Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 48: 48. Who Is Behind This?

Yadav's PoV

I really didn't want Shia to go alone like that. But for now, it is better than staying with me. Moreover,
Joshua is very much reliable. I trust him with her. It was heartbreaking to see her go with a frown on her
face. But she was so adamant to be with me. With a heavy heart I yelled at her to make her go.

After they went off, I waited for about 20minutes before Mike came. Shiva said it must all be a
coincidence. I strongly believe there is more to the things that the eye can see. For some reasons, I
think these dangers are all plotted for Shia. I don't know why!

"Sir!" Mike halted his car in front of me and got down to greet me.

"Mike, Get in. We have so much work." We both hopped in the car.

"Sir, I got the man who called you the other day and demanded you to come to the park."

"Wonderful, How did you get him?" I asked him, amazed.

"With the number you gave us."

"What? The police said it was on a dead man's name." I know all along that I can rely on him as the
police department has some boundaries.

"Of Course yes, sir. But we know some loopholes to get to the shop where that man bought this sim.
Unlucky for him, it was a little shop near the man's home itself. The shopkeeper knew this guy and also
had a register where he had written all his sold sim, so when we asked for it, he showed us the home
right away."

"Did you threaten him?"

"haha no, sir. We only get physical with our targets."

"Great, Who is he!?" I asked him.

"Remember the godown where we rescued the girl, sir? He was the night security for that place."

"God, Any information that is useful from him?"

"He said he heard someone talk about you and your intervention. He thought he could make some
money from you. But as I said, he is very unlucky. When he called you for threatening, one of the
henchmen caught him red-handed. But he has given you so much information already. So they made
him talk like he can give you information to bring you to that park. That was a plan for your
assassination. They have threatened him to kill but left him alive with a warning and an injection. He is
dying of cancer already. We checked the reports and his blood has the same cancer cell aggravating
chemicals just like the other girl at the orphanage. So he gave us all the information." So that was why
his tone completely changed from demanding to pleading all of a sudden.

"Omg, Where is he now? Did he know who was behind this? Did he give us any names?"

"Sir, they left him with cancer, only because he doesn't know the main people involved. We showed him
our database of culprits and he identified some henchmen. We are next to bring them down."

"Wonderful job, Mike. I'm impressed! Mike, make it fast. I'm afraid our enemies are faster. We met with
an accident now. I want to know if it's just an accident or not. Also I want you to bring in all the details
on Akshitha. Keep it confidential. I want your direct involvement in this. She is very important, Mike.” I
gave him the gist of what happened earlier and some details of Shia.

I am happy that we are one step closer to the enemy.

Akshu's PoV

It's been a week since I saw him. We have joined his office. It's our second week here. But no sign of
him yet. I terribly miss him. Millions of texts and phone calls, all with no answer. I'm just happy because
I asked for his well being from aunty. I don't know what has happened to him to avoid me like a plague.

To top this all, I met Raajiv and his family last sunday. It was out of pressure. But still I liked them. I
couldn't meet his sister though. Talking to relatives who know your parents' childhood is an awesome
experience. I have never had the privilege of having a grandma or grandpa. Seeing her on her
deathbed is very painful. She held my hands and started talking like usual.

"Dear, I am so sorry that I could not hold you when you were little. I am so sorry that we could not stand
by you on all your special occasions. But believe me dear, there is not one day passed in my life where
I have not thought about you and your father. The day I heard that your dad is no more, I was dead.
This is all because of your grandpa's stubborn nature and my inability to make him understand what is
important. Now that he is gone, I wish to unite this family. I want you and Raajiv to marry before I die."

She spoke long. But I was dumbstruck. How will I deny an old lady on her deathbed? She spoke about
my dad's childhood. How he will study, How he will ace the exams, How good he is at sports, How
many cups he has won and so on!

Raajiv greeted me well but behaved very decently and professionally. Devaki aunt is very cool and
loving. They never spoke a word about the wedding. They spoke about me and mom, How they got to
know us, And so on!

How will I escape this wedding? Mom is so stubborn. This aunt and family have no fault to point at.
Yash is not supportive now. He is not even talking to me. What do I have, to stop this? Nothing!

I was put into an in-house project that helps us organise the data of all our employees' details. Also we
were assigned to refer to the website of the new insurance company to know their database. Myself

and Adithi were assigned to go to their office to see their software. Their database holds information
like policy number, name, medical details, claims, processed claim ids etc.

One detail intrigued me so much. The number of accident claims were very huge as compared to the
number of in-hospital medical claims. And no O ve blood group accident claim holder. How weird!
There is no one in the accident list with O ve blood group? A fascinating fact. I took a print out of the list
without them knowing. I pulled out the details of their last 10years accident claims. It was enormous
with 70 pages. I am usually interested in studying the details and knowing all possible things that can
happen to us. Weirdly that will give me some calmness and thankfulness for what I am blessed with!

This will make a census of accidents and a probability of getting into accidents based on blood group. I
want to divert my mind from Yash. Something that will eat my time and mind is what I am looking for.
This will be perfect to kill my time without Yash.

Kavya has been very quiet and behaving indifferently since I came back. I am in grief too that I didn't
care to ask her what her problem was. I should do it at least today. What are friends for if we don't care
to solve their problems!?