Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 58: 58. It’s Over!

Akshu's PoV

He wanted to propose to me with an apology for the mistake that happened out of his control. But here,
I made wrong which I could have easily avoided if I were mature enough to know how to prioritise
things. I couldn't find him in the room. I ran down to aunty again.

"Aunty, He is not in the room. Where is he aunty?"

"Please stop crying, Akshu. You are scaring me. Tell me what happened?" She sounded irritated.

"Aunty, I love him, aunty. I love your son. We had a misunderstanding. I want to see him before he
makes the wrong decision." I cried to her.

"So he loves you too. I am so happy, Akshu. Don't worry, misunderstandings are quite common in
couples." She doesn't know the intensity of the misunderstanding we have.

"Aiyo, aunty, He is really angry and yes he is in love with me. " I showed her the bouquet.

"Aww look at my son. He knows to ask for sorry and knows how to propose to a girl romantically? Wow,
That's a surprise."

"Aunty, please. No time for this. Where is he?" I’m losing my patience. I want to see him and explain to
him that I will always be his’.

"Relax, Akshu. If he is not in his room, he should be in the gym. Gym is outside near the pool. Third
room from changing room. You will find it easy, it's a room with all glass walls."

I ran outside again. I ran to the gym and there he is punching the sand bag with all the might he has.
He was wearing only his track pants and was naked above his torso. His muscles flex with every punch
and he is sweating all over that glistened his body. I could not take out my eyes from his sexy muscled-

up body even at a time like this. The feeling of lust and fear makes funny things on my tummy. With the
way he is taking out all his anger and frustration on the sand bag, I think he sees my face on it. He
looks scary. I gathered up all the courage I have and started taking baby steps to the gym and opened
the door.

"Out!" he said. Calm and composed.

"Yash! Please listen to.." He cut me off.

"Please get out. I'm not in the mood to hear your stories." he said, looking me in the eye. It feels like
dying to see hatred for me in his eyes.

"Don't I get a chance to explain..." He cut me again.

"Did you give me a chance?" he is talking to me like a stranger. No emotions in his voice. He is not
angry or shouting and that is what is killing me more.

"Yash, that's a mistake. My phone..."

"Shia, Don't make me do something that I will regret later. Go away."

"Please listen to me just once." I almost pleaded. I was too scared to even go near him, I just stood
near the door.

"Just answer my question. Did you say your NO for this proposed wedding?" He asked, still maintaining
his cool.

I shook my head in a No!

"Well then, congratulations. Don't spoil it for Shiva too. Now get the hell outta here." Even now he is not
angry at me, he is just irritated by my presence.

"Yash!" I could not bear his hatred.

"Out!" he shouted at his highest voice and punched my reflection on the mirror in front of him. "YASH!" I
ran to him to stop him from what he was doing. His hands were all bloody and he pushed me away, not
letting me touch him.

"Just kill me. Get angry on me, hit me until you vent out your anger. I can't bear this ignorance from
you. I won't go until you hear me out.” I said.

He looked at me and took his phone. He dialed someone ignoring me altogether..

"Hi, Janvi! Are you free now?" He spoke. He is taking revenge on me?


"Great, Your place in 20minutes." He hung up.

He walked past me and went into the home without even sparing me a look. Wait, He is going to Janvi?
Why? To show me that he is angry? Hasn't he changed a bit? I don't care if he has changed or not. I
love him and I am not letting him go there no matter what it takes to stop him.

Yadav's PoV

I am extremely angry with her. How could she do this to me? She came to me with love. I expelled all
those emotions like a plague. I even resisted her getting involved in me. I wanted the best for her. I
wanted to stay away from her. But she came in front of me all the time and spoke out her love for me at
every instance. She made me accept my feelings for her. She made me an addict to her. And now she
trashed my feelings.

As far as I know, Dr. Raajiv is a good man. He is perfect with no bad habits. This way, all her family
would be happy. Her mother would be happy. Who knows, even she will be happy. I know this will

happen. That is why I tried avoiding her in the first place.

When I saw them together my heart hurt like hell. She came out with him, with his hands around her.
He even gave her a hug when leaving her at pg. She didn't deny him. She didn't look like she was in

I understand she is having trouble choosing between family and me. I should be her happiness. If not, I
should just make way for her happiness. I should give her space to decide for herself.

I threw away things in my room out of frustration. I put the bouquet in the trash bin. I wanted to make
her feel special. I wanted to propose to her and was even ready to marry her if that is what she wants
to feel secure. I cannot put my finger on the emotions I am having right now. I am extremely angry with
her but at the same time I want the best for her and I was shrunk inside that I am not that best!

Even though I think mature, I could not stop the feeling of disappointment, deception and sorrow
spread across my heart. I went out to my gym to take out my frustration. I saw her coming my way in
the very same saree I saw her first in my house. She is crying. She came running to me. It's hard for
me to see her cry and do nothing about it.

I asked her to go. Talking in a bad mood will only worsen the situation. Besides,I need

time to think on what's next. She needs time to decide her future. When she pushed me to talk, I
thought she came to me saying No to them. I asked her the same and she still didn't say a no to them.

She has the nerve to come here and justify her acts? I couldn't contain my anger and broke the mirror
into pieces. She tried to help but I denied her. I don't want to prolong whatever this is before she

That is it. I'm not wasting my time here. I have work to do. I called Janvi to find out her schedule. She
keeps on dodging all the calls my director is making. I ignored Shia and went into my room.

"Adish, I spoke to her. She is now free. It's just a formality. Just give her the gist of the story and her
part. Give her an approximate time schedule. Get her signature on the bonds."

"Sure sir, thank you."

"Make the arrangements for the poojai soon. Don't be late to her place." I told him. Diverting my mind
on my work is the best way to keep my cool.

"Sure, sir. I'm on the way already."

"Good, Her place in 20minutes I told her." I disconnected the call when I heard someone open my
room. I know who that is.

"You are not going anywhere. You are going to her because you are angry with me? You need sex to
take out your anger on me? Well then, let's do it." she spoke, taking her saree off of her.

How dare she!? She has crossed all the limits. She pushed on my limits to end this once

and for all.

"Shut the fuck up. Just get out of my sight!" I threw her saree on her face.

So this is it. Everything ends here. She has no trust in me. She has the cheapest image on me. She
has insecurities. We cannot be in a relationship with so many doubts. If I come home late, she might
think I have had sex with someone. It's better to part ways rather than make our lives a living hell. I
made myself calm to talk to her one last time.

"Listen to me, Akshitha! Everything between us ends here. I think it's better for you to marry that doctor
and settle in life. This thing between us is not going to work out. Now please get dressed and go. Don't
you ever come back."

I told her and gave her privacy to change. I really don't want to see her again in my life. I went out to
my car and drove off without any destination.