a little chat with Akshitha when you were in Japan, I was kinda surprised to know the
similarities in our life. I got back home and checked for the insurance where my dad had taken the
policy. It was with the same company Rudramoorthy is in now. My dad's blood group is A1 ve. The
accident happened months after he took that insurance policy." Shiva spoke.

I had an adrenaline gush inside my tummy. What are we talking about? Killing people for the organs?
Blood? Who are those evils? I held Kavi's hand so tight. "My dad's blood group is AB-ve, Yash!" I felt
dizzy in my head.

"Akshu, Akshu!" Kavi held my hands tight.

"Shia!" Yash stood up and came to me at the speed of a lightning. He took me in his hands and I lost.

Yadav's PoV

She is so beautiful. Everytime I see her, it takes immense self control to maintain that angry face. But
then she is very poor at choosing the right word. She always pisses me off with her stupid selection of
words. And again I love her stupidity too.

I want her to realize that I will love her even if I dont get to have sex with her. I understand I made a
wrong impression at first. But it's time she changes her point of view. She is very insecure and at the
same time loves me more. But she has to understand those two don't come in a package.

I ignored her. When Raajiv said their wedding date is fixed, I almost lost it there. When she said she
denied, I saw conviction in her eyes. I wanted to believe her. But then she made me angry with her
stupid talking.

When I got a call from her, all my heart wanted to at least hear her voice. But I disapproved of that
desire. I got a message from her.

"Something is not right here, Yash." is all it said. I was alarmed with her texts and called Joshua to
know her whereabouts.

"Joshua, Where is Shia?"

"In her aunt's home, sir."

"She is not safe in there. Get her out. Use weapons if necessary!"

"Yes, sir!"

I waited impatiently for him to call me back with the news that she is safe.

Then another message pinged on my phone. It was a picture message. I opened it to see a photograph
of a letter. It was written in tamil old fonts. I waited for what seemed like an eternity before Joshua
called me back.

"Sir, she is safe. I took her out of the house safely."

"Is she ok? Did he lay his hands on her? Did you use your arms?"

"I was ready, sir. But she was safe. I don't think he posed any danger when I got there!"

"Then she is good? Bring her to me now."

"Yes, sir. Right away." He said.

I wanted to see her. I wanted to make sure she was safe. This urge to protect her is telling

me that I have 0% anger on her.

Mike called me meanwhile and said he knows who the boss of Rudramoorthy is. He said Shia is in
danger. I have no patience to hear him through the phone. I called him to my home for a meeting. I
called Shiva, Kavya, Vishwa and Ashok too. Mike came first and told me what he knew. I was surprised
and shocked to know her family secrets.

"It's all because of your push, sir. If you had not told me to dig into Akshitha's past and family, we would
not be near them now. Even if we got Rudramoorthy, we would have gone nowhere. He would rather
die than tell on his boss." he said.

That is when I heard Bruno and Tiger shout with love. I knew she was here.

"She is coming now, Mike. I don't want to tell her all these and panic her. Let's wait to know what she
knows. Ashok will also come. So don't go into details where we went against the law!" I warned him.

She knocked on the door and I let her in. She came in like a timid girl. Never once did she raise her
eyes at me. I maintained my facade as well. Soon after, Ashok came in and started flirting with her.

Idiot, she says thank you when he said she is beautiful. Of Course she is beautiful but only in my eyes.
I felt like stabbing him right across his heart. I wanted to kiss her senseless in front of this moron to
show him who she belonged to. He calls me her savior? And this loosu doesn't tell him anything? She
looked at me like a rescue baby. My anger on both of them took over me and I told him that she is
engaged to someone else.

She and her heights of stupidity! Loosu!

Once everyone came in, I asked Mike to tell them what we know in order. He started explaining when
Kavya got a breakthrough.

We already know that this is all for organs and blood. But Shia and Kavya are not mere intruders like
me, they are their targets is the new information. Rudramoorthy sells information of people with rare
blood groups. The people behind this use this information to trap the targets. Shia and Kavya were
targeted for their blood group. When I was processing all the information I got, Shiva said something
that totally got on everyone's nerves. They kill people for their organs. Obviously if they are not
interested in donating and these villains want them somehow, they stage an accident to get to them.
And it is very sad that Shiva’s dad and Shia’s dad were made victims. But the cancer part is still a

Shia said something about the details on the database. When Shiva said about his dad,

Shia trembled in fear and fainted. When I got her, she clutched my arms so tight and looked in my eyes
before she went unconscious.

"Shiva, call a doctor. Now!" I shouted, panicking.

"Yadav, relax. She just fainted in shock. We must now call her mom to know about her dad's
insurance." Shiva said.

"She will be fine, Sir. I think Shiva is right. She needs rest. She hasn't been sleeping recently. She
works like a machine until she exhausts. Whenever I wake up in the night, I see her sitting on the bed
or standing near the window. It's been days since she slept. Let her sleep now." Kavya said.

She has not slept either, just like me. Poor thing! I asked Shiva to get the details and sent everyone out
of the room. I sat near her looking at the beautiful face that is carved in my heart effortlessly. She is a
magic. Just looking at her face wipes out all my tensions.

"Yash, I'm so sorry. I'm really sorry. I want to marry you!" She started talking in her sleep. How cute can
she be! I took out my phone to record a video of her confession.

"Yash, That letter, It has something. Daddy! He is in MJ. Read the letter. Grandpa! He is not as bad a
man as I thought. I cannot live without you, Yash!" she was blabbering continuously with all irrelevant

I called Shiva back to know the update.

"He took the same insurance, Yadav!" Shiva said with rage!

"Someone killed our dad and made our lives miserable, Yadav. We must not let them go free." he said
with bloodshot eyes.

"You know old tamil fonts right?" I asked him for which he nodded a Yes!