Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 54: 54. Unresolved Dispute!

Akshu's PoV

I am an idiot. I left my phone on my office desk. I was quite disappointed with Yash and was not myself
for the whole day. Not talking to him and staying mad at him is impossible. I put my phone in silent
mode to stop that feeling of calling him after I spoke to Raajiv.

He hurt me. He didn't care about my feelings. He let her touch him. He let her kiss him. I know he did
not encourage it but still he didn't push her away too. I am hurt because of him. He has to come and
console me. Damn this heart running behind him. He must not take me for granted.

Janvi was so beautiful and perfect. That is why he never took his eyes off of her. He had almost all
beautiful girls falling for him and I am the least desirable girl for him. Just like he said, this may be an
attraction to him. Why would he want me when Janvi is ready to offer herself to him?

If he really loves me and values my feelings he should make it up to me. I won't step down. I don't
know what I am feeling now? I'm sad, mad and what not! Am I feeling low on myself and feeling
insecure about our relationship? Yes, I am sure of my feelings but I am insecure about his feelings for

All the while from evening to this time, I have been sad because Yash didn't try and talk to me. How will
he, if my phone is not with me? I am insane just like he says. Just when Kavi said that Vishwa didn't
call me, I remembered I left my phone on my desk.

I don't know how many times Yash has called to talk to me. He is going to be super mad at me
tomorrow. Now the tables have turned ? Should I talk to him first? Wouldn't that make what he did was
not wrong?

OMG! If he tried talking to me, I really have to make him cool. I have no idea how I am going to do that.
Besides, when I think of what happened in the morning now, it's not completely his fault today. She was

all over him and he clearly didn't like it. About that goodbye kiss, he said no. She did it anyway. Which
again is not his fault. She took that liberty because they might have done it before. When I gave my
heart to him, I knew what he was like. I made up my mind to consider him a new man leaving behind
his past. So what I did by not talking to him today was not fair. But I couldn't help but get hurt when that
heroine took too much advantage on him.

I already didn't like any girl that works with him. This Janvi is very beautiful and they looked awesome
together. I think the jealousy took over me that turned into anger on him and hurt myself.

I must be more mature in handling these kinds of things. Yash is a celebrity and I have always known it.
Being a touch-me-not is no good to lead a life with him. I have just hurt him and me in the process. I
woke up when Kavi pulled my blanket away.

"Wake up, de. I have been calling you for the past half hour. It's late." she shouted in my face.

God! I didn't know when I slept. All I had in my mind was Yash. I should compromise him.

"Thank you for your wonderful morning wish. Good morning!" I greeted her back.

"Enough of your sarcasm. Joshua is in our hall. Waiting for you. We missed our cab. He has booked us
another cab. Now wake up."

Oops, Too late. I ran to the restroom and got ready in 15minutes. When we ran down, Joshua was
ready too.

"Morning, Joshua. Sorry I slept."

"No problem, Madam. The cab is ready."

"Stop calling me madam. Thank you for the cab."

"Pleasure, madam. Yadav sir's most important person is madam to me. Calling you by your name is
against my etiquette!"

"You are boring, Joshua." I said playfully!

"Haha, you are in trouble, madam."


"I spoke to sir about you being late and he spoke like he doesn't care!" OMG, The after effects are
bigger than I thought. He is seriously mad at me.

"I will handle it." I told him as we got in the car. He went to his bike to follow us.

"What's wrong? you both had a fight? Is that why you were sad yesterday?" Kavi asked


"Yeah, It was more like a misunderstanding. Not a fight." I told her.

"Hope you will sort it out soon." she said and drowned herself in her phone.

As the office building nears, the ball of fear in my tummy gets even bigger. I should apologize to him.
When I reached my desk, I hurriedly looked for my phone. It was switched off. The battery must have
drained. I have a charger in my desk that I put it on. I started waiting for him.

"Um...Hi, Samantha. Has our boss arrived yet?" I asked our floor receptionist.

"Not yet. I'm afraid he won't show up today." She said as a matter of fact.

"oh, Um.. Thank you."

What? He wont come here today? How the hell will I talk to him? I ran back to my desk and switched
on the phone.

God damn it! 117missed calls from Yash. I opened the messages. 20 messages of missed calls from
him when my phone is switched off. He has been trying to talk to me in the morning too.

SHIT, I called him without wasting a second. Full ring and no answer. He must be super angry. I ran to
Shiva's room. I knocked on the door.


"Hi, Shiva. um... good morning."

"Good morning, Akshitha. How may I help you?"

"Um... Why is Yash not here yet?"

"You don't know? He went to Japan to fix a problem in the production unit there. He is expected on

"Oh, I didn't know. I mean I left my phone here yesterday. We didn't talk."

"That explains. He went in the morning in his private jet. He must have landed there by now. He will call
you after he is done with his work."

"I wish!" I mumbled to myself.

"Excuse me?"

"Uh... Yeah he will. Thank you!" I went out of his room and back to my desk.

He must have felt terrible. I am mad because he hurt me? He didn't do it on purpose. But what did I
do? I hurt him too! On purpose? Partly yes. I was carried away by jealousy and ego!