Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 49: 49. Accidents And Cancer?

Kavya's PoV

"Kavi, What's your problem? Why have you been so gloomy since I came back?" Akshu asked me after
getting back from our new office.

We now have the same timing and we come and go by office cab. Looks like it's 'compulsory' for us to
take the cab. Looks like Yadav has given strict orders not to drive bikes anymore. Akshu too has been
very dull for the past week since she came back from Coonoor. But I figured it out. Yadav has not
visited us even once in the past week. She is missing him.

"That's nothing, Akshu. I'm fine." I told her. I don't know what I am thinking, myself and I have no
intentions to tell this to her until I get my head cleared.

"I know you better than that. Spill!" she spoke authoritatively.

"It's really nothing, Akshu! I... I met Vishwa." I told her.

"What the hell? Is he bothering you again?"

"No, No no! I called him to meet. He didn't." I said with my head hung low.

"Are you nuts?" She is beyond angry.

"Please, Akshu. I couldn't push him out of my heart."

"After all he did to you?"

"He didn't do anything."

"Oh he said that? And you believed him? You sure are nuts."

"Akshu, please, He said he loves me."

"And you melted?"

“No, but he said something different. He is…” She cut me off.

“Stop it, Kavi. He is a low life. He spoiled your reputation and god knows how many other girls are
involved.” She shouted at the top of her voice and I could no longer hear her talk shit on him.

“Shut up, Akshu. You think Vishwa is a low life because he tried to spoil my reputation? I think Yadav is
a low life who cannot sleep without fucking a girl. God knows how many girls he has spoiled.” I shouted
even more and she stood there dumbstruck. I know I crossed the line. I was angry.

“At least Yash didn't go behind girls who are not his type. Don't you dare compare him to that filth.” She
warned me and I retreated. I know I was wrong.

"Will you please listen for a minute?" I pleased her. She has fixed him as a wrong person in her heart
and is sticking to it.

I told her everything that happened on that day to her.


"What is common between me and Akshu?" I asked Vishwa.

"I'm not sure."

"Vishwa please be open to me. Tell me what exactly we are into?"

"Kavya, I'm not a good man. I am from a middle class family. But I am a studious person. I got
sponsors and scholarships to study in a prestigious college. I started comparing my standards with
those of the rich guys who were coming there. I got a bad company at that time who promised me a

good amount for a part time job. Once I started getting money, girls threw themselves at me and I used
them. I am not proud of it now." he said with a voice full of regret.

"What is that part time job?" I disregarded that girls part as it hit my heart hard.

"They would give me the pictures of some girls and boys in our college. I should befriend them and
take them to the place they tell me. Once they get what they want from them, I will get a large sum of

"What are they behind? Who paid you?" This is something more dangerous than I thought.

"I have no idea. I don't know who paid me. It was all through mail. My classmate who introduced me to
them will give me my pay."

"What happened to the people whom you left with them? Have you ever felt guilty for what you have

"I have never looked back at what happened to them until now, Kavya."

"Huh, Why would you after you get your money?"

"Kavya, please. I know I did something terrible. But at that time all I cared for was money. But now
when I look back at all the people whom I turned to them, I am scared for my fate." I can see he is truly

"What happened to them?"

"Some of them are dead by accidents and most of them are dead by cancer."

(flashback ends)

What? What is this all about? Some medical mafia? Someone who tests illegal medicines on us? Why
choose specific people to test it on? Why me and Akshu? Is this all because we went to that

Yadav's PoV

Mike got those henchmen. Mike is the best. He got some important information from them. Now I am
going there to find out what he has found.

I am very desperate to see Shia. I miss her terribly. Joshua is doing his job very perfectly. He keeps me
posted at all her moves. Last weekend, she met with her aunt's family. I had a detailed report on
Dr.Raajiv and his family.

I was super angry at her but I know her mother is very dictative. I didn't like it one bit that she went and
saw him. Shiva is keeping an eye on her in our office. Mike is working on her personal information too.
So far nothing is odd except that her father died in an accident very unexpectedly. And again, accidents
are very intriguing.

"Sir, Akshitha is in Annai Home. Kavya and her just got there." Joshua called me to inform me. Why the
hell is she there again? She will never listen to me.

"Joshua, get her out of there. NOW."

"Sir, she has come to teach the kids some hand crafts."

"Whatever, I want her out of that place right now. Call me once she gets in the pg safe."

"Yes, sir."

She is a pain in the ass. I told her very clearly not to roam around on her own. I am getting a call from
her. She is making me look like a hard head man to even me. It's very hard to avoid her calls and

messages. But she wouldn't stop. Her cute messages and whines are making me restless. It makes it
hard for me to stay away.

"Shia!" I picked her call up. It's important to get her out of there. She won't listen to Joshua. She may
listen to me.

"Yash, Love you! Muah Muah muah!" she gave me kisses! I'm dying for it.

"Shia, Honey, Please go to your pg."

"When I say I love you, you have to say it back." She demanded.

"God, Love you, honey! Now listen, this is serious. Now get the hell outta there."

"Yash, I am not alone. I came with Kavya. We promised aunty that we will teach the kids what we know.
Only on saturdays. Just 2hours, Please!" I couldn't resist her cuteness.

"Shia, Baby! Please, I promise you, you can do this once I get a clear picture on who is behind all that
is happening. Not now. Go with Joshua now."

"Let Joshua sit with us when we are here. We will go with him once we are done."

"Shia!" She always tests my patience.

"Please!" God, she is so cute.

"God alright, Just for today. You are not going there next weekend. I will tell you when It is ok for you to
go. Period!"

"Love you, Ok. I miss you ,Yash. Will you come to the office at least next week?"

"Will try, honey. I miss you too. Now be safe and don't call me or message me."

"You are bad. You won't see me. You won't call me. You won't message me. You don't want me to do
any of them too? What kind of lovers are we?"

"A matured and complicated kind. Love you! Bye!" I disconnected the call. The more I hear her, the
more I want to see her.

When I reached Mike's place, I saw him with a serious face.

"What's new Mike!?"

"Sir, This is big. They told me what they knew. But when we trail up the network, we find nobody. Our
only clue is a name. But that doesn't ring a bell to me."

"Who is that?"


I know no one of that name. Don't ring a bell for me too!