Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 63: 63. The Thing In Common!

Akshu's PoV

I was relieved when I saw who was at the door. Thank god.

"Hi, I am the cab driver. Are you ready?" He asked us.

"I did not call for a cab." Raajiv said, irritated.

"I did, I called for a cab through the app" I said hurriedly.

"Do you really have to go?" He asked me.

"Yes, My friend will be waiting." I got out while talking and stood near the so-called 'driver'.

"Ok, Will see you later." he said defeated. I walked behind the driver and went out of the gate.

"God, thank you so much, Joshua." I thanked him as soon as we exited the gate.

"Don't mention it, madam. It's my job." He called Yash.

"Sir, she is safe. I took her out of the house safely."


"I was ready, sir. But she was safe. I don't think he posed any danger when I got there."


"Yes, sir. Right away."

He really did call a cab. "Sir has asked you to meet him in his house now."

"ok, Thank you, Joshua." I told him but I could sense a change in his body language and modulation
with me. It is not affectionate anymore. It is more like a duty now. Looks like I have lost his respect too.

"No problem." He said.

“What did I do wrong, Joshua?” I asked him.

“I am not in any position to comment on your behavior. But whatever you did hurt the mighty Yadav
Rishid. You didn't value the love you bagged. Yadav sir is not some trophy that you won and thrown in
the showcase to dust.” He said. Ouch, that hurts.

“I never thought of him like that.” I told him and got in the car and he went to his bike to follow.

Yash has always been there to save me. He has always felt responsible for my safety even before he
knew me. Just like Joshua said the other day, he has that pull towards me in his heart. He has that
connection with me. He is so pure in his feelings. He is pure at heart. I was so wrong to suspect him.

The song in the car is not helping either.

"Aval avan kaathal nenjil

kandaaley siru kutram

Avan nenjam thaai paal poley

ennalum parisutham!

(She found a mistake in his loving heart!

But his heart is so pure like mother's milk!)

Aathiram nethiram mooda

Paalayum Kallai aval paarkiral!

Aaha motham avasara kolam

Avalukithai kaattidum kaalam!

(Rage made her blind!

So now she sees milk as liquor.

Everything now is a mess!

Time will show what she has done!)

Maruthani vizhiyil yen

adi podi Deepali!"

God, I know I am wrong. But my love for him is true. I can't even think of anyone else other than him. I
have done enough damage to his heart. My words, unknowingly hurt him more. He should realize that
my love is true. He should realize that I didn't think of him any lower. My words are not going to tell that
to him. Time and my silence will make him realize!

Now, I should only talk about the problem in hand. I should not get carried away with my love for him
now and make it even worse if that was even possible. I made up my mind to stick to solving the
problem and getting the culprit under justice.

Our problem should be healed with time. I got down from the cab and went home. Bruno and Tiger
came running to me. Oh how much I missed being with them. I had a brief moment with them and went
upstairs to his room. No one is found in the home downstairs. I knocked on the door and waited for an

"Get in!" I heard him.

I went in and locked the door behind. I saw him with another man sitting on the porch.

"Come here." he called me.

"Are you ok?" he scanned me from top to bottom in a quick glance. I felt a tingling in my stomach. I just
nodded at him.

"Sit!" he showed me an empty chair.

"This is Mike. He is kinda a detective! He is working for me to find what is happening with the
orphanage. Everything that is happening around us is related to that. But that is not the whole story." he
stopped and looked at Mike.

His look at me says I am a stranger to him now. It pierces my heart and wounds me more than you can
imagine. But now after all I have done, I think I deserve this excruciating pain. I let it slide and started
listening to him.

"We are still waiting for 4 more people. Let them come too." Mike said.

I wonder who they might be. But still I kept quiet. I didn't dare to look at him. We heard a knock again
and in came a man whose haircut and physic shows him to be a cop.

"Ashok, come in. We have proof now." Yash welcomed that man.

"You know who is behind all this? Do we have any documented proof? Anything solid will do, Yadav."

"I think we have." Yash said.

