Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 59: 59. Absolutely Ridiculous

Akshu's PoV

He denied me! He denied me and went to her! He is not a little bit disturbed looking at me. He asked
me to go away. He said everything is over between us. That means he broke up with me!!?!?!?

Is that all? Mine is not a fairy tale like I thought? So he is always a glowing star up above and out of
reach? I just thought I pulled him down to me all this while.

Wait, what did I do now? I offered myself to him. But he denied and went to her? I feel so ashamed of
myself now. I made no effect on him. His attraction towards me faded away just like he said.

I pulled myself together and got dressed. I went out of his room and got down the stairs to see aunty.
She has a pity feeling on her face. Did she hear what happened inside the room? That's not possible

"Are you alright dear?"

"Yes aunty. I have to go." I ran out of the house to the street .

I started walking on the road towards the beach. His home is a beach house remember! I really want to
submerge myself in the warmth of the sea.

"Madam, Wait please." I heard Joshua running behind me.

"I think there is no need for you to follow me anymore, Joshua. Thank you for keeping me safe for so
long. Good bye!"

"Madam, I have called a cab. Please stay with me. I will drop you in your pg. We will talk

about everything later."

"He broke up with me, Joshua. He doesn't love me, not anymore. I'm not that 'important person' to your
boss anymore. So there is no point in safeguarding me. Just go before he calls you and summons you

"I'm not leaving your side until you get back safe in your pg madam. I will talk to Sir later." He is starting
to get on my nerves. All I want to do now is to submerge myself in the sea and find peace.

"Leave me alone, Joshua. Can't you hear me? He said it's over between us. He had no love for me.
Not now! I doubted about before!" I spoke out of frustration.

"Madam, Please stop talking now. Talking while in a bad mood will make you say things which you will
regret saying later." He said the same thing that the doctor's family said. That was my breaking point.

"Let me talk. Please let me talk. Why is no one ready to hear me talk? Don't suppress me, Joshua.
Hear me out." I started screaming on the road.

He was taken aback by my sudden outburst. Even I am. I pity him. What does anything have to do with
him!? He is just a spectator. He is trying to do the job given to him.

"Sorry, Joshua. I want to spend some time alone on the beach."

"This part of the beach is not open for public access, madam. You can use the beach that is behind
Yadav sir's home."

"Did you hear what I said a little before? He broke up with me."

"Don't get me wrong, madam! You think he broke up with you? I have seen the intense connection
between you two. I don't know about you, madam, but I have seen it in his eyes, in his actions. He
cares for you and that was a natural instinct that he has for you. You are in an emotional breakdown
now. Everything will look bad in your eyes now. Please rest a little and think over whatever happened.

I'm not saying that he is not at fault. All I'm saying is you need to look at the problem in a different
perspective to know what really happened."

He has a point. An eye opener at the right time. I should stop blaming him. I must solve all the mess I
made before pointing my finger at him. He cannot break up with me. He is answerable to me because
hell, he belongs to me.

"Thank you, Joshua! Call a cab."

"Pleasure, madam. Please wait under the shade." he showed me a tree nearby.

I called up Shiva to stop Yash from going to Janvi."Shiva, Akshitha here!"

"I have your number." oohhh! He is angry too.

"I want to know where Yash is?"

"I don't know. Why would I tell you even if I know? How did you think I will help you?"

"Shiva, I can explain!"

"I don't want to know anything. You were important before, because I thought you made my friend
happy. When I know you are making him mad and sad, you are just no one to me!"

"Please, he is going to Janvi's house now. Stop him somehow, Please."

"Oh shut up, I know what you are thinking about him now. What do you know about him? He is not a
guy who goes to a girl. He is not a womanizer. So long, he used girls that came to him. Not once has
he gone to them. He won't do what you think even if he dies. Shame on you! I am feeling disgusted
with you now. You doubt him!? I think it's better if you clear your paths with him."

He disconnected the call. He never allowed me to talk. He didn't know what happened between us for
him to make that decision to go to her. I don't need anyone's help. I can stop him myself. I ran to Yash's
house again. His Hummer is missing. He should have taken it now.

I googled for the address of Janvi. The cab came meanwhile and I asked the driver to go to Janvi's
house. I called Kavi.

"Kavi, I need help."

"Where are you? I have been calling you for so long and you didn't pick up. You started to worry me.
Kriya said she saw you crying at the gate and went in a cab. Are you alright? What happened? " she
spoke in a breath.

"Stop now, I'm fine. Call Vishwa and ask him if he has some connections that can find the whereabouts
of a car?"


"Or just give him my number and ask him to call me."

"Do you trust him?" She asked me with a tint of happiness.

"Not now, Kavi. I am willing to take his help. So I think I trust him." I told her. I am a selfish bitch and I
hate myself.

"Love you, Akshu. Will ask him to call you!"

"Don't get excited. We will talk about this later/"

"Huh!ok!" she said grumpy.

I started to wait for his call. Do I know someone who can track a car? Someone in the police
department can do this. Wait a minute, that lady inspector. But what should I tell her to locate Yash?

The cab stopped in front of a small villa which is completely awesome and compact. There is no one on
the compounds except for the 2 securities. Nothing like a film star's home. Even Yash's home has
some press outside.

I got down and asked the cab to wait. I peeped in the house to see 3 cars parked. No Hummer.

"Hello, sir. Is Janvi madam inside?" I asked one of the securities. What if I came to the wrong place?

"She is not seeing any fans at her house. That's her rule." he said. He thinks I am her fan? Hell no! I
would gladly be her killer.

"No, I am not her fan. I want to see her."

"I said she won't see any visitors here. Get an appointment and come back."

"God, Ok, Just tell me if she is inside."

"We don't know." Ok, These guys are hard to crack.

"I am from Rishid productions." I lied to them.

"Madam is with your director now. She is in a story discussion. She is not expecting anyone else from
your place now." The other man looked at her schedule and spoke.

What have I done!? He is not here. His director is here. Which means he had set this meeting for his
director. And I spoke and did ridiculous things suspecting him. Shiva is right about his friend. He may
be right about the last thing he said too. It is good for him if I stay away from him. I am an evil woman
and I bring heartbreaks and destruction with me.