Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 50: 50. Make Out In The Office?

Akshu's PoV

I am super angry at Kavya. But she believes that Vishwa is now a good man. She still loves him. She
spoke very ill of Yash. But I understood why she did what she did. I cannot take a word against Yash
even from my mom. So I know how hurtful it will be for her when I talk badly of Vishwa. I'm totally
confused on what to do with her now. I cannot let her see him and also I cannot stop her from seeing

We are now on the way to our office. Joshua is coming behind our cab on a bike. It's super crazy to be
followed by someone all the time. He keeps a decent distance though. Joshua spoke to me like a friend
When he dropped me in my pg on that day.

I was surprised to know that Yash was so worried about my safety. Joshua said he's been following me
from the day when I met Yash face to face in the hotel. I can sense something is wrong around me but I
don't know what exactly is that. All I know is one thing. Yash is my everything. If he is with me, I will be
happy, safe, cherished, loved and everything that defines happiness!

"Akshitha, Good morning. Our boss is here today. He wants to see you." the receptionist on our floor
sang to me.

I basically hate all the beautiful girls who work here. The only thing that calms my nerves is that he dont
have a Personal Assistant. Shiva takes care of it all.

"Why, Thank you, Samantha. I will see him." I put on my best smile to hide my hate for her.

"He is on the 7th floor. He expects you in another 10minutes. He is very strict on time. Don't be late."


Ugh! She talks like she has known him for years. Maybe that is true. But I don't like it. Not one bit.

I ran to the elevator to go to the 7th floor. I work on the 3rd floor. As promised he came to see me. I'm
overwhelmed by his love. It's unbearable.

I rushed out of the elevator and went in calm and composed. I don't want everyone to think I am crazy.
The receptionist there guided me to his room. I knocked on the door and waited for his voice.

"Yes!" Oh my god, Hearing him is like a melody to my ears. How much I missed him!

I opened the door and went in. He was standing leaning in front of the desk with his arms crisscrossed.
He was in his dark blue formal shirt and grayish black jeans. OMG!

"Like what you see? " he raised his eyebrows at me.

Gosh! How long have I been seeing him still on the doorstep? Embarrassing!

"Of Course I do!" I went in closing the door behind me.

"You have no idea how much I miss you." he pulled me to his chest when I got to him. I felt like home.

"I miss you too, Yash." I hugged him tight.

"So how do you like your new job? Interesting?" He lifted me up and sat me on the desk and stood
between my legs.

"I love it." I said, closing my eyes. The friction between our thighs is making funny things to me.

"You love it? How about this?" He gripped my thighs and pulled me closer to him. Now our lips are just
a centimeter away. His breath fanning my face, he blew on my lips that I parted my lips on his sudden

"Shia, You are making it impossible for me to stay away from you." he spoke without finishing what he
started. All I want now is a kiss from him that says I am his and he is mine. I pulled his shirt and started

kissing him.

OMG, I love how he sucks me out. I kiss him too with the same passion. Our kiss intensified and so
were his hands exploring me. He drew lines on my thighs and it felt like I am naked in front of him. I
wore cotton pants and a button up shirt today.

He trailed his hands above to the rim of my shirt and pulled it up. He grew impatient when he felt my
slip underneath. I wanted to badly feel his hands on me so I helped him pull out my slip too.

"Fuck, Shia!" he cursed when he touched my bare waist.

We broke our kiss and he started trailing his kisses down to my jaw and neck.

"Yash!" I gripped him so tight. He trailed his hands up to my navel and dipped his finger. GOD!

"Yash!" I hugged him tight.

"Stop me now, Shia. NOW!" his hands trailed up even more doing things that are opposite of what he
said. I don't want to stop him.

"You can stop if you don't want m....huh!" I stopped talking.

"Fuck, So soft! Do I look like a saint to you?" he spoke while grabbing my boob.

"Yash!" I moaned his name for every move he made on me. He fondled my boobs on my underwear
still sucking on my neck. He stopped when he felt my already hardened nipples.

"You are aroused." he said with a husky voice.

I shook my head in a No. Oh my god he is going to kill me. His hands tightened his grip on me.

"May I come in, Sir." someone is at the door.

Shit! He withdrew his hands on me and stood facing the other direction.

"Get yourself straight and sit down." he told me.

I hurriedly corrected myself and sat on the chair. He went back and sat on his chair.

"Yes!" his voice boomed in the room. I am too shy to see him. What were we doing in his office in the
very morning!?

"Sir, Ms.Jhanvi is waiting to see you."

"I don't want to see her." Yash said to the receptionist while the door swung open.

"Rishi! Where were you for so long? I tried reaching you so many times in the past 2months. Oh, I miss
you so much." that famous heroine came in straight at him and hugged him.

I felt a sharp sting in my heart. That hug was like more than what we shared a little before. She was
literally pressing her on him. Her dress was so flimsy that she left nothing to imagine. Yash never
diverted his gaze. Never once did he see me after she came in. It's like I am invisible to them.

"I was a little busy. So what's up? Did the project you were on done?" he asked her.

"Oh Rishi, That movie was done. Now I am all free just for you." she sang to him. I am not hurt because
of her. But I am hurt that he didn't care to at least send me out. I couldn't bear to watch this shit.

"Janvi, You will be my next movie's heroine. Get yourself ready at the start of next month. Your part
may take some 25 to 30 days to shoot." He told her.

"Oh Rishi, That doesn't matter. I am always ready for you. We don't get to spend time lately. Our
chemistry was incredible and our pictures together that came online were beautiful. Why don't you act
as the HERO in your upcoming movie? We shall be reel and real couples."

"Oh no, I love movies. But I'm not into acting. And about the couple talk, you know where I stand with
relationships!" he told her.

I thought he would introduce me to her as his partner. Or at least he could have said that he is
committed. He said the same thing he has been saying before. Didn't I make any changes in