Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 62: 62. More Hate!

Akshu's PoV

God! Why the hell does this man often come at the wrong time? I totally didn't expect him to be here at
the hospital . And the worst part is he heard me call Raajiv 'athaan'. I am stupid.

"Athaan, keep it with you. I will come back in a few minutes." I told him and ran behind Yash.

"Yash." I called out to him still running behind.

He took long strides and soon disappeared from my sight. I huffed and puffed while still running and
caught him at the car park. I ran to his car and stopped him standing in front of his car.

"Get the hell outta my way." he shouted. I am in no mood to put up with his anger.

"Down now. I want to talk to you."

"I have nothing to hear from you." he said, getting down from his car.

"But I have to tell you something."

"That your wedding with your 'athaan' is fixed next month? Don't take the pain. I already know." He spat
right at me.

"You know what? Nonsense! I denied the proposal 3 days before." I saw his eyebrows make a question

"I denied this wedding already and now the wedding is only for Shiva and Dheeksha." I reassured him.

"Oh Really? I heard something different!" I can sense that he is making fun of me.

"Well, you heard wrong. Look, I am so sorry I behaved so wrong that day. I was emotionally bad that
day and didn't properly think about what I was doing. I was not in my senses when I did that. I truly
didn't think any low of you Yash. I love you!" I spoke in a breath.

"Well, Good that you apologise for your awful behavior. That behavior of yours is an output of what you
think about me. I am truly grateful that that situation happened before I got myself deep into you. I know
what you think about me now. You are forgiven. You know why? Because you are no one to me." he
tried sitting back in the car. The way he spoke to me like a stranger is tearing me apart. The once love
speaking eyes are full of aversion for me now.

"I am no one to you? You didn't get yourself deep into me yet? I admit that I was stupid that day. I
overreacted out of love, Yash. I thought of giving myself to you to keep you with me." I told him.

OMG, I think I said something wrong. He came dangerously near me. I could feel his raging anger in
his aura. I am more than scared of him. This Yash is not the one that I fell in love with. He is burning in

"I loved you. You know what love is? I didn't know that until I met you. I mend my ways for you. I was
just after your love, care and your stupidity. I have never thought about other girls after you. I was tied
to you only for you. I agree, I had sexual feelings for you. But that was only when you crossed the
border. I tried to deny every chance I got to take you because I wanted to do everything properly with
you. I respected you! All you need is love to keep me with you. Not your body. Even now you proved
what you have in your mind about me. Cha, I feel ashamed to have fallen in love with you." He said
squeezing my cheeks to make me look up at him. He is hurting me with his strong grip but that pain is
nothing as compared to the pain he is giving to my heart. I hurt him. I hurt him with my stupid talk. He
immediately took his hands away from me.

Why the hell whatever I talk about is taken in a wrong sense by him. I think I have to stop talking. He
turned to leave but I got hold of his hand.

"Yash, please. I didn't mean it that way. I love yo..." he didn't let me complete it. He freed his hands
from mine so forcefully that I lost my balance and fell down. He got in his car and left the place.

Now I messed it all up big time. He is hurt. He hurt me. He said he loved me. Past tense! He is not in
love with me now? I should make it all straight. I just sat there for so long that Raj athaan called me on
the phone.


"Akshu, Where are you? Mom asked me to take you to our home. You should be tired after you travel
from Coonoor." He said. He is right, I am tired. Not physically but tired in my heart.

"Hmmm ok, athaan. I'm in the parking lot. You come here."

"Yeah, On my way."

I came straight to the hospital from Coonoor. Mom had given so much stuff from there to aunty. Since
it's all fruits and veggies, I thought to give it as soon as possible.

I dropped Jamin uncle and was about to come back the next day but mom asked me to stay for 2 more
days. I took off last time fighting with her. She was sad. She is the only family I got and I cannot hurt
her. So I stayed but we didn't talk about marriage. Since I denied it to aunty, I was relieved too.

"Shall we go Akshu?" Raj came to me.

"Mmm ok." I told him when he looked closely at me.

"What happened, Akshu? What are you doing here?" He asked me.

"Nothing, I just came to talk to Yash." I told him.


"Um..Yadav Rishid."

"Oh, you are a fan too? What happened to your cheeks? It had a blood clot on either side." He said.
Yeah, Yash is a strong man.

"Oh that is nothing. Um...I guess I am kind of his fan. I work in his office, remember?" I disregarded his
question about my cheek and answered the other he asked. I didn't tell him that I love Yash because I
am not in a mood to get advice from him either.

"He is a talented man." He said.

"Of course he is." Talking about him gives me immense pleasure.

"So what's your favorite song?" he asked me, switching the radio on.

"All romantic songs from AR.Rahman." I told him.

"Cool, I like his songs too."

He started playing the songs for the rest of the ride. On reaching home, he offered me coffee. He is a
nice gentleman.

"Thanks!" I told him.

"Don't mention it."

"How is Paatti(grandma)?"

"She is fine for her age."

I started looking upstairs. I have not seen this house fully yet.

"Um... can we have a house tour?"

"haha it's not a big house, Akshu. It's Thatha's(grandpa’s) house. We didn't make any changes. I will
show you around after the coffee." He said.


He showed me the rooms downstairs and took me upstairs. He opened a room full of cobwebs.

"This is Thatha's room. We never come here after he is dead."

"Oh why? This room looks scary as in horror movies."

"Haha don't be afraid. There are no ghosts here. Paatti said not to touch anything in there. She said,
after my demise, clean up everything that belonged to us and burn with us."

"Oh she must be missing grandpa." I could feel that love between them. I now know why grandma
never tried to get in touch with my dad. Her love for her husband must be more than her love for her
son. I don't know why I see Yash's face in my heart now. He thinks I think bad of him. That's not true. I
want him. I need him. But unfortunately, whatever he said was true. I tried binding him with me instead
of my heart. I am at fault. I should tell him myself that I went to Janvi's home. If he gets to know it from
someone else, he will hate me more.

"Raj, if you don't mind, can I see what's inside this room?"

"Sure, but be careful with the dust. "


He stepped in with me and his phone rang. He picked it up and mouthed me to carry on! After he went
downstairs, I took out my phone and called Yash.

I know he won't pick up my call. So I started typing the message. I erased and wrote and

erased and rewrote. I am bad at handling words.

'Cha! If he picks up the call, I will tell him directly. Messaging is hard.' I kicked the table near the bed
and the drawer opened.

'To Sumathi'

It was a letter written to my mom. It was dated some 3years back. Precisely some months before
grandpa’s demise.

I took it and read it. I sent a message to Yash finally and got down putting everything back in place just
like it was before. My heart races like a horse in a course.

"Akshu, Did you see the house? How do you like it?" He came back from his call. I am scared is
nothing as compared to the state I am in now.

"uh... yes, I have to go to my pg. My friend... She will be waiting." I took my bag and tried to get up.

"Why so soon, Akshu? We won't get a time like this alone." he said while my heart started to thump
aloud in my throat!

"Uh... Some other day." I started getting down the stairs moving past him.

He came near me when the bell rang.

Huff! I ran to the door to see who the saver was!