Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 61: 61. Wedding Fixed?

Akshu's PoV

I ran out of aunty’s home and waited for the call from Vishwa. I walked to the nearby bus stop and
waited there. It was almost evening. I am really worried. I hurt him too much!

"Hello, Vishwa?" I picked up the call on the first ring.

"Yes, His car is heading back to his home now from kelambakkam. He is almost near his home." he

"Thank you, Vishwa." I hung up the call and called a cab to his house. I don't want to prolong this
misunderstanding between us any longer.

Joshua is still behind me. I wonder why Yash has not yet called him back. I kept calling Yash but he
didn't respond. I don't know how I am going to soothe him after all I have done now. I am getting
nervous by the minute we are closing in on his house. I could not take this pressure anymore.

"Hello!" I picked up my ringing phone. It's an unknown number.

"Is this Ms.Akshitha?" A girl sang from the other end.

"Yes, Who is this?"

"We are talking from Shabana's Residence, Ms.Akshitha. Our guest Mr.Benjamin is unconscious now
in his room. We tend to him with our doctor. When asked, he said your name. He is in a bad condition
now, Ms.Akshitha! Can you please come here asap?" The girl said which took me in shock. What is
Benjamin uncle doing here in Chennai. He didn't tell me about his arrival. As a matter of fact, he had
been calling me for two days and I am the one that kept dodging his calls since I was disturbed by Yash
and apparently didn't bother to call him back. I am a selfish prick. I thought Yash is not good with
maintaining relationships but it looks like I am terrible at it.

"OMG, Where is your place exactly? If you don't mind, please tell me your hotel's name again?"

"Shabana's Residence. We are in Siruseri."

"Ok, I will be there in another half an hour " I disconnected the call and asked the driver to go to that
place. Once in the hotel, I ran to the reception to inquire about Jamin uncle.

"Hi, I'm Akshitha. You have Mr.Benjamin here? I got a call."

"We were expecting you. Come along, Ms.Akshitha."

She took me to the elevator and to the 3rd floor. She opened a room after knocking.

"Uncle, God, When did you come here? How are you feeling now?" He was laying on the bed like a
ragged cloth. I felt so guilty. I'm no good! Not to anybody!

"Sorry, dear. I didn't want to disturb you. When I didn't hear back from you, I knew you were busy. But I
really couldn't think of anyone living here that I know of." He said, piercing my already guilty heart.

"Oh uncle, I am so sorry. I was kinda held up. I'm glad you called me. What did the doctor say?"

"Oh he said nothing dear. I'm getting old. He said not to travel alone anymore." He said in the midst of
heaving and breathing. He is clearly sick.

"Oh did you eat something? What's your business here?" I asked him.

"I had to visit my friend here. He was sick and asked me to come see him. Look at me now, I am sick
and I made you come see me." he tried to laugh. He was very weak.

"Relax, uncle. I will be with you. Where is your friend? Just call him and tell him that you are not doing
well too. Shall I book tickets for us to Coonoor?" I asked him.

"It's ok, dear. I can go by myself. Just book a ticket for me."

"Oh no, It's not happening. I'm not letting you travel alone. I will come with you. Will drop you there and
come back. Period." I stopped him from further arguments.

"Sorry, dear." His voice felt heavy.

"Please, uncle. I owe you this much." I checked online and booked tickets for us to Coimbatore.

Yadav's PoV

It's been 3days since I last saw her. I cannot get past her. All I see is her. Why did she come into my life
and disappear like a rainbow. Rainbows at least don't break the sky! But she did. I tried keeping my
posture as calm as possible. The ego part of me doesn't wanna accept that she made a dent on me
this soon in a short period of time. My mom and dad certainly know there is more. But they dare not
ask me anything.

"Adish, Don't delay the start of the new project. Plan the movie for pongal release." I spoke to my

"Sure, sir. Every character is fixed. We are ready to go."

"Good! Date of the start?"

"Next Tuesday is auspicious."

"Tuesday it is then." I wanted to make myself busy with the work so that my mind won't be idle to think
about her but this conversation too reminded me of her. I remembered her in that yellow sexy outfit in
my dream where she kissed me on the sets of my new film pooja.

"About the advertisement for the movie?!" Adish brought me back from my agony.

"Janvi will make headlines. You don't have to worry about it." I told him and hung up on him.

I had to make a few more calls and I did. I tried and finished all my work from home. I called Mike to
follow up on the lead. We are close in getting the culprit. I got a call from the office. I am not in a mood
to talk but I have no other choice.

"Yadav, here!"

"Sir, Shiva sir has hit his head on the site on a sharp rod. He was bleeding. We took him to the

"God, Is he alright? Which hospital?"

"He is alright sir. We just wanted to let you know. He is in MJ hospital."

"Ok, I will see to it." I took my car keys and headed out to see Shiva. He must be more careful.

"Hi, I'm here for the patient named Shiva." I got to the receptionist.

"Problem, sir?"

"Wound on his head?"

"Oh, He is in second floor room number 204."


When I went in, he was sitting on the bed with a big wrap on his head.

"Idiot, Can you be more careful?"

"Whoa, This is not how you talk to a patient. Where is the Horlicks?"

Shit, Why the hell does this conversation too bring back the memory of Shia? She cannot be erased
from my memory. Not until I die!

"Shut up. How are you feeling?" I spoke, controlling my anger.

"Good. They have given pain killers now. 4stitches. Dheekshu is here. So no worries." He said. I am
happy that at least he's got to be happy.

"Oh, Ok da. Take care." I stood up to leave.

"I will. Are you alright?" He asked me.

"I am." He is my best friend. He can sense my inner turmoil.

"Yadav, let it go."

"I am trying. Don't expect me to be normal just after 3days."

"Ok ok, I'm fine. You go home and get some rest." He said.

"When is your discharge?"

"Actually I don't have to be here. Dheekshu said she wants to talk to me. So I am here in a room as a
patient." He said with a little shyness.

"haha enjoy." I left the room to go back home to shut myself away from her thoughts.

"Hello, Mr.Yadav. How are you? So you are here to see your friend?"

"Hi, Raajiv. Yes!" I have a death wish for him. But he is not at fault.

"He is fine. Don't worry."

"Yeah, Just saw him. So how's everything?"

"Everything is going as per plan. Our wedding date is fixed next month on the 15th." He said. So she
has chosen her family after all. Good for her.

"Oh wow, Congratulations! Shiva didn't tell me?"

"Oh he doesn't know it yet. My mom spoke to his mom. He will probably know when he gets home."

"You guys didn't tell about his accident to aunty?" I asked him.

"Nope, He didn't want us to tell her."

"Oh ok, I have to leave, Mr.Raajiv. See you."

When I was about to leave, I heard a very familiar voice.

"Raj athaan, look what aunt gave me. It's a ..." she froze on her spot when she realised I was here.
Well, I didn't mean to intrude on their personal space.

"Sorry!" I muttered and went away.

'Don't you worry too much, stupid heart. Look at her, She is ready for a new life. You made no impact
on her. How shallow! Be your old self. No one can hurt you that way!' I told my heart while heading
back to my car.