Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 51: 51. The Bickering!

Shiva's PoV

I ran to Yadav's room. I just got in the office building and the news that Janvi is here for Yadav, reached
me. This is no good especially when Akshitha is working here.

One, Yadav should not entertain such girls anymore. Two, I should help him if he finds it hard to get rid
of these girls. Three, Akshitha shouldn't get any bad idea on Yadav because their relationship has just
started to bud. Four, I was finally happy that he has reformed and I am not letting him get spoiled again.
Five, fuck off, I want to spend some time with Dheekshu! I can't do it if I keep on worrying about Yadav.
Akshitha is the right choice to keep him on track.

I barged in his room and badly wanted to beat him to pulp on the scene that I saw. He was speaking to
Janvi while Akshitha was witnessing. The bad thing is, she was sitting on a chair opposite to him and
Janvi was standing close to him near his desk. She was hovering over him. On the first sight, it would
definitely look awkward and wrong. I truly don't know what to do with him!

"Yadav, you have a meeting in 5minutes." I told him. There actually is a meeting now with that
insurance company's people in 30minutes.

"Hi Shiva, See I bypassed you this time." Janvi told me. Yeah it's me who kept her away these

"Hi, Janvi. He was busy." I told her without even looking at her.

"Shiva, I told you to wrap that insurance thingy before I get back. Why did you prolong it? Do what's
best for our employees." Yadav told me.

"I wanted you to finalize it. The meeting is in 3minutes now." I know he is very particular

about the timing.

"Janvi, It's my work hours. Will see you later." Yadav told her.

"Aahh, you are not escaping me this time. I want a date and time before I leave this fort." she
demanded. I wish he would deny her.

"See you in our new film pooja. It won't be long. See you." he stood up as a signal for her to leave. She
left after an awkward hug and a little peck on his cheek which he refused but she gave it anyway.

For the whole conversation, Akshitha was sitting idle with her head down. I know how it is! She must be
sad or even mad at him.

"Shall we leave?" Yadav asked me, picking his phone up from the table.

"What about her?" I pointed to Akshitha.

"Oh, Akshitha, All the best! I hope you will find your new work interesting." he said.

I could clearly see astonishment and agony fill her eyes. I'm even surprised by his behavior with her.

"Um...Thank you... Sir?!" She was so unsure. So am I!

He nodded at her to leave. She left the room and we were left alone.

"Have they arrived already?" he asked me.

"Sit down. The meeting is half an hour away. Care to explain what's going on?" I asked him.

"Nothing is going on, Shiva."

"You hurt that girl, Why?"

"No I didn't. I... I just ... Leave it alone." He said defeated.

"Yadav, I was finally happy about your relationship with that girl. Why are you doing this?"

"God! Shiva, We were getting intimate when that stupid came in. It was so hard for me to stop in the
middle. I didn't want to prolong it. I avoided looking at her because she is driving me crazy." he
slumped on his chair.

He did what? In his office room? Impossible. She must be something!

"Did you think she knew why you behaved so indifferent? I don't think so!" I told him.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean she is hurt, idiot!"

He looked at me with a sudden realization. What else should I teach this dumby?! He picked up his
phone and dialed her number but she didn't pick up. Yeah, Typical girl behavior. He looked at me with
pleasing eyes. How adorable is he! The mighty business tycoon doesn't know how to calm down a girl?

"What? Don't look at me like that. I can't do anything about it!" I told him.

"I will go see her." he stood up from his chair when his phone rang.

I think it was an important call as he went by the window to talk. My phone rang too. Dheekshu! I
picked up the call and started talking to her.

Yadav's PoV

Shia is a well matured girl. She was not offended when the other girl spoke about my relationship with
Janvi in that restaurant. I think she will be fine with what happened now.

Besides, I was getting hard in my pants and I didn't want to cross my limits with her. That is the only
reason I avoided seeing her. I thought it would make her feel insecure if I sent her out when Janvi came

in. That is why I kept her in. I tried being professional with her to stop my wild thoughts on her. But I
never put myself in her shoes all this time. I realized she was hurt only after Shiva told me. But when I
called her to explain, she didn't pick my call.

Mike called me when I was about to go to Shia. It is important! I disconnected the call with Mike when it
was time for my meeting. I am a punctual man.

"Shiva, It's time man!" I whispered to him because he was talking on the phone. I don't know, but he
looks so happy nowadays. He is talking on the phone for a long time. I should investigate.

"Let's go." he stood up after done with his call.

"Who are you talking to?" I asked him while walking to the conference room.

"I will introduce that person to you this weekend," he said with a smile.

"So it is a girl?"

"Can't you wait for another 4days?"

"Nalla irundha seri! (I'm ok if you are happy)" I told him.

I saw 2 elderly men sitting in the room while we entered. They stood up when we went in.

"Hello Mr.Yadav, Nice meeting you." one of them spoke.

"Nice meeting you gentlemen, Please!" I showed them their chairs.

"We hope you have already gone through all of our benefits. We can assure you that no one can give
you so many benefits for this premium. You can cross check, Mr.Yadav." the same man spoke.

"I did. We are happy with the monthly amount too. If there are any buts and ifs please state it now. I
don't like fake promises with conditions."

"Moorthi sir will explain where we actually state conditions apply." he said and pointed to the man who
was just witnessing for the whole time.

He started explaining things in a very professional manner and I loved it. The only problem I found was,
MJ hospitals are the only place where their every benefit is 100% fruitful. Other hospitals eat 25%! I
agreed to extend my business with them because I find it compromising.We signed a bond confirming
our deal and wound up the meeting. Rest of the paper works will be done by Shiva. Those gentlemen
gave us a form for our employees where they have to fill in all their medical conditions. The premium
may vary depending on it.

Also they have arranged a free medical camp for all our employees this friday. I felt satisfied.

All this while, Shia was constantly pestering my mind. She can't be sad. That too not because of me. I
should be her happiness just like she says. I took the signed copy of the bond and walked towards
Shia's cabin before something stuck in my mind!