Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 53: 53. Something In Common?

Kavya's PoV

Akshu is sad, mad and has mixed negative emotions. It's really bothering me. Since Vishwa came
back, she stopped talking to me as usual. I know she doesn't trust him, he didn't give her reasons to
trust him. But anyways, she chose to stay out of it. I need solid proof that he is trustworthy and will be a
good life partner for me. I decided to let her be until then.

"Are you ok?" I asked her. She didn't even say a word since we came back from the office. It's bedtime

"Yeah!" she said. This is not the Akshu I have known for 5years now.

"Oh yeah? You have to try better than that."

"Kavi, Please leave me alone."

"Nope, I want you talking like we used to."

"Not now, Kavi." She said irritated. I can't take it any longer.

"We are now. I need to talk to you. I can't talk if you are gloomy and have a long face." I know she will
be ready for me whenever I need her.

"Is it about Vishwa?"

"Not really!"

"Good, because if it is about him, I'm out of it. You know I don't like this idea of you and him together."

"Akshu, I know, but this is really important."

"Yeah, Tell me then."

"I spoke to Vishwa"

"Kavi what did I just say?"

"Listen, It's not about him. It's about us." I am mad. She can't even stand his name? He is not bad. At
Least now!

"Sorry." She retreated.

"He said we are in danger. He said we both have something in common and because of that thing our
lives are in danger."

"What? And he doesn't know what this is about? You believe him?"

"Akshu, I believe him. I love him. I am going to choose him over anything you put in front of me. So
stop talking about believing him."

"Ok, Jeez. Sorry."

"Listen, Akshu, He thinks, some pharma company is behind people who have something they desire to
test on their medicines. He also said 3 people who he turned to them, during his college days were
dead. One by accident and 2 by cancer. He went blank with their contact after his studies but they
somehow found him back in our previous office and asked him to turn me in. When he denied, they
fired him from his work and framed him for what he didn't do."

"So you say, he didn't put up your picture on that site? He didn't make me go into Yash's suite to spoil
my reputation? He didn't call me to tell me that?"


"Why do you think someone framed him bad in your eyes?"

"Because they still want that something from me. If we are in talking terms he will warn me. They don't
want me to talk to him."

"Now you are both talking and meeting. Won't they know?"

"No, We talk on a different number on a very basic phone. No smart phone!" I showed her the cell
phone Vishwa gave me.

"Also, he meets me in a Jain temple. Not directly." I added.

"Kavi, You know what? Yash is behind someone who he thinks is bringing danger to us. He thinks that I
am the target but I think he is the target as he is the one that is hindering them by adopting that
orphanage. I never knew you were in danger too."

"Yeah, Vishwa said, they have targeted you and found that I have something in common too. So I am
being targeted too."

"So you are in danger because of me? Ok, I find one thing unsettling in the whole story. Why did
someone want to humiliate me by saying his name? I mean, they made him the bad guy in your eyes
because they might have known you both have developed feelings for one another. Why me?"

"I have no answer. But I trust him. He didn't call you that night." I vouched for him.

"Ok." She said.

"What are we going to do?" I asked her.

"I don't know. I should give the number I got that call from that day to Yash. He may get a lead. We
should be more careful. I thought Yash was being over protective when I knew he set up Joshua to be

behind me. But now I know there is something serious about it. It must be connected to that orphanage
problem. It all started there. That is why he was mad when we went there." She started talking more to
herself, putting every detail she knew in order. Her face turned to sorrow all of a sudden.

What happened!?!?

Yadav's PoV

I'm getting impatient with her. I have been calling her since 8pm. She didn't pick up my call. It's 11pm
already! I don't know what I am supposed to do. What does she expect me to do?

I know I made a mistake. It's just a mistake that happened out of inexperience. I never knew Janvi
would show up out of nowhere. Imagine if I sent Shia out once Janvi came in. How would she have
felt? She would have felt terrible. That is why I kept her in.

I distanced myself from Janvi as far as possible but she was all over me which is absolutely not my
fault. If I behave rude to her or avoid her, she will go over the media talking all rubbish things about me.
Janvi holds records for abusing her ex-relationships. I care for my reputation after I am committed with

That kiss which I deliberately denied was forceful from Janvi's side. I don't know what should have
been done. I have done more than that with her. If I avoid her too much she will definitely smell
something fishy. I don't want to reveal our relationship until I find that culprit who always brings danger
to her or us.

I did everything to hold on to her and she is angry and avoiding me for the same reasons? Ridiculous.
Actually, she knew what kind of a person I was before. She knew how much I have changed for her,
Just to be with her. Shouldn't she be considerate to at least hear me out?

Alright, last try. If she doesn't pick up my call now, I will wait for her to come to me. I called her again
and it rang for the whole call and went to voicemail. I am done trying her. I am true to her. I am ready to
apologise for what happened. I am ready to explain to her. I have come all the way to the opposite end
of life from where I was, just for her. But she doesn't have the least trust in me.

I think a relationship that is not built on trust won't last long. She is clearly overreacting for what
happened. I know she is hurt because of my actions. But is it not fair to give me a chance to explain
what really I have in my mind behind my behavior? I have her all over me. She filled in my mind and
heart. I do everything considering her. But she?

I went to bed with a heart ache and loads of determination to leave her alone. If she is better off without
me which I have always thought, I should let her be. I should give her space to choose for herself what
is better for her life. I hope she comes back to me soon. I just figured out, I can't live without