Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 57: 57. Ruined It All?

Akshu's PoV

Never in my wild dreams have I ever thought about a situation like this. I could clearly see anger in his
eyes. He is ofcourse angry. Why would he not? I never got back to him even after knowing how many
times he tried to get in touch with me. And the worst part is, I am sitting with Raajiv and he is sitting
right opposite to me.

"Shiva, this is my mom, Dr. Devaki. This is my brother, Dr. Raajiv. She is Akshitha. My bro's fiance. And
This is Shiva. Ofcourse, we all know Mr.Yadav." Dheeksha introduced each other.

I wish the land would just open up and take me in. I wanted to shout that I am not his fiance. Shiva is
clearly confused and was about to say something to Dheeksha when Yash interrupted.

"Hi, Nice meeting you all. Congratulations Mr.Raajiv." He said. He sounds like he is done with me. That
is not good.

"Thank you, Mr. Yadav. It's a pleasure meeting you." Raajiv said.

Shiva turned to see Yash and went silent. Yeah, They are friends and they can read one another. I can
feel his racing anger.

"So Shiva, about you?" Devaki aunty asked Shiva.

"Ma, he is the only son. He works in Yadav's .." Dheeksha started but aunty interrupted."Let him talk,
Dheekshu." She stopped her.

"Sure aunty, I work in Yadav's concern. I'm well settled and in love with your daughter. I'm here to ask
for your daughter's hand in marriage." Shiva spoke with full confidence.

"I like your boldness." Raajiv said.

"Thanks Mr.Raajiv. I have already told my mom about Dheeksha and she is very happy. You can check
on my character and financial status."

"Oh that won't be necessary. We are impressed, Mr.Shiva." aunty spoke.

"So is that a yes?" Dheeksha squealed.

"Haha, we are happy with your find, sissy. I had already done my background check when mom told
me about this. Congratulations, Mr.Shiva." Raajiv said.

"Congratulations da." Yash hugged Shiva.

Everyone was happy but all I could hear was my heart thumping out loud and the blood whooshes in
my veins. I am scared is the very least description of my current state. I am dying a slow death and
Yash’s looks on me acts as a trigger that quickens the death.

They started ordering the food and Raajiv asked me about my liking. My liking? My only liking now is to
scream that I don't like any of this and I am in love with Yash, which I clearly cannot do because if I do
it now, I'm sure Yash will ask me who I am! I'm not in a mood to eat.

"Anything you prefer. Thanks." I told him and I dared not to lift my eyes up to see anyone because I can
already feel Yash’s eyes burning a hole on me.

"Awww look at those love birds. Akshu, you can have your own liking. Raajiv is a very considerate man.
He won't force you into something." Aunty said. She is aggravating the situation with the wrong
conception of what I intended.

Oops! Wrong move. Wrong dialog, It added fuel in already raging fire .

"Haha Ma, Stop. You make her feel uncomfortable." Raajiv said. One sane man at least but he is the
last one I will turn to for help.

"Aww are you blushing?" Dheeksha added.

God! What the hell is wrong with these people?

"um..No. I like some fried rice and baby corn Manchurian.'' I said. I dared not to even breathe louder.
I'm scared. No, I'm terrified to sit opposite of him.

"Alright, everyone. It's nice meeting you all. Now if you all will excuse me, I have to go. I had a nice
time and lunch." Yash spoke in a very pleasant tone. No one other than me could read his cold looks.
Maybe Shiva can.

"Yeah, We have another appointment after lunch. Thank you everyone for the lovely lunch and
hospitality. I can bring my mom whenever you tell me." Shiva added, trying to get up with him.

"No, You stay and enjoy your day, Shiva. I can manage." Yash said.

"It's ok. I will come with you." Shiva said.

"No problem, you guys carry on. I will look for an auspicious day and let you know, Shiva. I'm planning
for both the weddings at the same time." Aunty spoke.

"Wow, Well then, Congratulations all four of you." Yash said, letting his eyes linger on me with sarcasm
dripping in his voice.

"Alright, We will take your leave then." Shiva said and they both left the place and all of a sudden I felt
a huge vacancy in my heart. This is no good.

"Bye! " Everyone bid bye to them.

