Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 52: 52. Approval For The Wedding?

Akshu's PoV

I don't know how to react when he spoke to me so professionally. It's not like Shiva doesn't know about
us. I have seen him keep an eye on me at constant intervals and intervened at times when some guys
tried flirting with me. It's not possible for him unless Yash has told him to take care of me. I don't know
why he behaved so indifferent all of a sudden.

Besides, he spoke to that heroine very casually and he didn't disclose our relationship to stop her
pursuing him. He spoke like his point of view on relationships never changed! Who knows, if he had
told her about us she may stop seeing him. By not revealing it to her, he messed up the chance of
getting rid of her.

I may be thinking too much about his behavior. He may have his reasons. But whatever the reason
may be, I think his behavior is outrageous. I think he reacts spontaneously. That is who he is, a man
focuses only on himself and fails to understand others.

I saw Shiva coming my way. What is he going to talk about?

"Hi, Akshitha."

"Hi, Shiva."

"Are you ok? I mean with the works?" Awkward! I know he is checking on me.

"Um...yeah. I'm fine!"

"Good, Uh... Yadav is in the middle of something and he will be free at noon if you wanna talk to him."
he said. He is trying to tell me something.

"Shiva, I know you know about us. Just tell me what you want to say." I told him.

"Well,He didn't mean to act that way to purposely hurt you. He was ready to come down to talk you out
of it but he is held up with work. You see he didn't visit here last week. He has 20minutes free time at
1pm. You can go straight to his room."

"Oh ok, Thank you for taking your time to let me know this. I will talk to him. And I am fine, really." I told
him. So he won't make time for me instead I must fit into his timetable?

"If it's true, then I'm glad. Yadav is a wonderful person and I am happy that he is finally settling down
with you." He said with true happiness.

"I know, I will take care of him. Thank you." I told him.

He went away with a little nod. It may take a minute or two to come down and let me know this himself.
But he chose his work over me. He didn't think consoling me was more important. I decided to let him
come to me before I talk. Yes, he called me but I ignored him because I was hurt and angry that he let
her kiss and hug him in front of me.

My phone rang again. It's Raajiv. God, What the hell does he want now? I should tell him that I cannot
marry him. The sooner the better.

"Hi, Raajiv."

"Hi, Akshu. How are you? Are you free? Can we talk? "

"Um.. yes, Tell me."

"Are you free this weekend? Mom said we shall take you to our kuladeivam temple."

"Are we all going?" I want to talk to him in private to let him know my denial of this proposal.

"Um yeah, Mom, me, Dheekshu and you."

"Oh, Sure! I can come." I must make a chance to be alone with him and tell him.

"Cool, I'm looking forward to seeing you. Do you have a Saree?"

"Excuse me?" How dare he.

"Hey chill, Mom asked me to tell you to wear a saree while coming. I'm ok with anything you wear. You
look beautiful in every outfit."

"Uh Thank you. Will try. I have some work. Will talk to you later."

"Sure, Carry on. Bye, Akshu."

"Bye." ugh! I don't like it one bit but what is so wrong in going to the temple with my extended family
when Yash can hug and kiss a girl who is not me in front of me? I decided to glam myself up for this

Dheeksha's PoV

I saw Akshitha's pictures that mom showed me. She is beautiful. I am ok to take her as my sister-in-
law. My mom is already searching for a doctor for me. I must tell her about my decision.

"Mom." I called as she was getting down the stairs. I just heard her come in.

"Dheekshu, Didn't sleep yet? You should be sleeping now. How will you get up early if you are awake

"Ma ma, Please! Don't start your speech. I am awake now because I want to talk to you."

"Hmmm come into my room."

"You are not eating?"

"At 11pm? I already had my dinner. I had a meeting with other doctors today. That's why I am this late."

"Oh ok!" Hmph, I am very much distracted by Shiva that I didn't even see a meeting on the mail today.

"So what's that important that can't wait until tomorrow?"

"Um...Ma, So bro's wedding is fixed with that girl huh?"

"Yes, I am so happy. You missed seeing her when she came home."

"Yeah, We shall meet anytime now. But she is not a doctor, Is she?"

"Dheekshu! Who is that?"


"You have a man in your heart, who is not a doctor. Who is he?" Well my mom is a genius. She can
read between the lines and also is an expert at reading our mannerisms.

"Shiva. He is in the Rishid group of companies. He is the right hand of Yadav Rishid. A wonderful man.
You will like him for sure. Well educated and well settled man. You should meet him, ma!" I said it in a
go. I know my mom is very clever. But she caught me even before I breathed out.

"Are you sure?" my mom's modulation changed.


"Yadav Rishid has a bad reputation with girls. You say he is his right hand. I can't trust young men
these days with my daughter."

"Ma, Shiva has nothing to do with Yadav's personals. This blame on him is outrageous." I can't stand a
word against Shiva.

"Haha ok ok. Akshitha is coming with us to the temple this saturday. I'm planning for lunch out together.
Ask him to come to lunch on saturday. That way Raajiv will also see him."

"Thank you, ma. Does this mean a YES?"

"I don't promise anything yet. Let's see. If me and Raajiv like him, then it will be a Yes."

"Awww thank you, ma." I hugged her. She is the best.

I ran to my room and called Shiva. I'm so excited to tell this to him. He wanted to take me to his home
too. I wanted to take my mom's permission before that. If everything goes well, which I know will, Our
marriage will happen soon. I can't wait!

But Shiva didn't pick up the call. Maybe he slept. I let him rest for the day. I went to bed with a load of
happy feelings. After reaching the hospital, the first thing in the morning, I called Shiva. He didn't pick
up again?Bad boy.

I tried calling him again a little later and he picked it up this time. Good for him.

"You are really bad. I called you yesterday night. It's ok if you didn't pick up at that time. But after
seeing the missed call, you didn't care to call me?" I almost shouted.

"Shhh, sorry, dear. I was about to call you now and you beat me to it." he said. of course he picked it up
at the first ring. Maybe he is telling the truth.

"Ok ok, I have happy news for you."

"What's so special?"

"I told mom about you. She said she will meet you on Saturday."

"What? She didn't say anything?"

"No, My mom is not a strict mother. She is ok with love marriages until the man is man enough. I hope
you are!"

"You want me to show you I am man enough? Try me! This weekend? At my place?"

"Ewww gross. Not in the very morning. I have patients to attend to." I told him hiding the excitement
that he got me with just little words.

"Oh gross you say? Ok, You will regret saying that!"

"Awww baby, I love that itsy bitsy romance we do. Don't cut down on it." I said in a pleading tone. We
are already vegetarian lovers and I don't want him to cut down that little time where we get to be

"Haha, Let's see, So what's the plan?"

"We are going to the temple with my bro's fiance in the morning. We are meeting you up for lunch, with
all my family and to be family."

"Oh wow, So do you have any advice?"

"Oh just be as you are. They will go flat just like I did."

"Ok Dheekshu, I'm at work and Yadav is waiting, will call you later."

"Bear!" I whispered.

"Haha I heard it. By the way, I haven't told him about us yet. Shall I bring him too on saturday?"

"Of Course, A best man is always appreciated."

"Thank you, sweet heart."

He disconnected the call and I started waiting for the weekend!