Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 55: 55. Misunderstandings

Akshu's PoV

My heart sank when I learnt Yash is not in the country. Whatever the dispute may be, we should never
sleep carrying it on for the next day. I determined in my heart that we should always go to bed in

I should give him time to finish his work there. I should call him during the lunch break. I should make
him feel that I am truly sorry. I started waiting for lunch break. I couldn't concentrate on any work. It is a
terrible feeling not being mentally present in the place where you are physically. Yash must be feeling
the same from yesterday. I feel so guilty for doing this to him.

"Akshitha, Earth to Akshitha." Balaji waved his hands on my face.

"Oh, Sorry, Yes, Balaji."

"I am quite disappointed with you. This work has to be done yesterday and you haven't even started It
yet. Why do you all come to work if you can't do it on time?" He yelled at me, attracting the attention of
people around my cabin.

It's my mistake. He is right.

"I'm sorry. I will tend to it right away. You will get it by the end of the day." I told him.

"You better finish it before I escalate it to my superior."

"Sorry, I will."

I started working on the task I was assigned to. Actually it needs more than a day to finish it. I felt
ashamed when he yelled at me in front of everyone. I can do it by EOD!

"Akshu, It's lunch time. Come let's go." Kavi came to my desk.

"What? lunch break already? I have to finish this work, Kavi. You go. I will have my lunch here." I sent
her away and started working again.

"Akshu, Look at you. Come let's go. Your floor is already empty." Kavi came again.

"I know, I have to finish this today. You go, Kavi. I will book a cab after I'm done. "

"I'm not leaving you alone here. Do it tomorrow. No one will question you."

"Oh no, They will."

"Akshu, Come on now!" She whined.

"Hi girls, What's wrong? Why are you still here?" Shiva came by.

"Hi Shiva, She didn't even have her lunch. Now asks me to go. She is staying back to complete this
work you guys gave her." Kavi said, irritated.

"Kavi, Enough. It's my work. I should have finished it yesterday. It's already late. Now don't make a
scene here. Go!"

"Akshitha,, You know you don't have to work hard here. Yadav wanted you to be in his sight to make
sure you are safe. That is the reason you work here. All the work assigned to you is just to make sure
you are not bored here. Please don't take pressure. Now go home." Shiva told me.

I don't know in what essence he told that, but I found it offensive.

"Why, thank you, Shiva! I get paid for coming here. I guess I should work for what I am paid for. It's true
I came in here without an interview but I can prove myself worthy." I said angrily.

"You took it in the wrong sense, Akshitha. Have a great evening." Shiva went away.

"Now go, Kavya. I am not a baby. I know how to come to pg." I shouted at her.

"OkOk, Bye!" She left. There are still 4 or 5 people working here. I can finish it. No! I can't finish it! I
need more than 4hours at least. It's already 7.30pm. It will be midnight if I continue doing this. Do I
have a choice? No!

Yadav's PoV

I don't know when I fell asleep. I woke up with the ring on my phone. It's from Japan?

What now?


"Good Morning, boss. We have a problem here."

"Then how is this a good morning? What's up?" I responded to my manager there.

"A worker is injured by the machine. All the workers got into strike. Supervisor says it's because of the
carelessness of the worker. But workers say the problem is in the machine and inspite of complaining
about it to the supervisor he didn't do anything to get it repaired."

"What the hell? How is the injured man doing?"

"He is alive. But lost 3 fingers on his left hand."

"Shit, Can the situation get in control without me coming there?"

"If that was the case, I would have not called you, boss."

"I will be there at noon."

God damn it. I have loads of work here. I have been lagging in my work schedule because of the
problems related to Shia. I am happy because we are making progress in reaching 'The main
character' behind all this. Now this, in Japan?

I wish I had my cloning everywhere I need to be. Dad is being a great help now-a-days. He didn't even
question me on my lagging. But this is not me. Relationships definitely scatter your mind. I have always
been a punctual, strict and professional man. I think it's time now to resume who I was before.

Hell, I cannot pull her out of my thoughts. I'm flying to Japan now. I should tell her. Prolonging this
misunderstanding is kinda haunting me. I feel she is moving away from me and that is literally pulling
the life out of me.

I called her, shattering all my determination to leave her alone. I called over and over again. No answer
and after some time, my calls directly went to voicemail which means she switched the phone off. She
doesn't even want to hear me. This is so not me. I am a powerful man. I can woo any girl of my liking
with just a smile. Going behind a girl is so not me. This care, love, relationship, feelings are all alien to
me. I have suppressed my ego and let my heart take over me for so long and all it gave me was

Is she worth it? My heart screams YES! She is worth everything, including my life. Her innocence, care,
love, trust! Trust? I doubt it now. I really don't know what I did that was so big of a mistake that she is
ignoring me?!

I think I need a break. A break from everything. I boarded the jet with a plan. I won’t think about her
until Friday. I should concentrate on my work. I love my work and I think it's as important as Shia to me.
Distractions by Shia should be controlled so as to not affect my work.

On Saturday, I will talk to her. I will make her understand that she doesn't need to worry or feel insecure
because I am going to die under her feet in my old age. I will go public if that is what she wants to
believe in me. Before that, I should make her mom understand that I am a completely changed man
now for her daughter.

I switched off my phone to stop me from calling her. I know it's going to take a lot of determination to
stay controlled and not to call Shia. I called Joshua to tell him to be more vigilant around her for the
next 4days. I also told him not to call me for updates. He said Shia is not yet ready for office. I know,
she is clearly overreacting and egoistic and she needs time to realize that 'We' are more important than
her ego. I told him 'Whatever, I don't care!'.