I looked weirdly at everyone. I practically don't know who they are. But I know my aunt's family is at
fault here. With the letter, I could only read a little. His tamil fonts were old and I couldn't read it

completely. As it was old, the letters were also diminished. But from the first paragraph, I know that my
grandma is not my dad's mom. And she was not good with him. My grandpa wanted us to stay away. I
got alarmed with that little information itself and texted Yash.

"He is Ashok, a cop in the crime branch." Yash introduced him to me.

"Hi!" I said awkwardly.

"Hi, Akshitha. You are so beautiful." he said.

"um.. Thanks!"

"So you were the one that started digging into the orphanage?"

"No! I... I didn't know what's happening even now." I told him.

"Don't worry, Our department is looking for leads to get to the main villain. If Yadav has it, then I will
protect you for sure." he said.

"She is engaged to her aunt's son." Yadav said to Ashok out of nowhere! Is he jealous of his friend
talking to me? Awe how cute!?

"Oh, My bad! I thought I would have a chance. Your savior Mr.Yadav too didn't have a chance?" he
asked me. I now dont know what to say. I looked at Yash.

"Ashok, Get into the problem we have in hand." Yash said, diverting his gaze from me.

"You said we are meeting up with some people. I hope not everybody is here. Don't be serious all the
time, Yadav. A little bit of fun in between is very good for your heart."

Before Yash could say anything, another knock was heard and Kavi and Vishwa came in.

"Kavi!" I called out to her.

"Akshu, Did you guys find who is behind all this?" she asked me.

"I only know that this has something to do with my aunt's family. Nothing else."

"Sit down, please." Yash interrupted.

Shiva came along too. So now me, Yash, Mike, Ashok, Kavi, Vishwa and Shiva were here.

"Display the facts Mike." Yadav told him.

"We trailed down all the henchmen who kidnapped people and transported them from one place to
another. The only information they knew was a name. 'Rudramoorthy'. We ran down all the criminal list
and list of people in the pharmaceutical industry to get to that name. But nothing was relevant. One
day, Yadav sir called me and told me about a 'Rudramoorthy' of the insurance company he was now
trying to switch to. We dug into his details and got to know that he is super rich. He lives in a very
normal house here in Chennai. But he owns a little village near Trichy. He has invested in many shares
of big companies that are worth millions. This is entirely not possible with his salary as a senior
manager in that insurance company. When I said this to Yadav sir, he asked me not to disturb him but
to get details of him."

"What did you get? You are not supposed to pipe into people's privacy." Ashok spoke a little irritated.

"Calm down, Ashok. I hired him. If you wanna ask, ask me." Yash interrupted the cop man.

"Why didn't you tell me about your hunches? I don't appreciate hiring mafia!" The cop bursted.

"Guys, Settle it. We need to get answers. Keep this debate for some other time." Shiva stopped them
from the further fight.

"This man sold the medical information of people to someone. It's organ trafficking to be precise. They
get what they want and kill the victims in accidents, I think! He finds the target person and employs
someone who lives in that area that is in need of money to get the target's trust. After that, he asks
them to turn that person into a place and pays them off. The hired person doesn't know what happens
to that person after that. In the start, he himself spoke to the people whom he hired to turn the targets
in. But later, he used henchmen to hide his identity."

We all looked at Vishwa. So he has been telling the truth to Kavi. He did that horrible thing for money.
He can be forgiven by Kavi since he didn't know what exactly he was doing.

"I did the same to 3 people. Now when I checked back on them, they were all dead. Accidents and
cancer." Vishwa spoke out of guilt.

"I am sorry I terminated you from your work." Yadav said. I love this about him. He is very human at
heart. He doesn't hold back to guard his dignity but apologises when he knows he was wrong. That
adds pearls to his already heavy crown!

"Don't be, Yadav. When my manager called me to give my termination news, I got a call from Ravindar,
the man who contacted me to turn Kavya in. He was the one that gave me money during college
through my classmate. If not you, they would have terminated me. They did all horrible things with
Kavya and framed me. If not for you, I would have eventually left the office." he spoke looking at Kavi. I
know he is feeling bad for her. But now I trust him that he did nothing that meant threat to Kavi's
dignity.For the whole time, Kavi didn't speak. When I looked at her, she was terribly shocked and fear
was evident in her eyes.

"Kavi, Are you ok?" I asked her.

"I know why they are behind us." she said.