"um... I need to use the restroom." I told Raajiv to get out of here.

He stood up and made way for me and I dashed out of that room and ran to the front to see Yash. He
cannot think bad of me. When I went there, he had already left. I don't know what to do . I felt shattered
inside and started crying.

"What happened Akshu? Why are you standing here?" Aunty spoke from my back.

"Aunty, I have to tell you something." I turned to her. It's not fair to not tell them even now. It is my fault
that I have prolonged this too far. My mind was constantly on Yash, our misunderstandings and the
problem that surrounds us that I let this go to the bottom of my heart.

"OMG, Why are you crying? Please don't cry, dear. What happened? Raajiv, Come here. Look at her,
she is crying." Aunty made a big fuss and Raajiv and Dheeksha came to us. They made me go to the
car and never let me talk.

"Please, Hear me out." I said in frustration.

"Akshu, You are upset. Talking while you are upset will make you say things which you don't intend to. I
don't know why you are upset. But I know you need some rest." Aunty told me. They all behave like
doctors and I could no longer force them to listen to me.

"Akshu, calm down and call me when you are ok." Raajiv told me with a hug and dropped me in our pg.

I called Yash but he didn't pick up. I don't know, I stood on the gate of my pg crying. Joshua came
running to me.

"Madam, Are you alright? Please control yourself."

"Joshua, Joshua, please call Yash. Please!" I pleaded with him. He will pick up Joshua's call.

"Madam, please don't worry about him. He is alright. He was right behind me and was here until now.
He just left, " he said.

What the fuck? He was here all the time?

"What?" I could no longer breathe.

"Yes madam, he asked me to call him after lunch about your whereabouts. But I saw him with you in
the restaurant. He sat in his car and waited for you all to come out and followed you here. I just saw his
car leave after your Aunt’s car left."

I'm done for good. He still wanted to meet me and I spoiled it all. He must have seen Raajiv take me to
the car with his hands around my shoulders. He must have seen Raajiv hug me now while leaving. I
reacted to him in a similar situation where the fault is not on his side. Why would he not react now
when all the fault is on my side? He asked me to finish this off soon and I prolonged it too long. I
started crying more.

"Madam, What's wrong? Please tell me. Don't cry."

"Joshua, Did he tell you why he wanted to see me after my lunch?"

"No, madam. But he said not to tell you because it was a surprise!"

"Please call him." I pleaded with him with all I had. He wanted to meet me as a surprise? I took him too
easily. I longed for him when he was a star. I took him for granted when he started getting close to me.

"Ok, madam!" he called immediately with the loudspeaker on.

"Sir, Akshitha madam wants to talk to you."

"I'm busy now, Joshua. Ask her to stay safe indoors and keep an eye on her." He doesn't even want to
hear me. Of course, I didn't let him explain. I reap what I sow.

"But sir." Yash hung up on him. He looked at me with eyes full of pity.

"Sorry, madam. Please get into your room. You heard him, he wants you to be safe."

"Safe? Safe? My foot! I want to see him now, Joshua. Take me to him." I started walking towards his

"Madam, please. You can't ride on my bike. I don't know where he is. Please go into your room."

"I don't care. Call a cab now. I want to go to his home."

He called the cab and waited for it to come along with me. I got in and Joshua followed me. When I
went in, Shalu aunty was sitting on the couch.

"Aunty! Aunty, where is Yash?" I ran to her.

"Akshu, What happened? Why are you crying?" aunty asked me in a hurry.

"Aunty, I want to see him. Where is he?"

"He went into his room. What happened dear?"

I didn't wait to answer her. I ran upstairs to his room. When I touched the door to knock, it opened. I
went in and looked everywhere for him. Nope, No sign of him.

"Yash!" I called out his name. His room is a complete mess. I could see his anger in the state of his
room. He has taken out his anger on the showcase items. A fine crystal piece was on the floor
completely shattered. I picked it up and looked for the trash can. My heart bleed when I saw a red rose
bouquet in the trash bin. I picked it up and the

card read,

'To the most beautiful girl, I am so sorry I hurt you! I promise this won't happen again!

But you have to help me out by claiming me! Will you marry me?'

So this is my surprise? I have ruined it all completely!

"Yash!" I cried out loud!