Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 56: 56. Cherry On Top!

Yadav's PoV

I feel like this break is necessary. But I still switched my phone on at night to see if she had sent me
any messages or voice notes as she usually does. Nope! Nothing! The feeling of disappointment pierce
my heart every time. Ok, It's she who chased me for love. If she doesn't want it now, I don't care.

I landed in Chennai on Friday night after solving all the disputes smoothly in Japan. Once I switched
my phone on, I got a call from Shiva. A friend is the one you can trust no matter what the situation is.

"Yes, Shiva."

"Dei, How was the trip? All ok? You were not reachable for the whole trip."

"Yeah everything is fine. I purposely went silent on this trip."

"Ok, Good that you had a little break. Don't forget that we have a lunch plan tomorrow."

"So you won’t tell me what or who we are meeting?"

"Wait until tomorrow!"

"Haha ok!"

"Yadav, Akshitha has done a great job in these 4 days. She finished all her assigned work before time
and also helped in sorting out the new insurance policy details. She helped them sync our system to


"I'm amazed by how efficient she is."

"Good, So she has been busy all these days."

"Absolutely. She went late everyday. Good that Joshua was with her."


"She is the right choice. We both had a little chat too. We are now friends."

"Good for you."

"Yadav, Are you ok?"

"Yeah, Just tired."

"Oh sorry, da. You take some rest. I will come in a cab tomorrow at noon. I don't want any media
following us."

"Haha ok, da."

"Good night!"

"Bye da!" I went to bed pushing away everything from my mind. I slept so peacefully. No over thinking,
No decision making. Just me and my work. It feels like ages since I have slept

so peacefully. I have lost my sleep soon after Shia came into my life.

The next day, I woke up very late with a swing of refreshment. I skipped breakfast and got ready to
meet Shiva's special one.

"Good noon, my boy!"

"Good noon, dad. How are you?" I asked my dad.

"Good, It's been long since I've seen you this enthusiastic."

"A new day, New me!"

"See, I have always told you life will be beautiful when you find your love. Akshitha came along the way
and you have changed completely. I love to see you this happy every single day." God, Not again.

"This is not what you think, dad. We have nothing like you anticipate." I ignored his ridiculous claim. I
am happy and enthusiastic just because I have pushed her out of my mind. She is nothing but an

"You cannot fool me, son. No news on you, No bad remarks. I have heard that you spent all your day
with her in Coonoor. Besides, I have eyes, son. Your mom is so happy and So am I."

"Come on, dad. She is just a passing cloud." I told myself more than I told him.

"If you say so." my dad went in.

I dashed out of my home. It's her I see everywhere, It's her I hear about, It's her I always think about. I
cannot fool myself. After Shiva's plan, I should meet her. I should tell her that I cannot stay sane if she
ignores me.

I called Joshua.

"Hi Joshua, How are you?"

"Hello, sir. I'm good, thank you. You are back?"

"Yes, How is Shia?"

"She is doing good, sir. She is at a temple now with her.." I cut him off.

"Ok, Tell me when she is free and where. I want to meet her."

"I think she will be free after lunch, sir!"

"Perfect! I have a lunch plan too. Don't tell her I am coming. It's a surprise."

"Haha, sure, sir."

"Just ping me where she is after her lunch."

"Done. sir."

"Thank you. Joshua."

"Haha No mention, sir."

I went to a flower shop to order a red rose bouquet for her. I picked it up and started waiting for Shiva to
pick me up.

Akshu's PoV

It's a tiring week. I submerged myself in my work to stop that constant feeling of missing Yash. He is
out of reach whenever I call him. I knew I won't see him until Friday. So I stopped myself from thinking
about him and the work in hand helped me distract my mind from him. I took up many tasks and
finished it before time and everyone appreciated me. I am so happy that I proved myself here. I love
this job and the people around me.

Shiva came to me on a lunch break and offered lunch for me. I gladly accepted his offer because he
always eats home made lunch.

"So you and Yadav, How did it all happen?" he asked me.

"I don't know, Shiva. It's all like a dream to me." I stated the fact. I myself couldn't believe that he is in a
relationship with me.

"Haha I get it. He is a wonderful man."

"I know, Can we not talk about him please?"

"What? Why?"

"um... I'm already missing him."

"Haha Ok ok, He will be here on Friday. He will come to the office on monday. I guess he will meet you
before monday."

"I wish, So tell me about you."

"I'm an only son to my mom. My dad passed away in an accident 6years ago. I just found my love.
Waiting to tell Yadav about it." He said and I am astounded by the similarities we have.

"Wow, Congratulations! We are similar in many ways. I am an only kid and I live with my mom and My
dad passed away in an accident 6yrs ago too. How strange, I found my love too."

"Haha yeah. If I may ask, what happened to your dad?"

"Hmmm ours was a beautiful little family. Me, my dad and mom. My parents’ were a love marriage.
They were not in talking terms with their families. My dad was into the travel business. He came to
Chennai for a business trip and was caught in an accident. He was hit on his head and was brain

"Sorry, My dad's accident was also similar. He was hit by a truck and died after 3 days in hospital."

"A truck? My dad's was a truck too." I cannot believe it.

"Oh, This is quite depressing. shall we talk about something else?" he asked.

"Sure!'' We talked for some more time and went to work.

My days went fast and it reached the weekend. I got too much into my work and worked late

until I was exhausted. Yash would have landed today. I must first go tell my athai and Raajiv my denial.
After finishing them off I should go meet Yash and tell him that I am terribly sorry for my behavior.

I went to bed. Sleep took over me soon. I woke up early in the morning because I needed to drape the
saree. Devaki aunty sent me a car and I went with a bye to Kavi.

"Come in, dear. You look gorgeous." Aunty welcomed me with a warm hug.

"Thank you, aunty."

"Hi, Akshitha, I'm Dheeksha. Nice meeting you.." a beautiful girl introduced herself to me.

"Hi, Dheeksha. Nice meeting you too. you look lovely."

"Awe thank you. You look beautiful too. Shall we go?"

"Um.. yes."

"Hi Akshu, You look beautiful." Raajiv came in.

"Um...thank you." I really don't like to receive his compliments but that is my problem.

This family is too good to tell my denial on their face. But I have to tell them soon. In the car,in the
temple and in the car back, everytime aunty deliberately made me stay with Raajiv. Now in the

restaurant too, there is only one space left and that is near Raajiv. Dheeksha is expecting guests. so
there are 2 places beside her which I cannot take.

The sad part is I didn't get time alone with Raajiv. I sat near him and he helped me with

my saree.

"Hi Shiva, Hello, Mr.Yadav." Dheeksha spoke excitedly!

I jerked my head to see Yash with red eyes not even blinking once and his gaze never left my