Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 47: 47. Loving A Doc!

Shiva's PoV

Yadav is stuck somewhere between Coonoor and Chennai. His car met with an accident and luckily he
and the girl were not in when that happened. I don't know why he came with her. He was clearly
denying his feelings for her. But I am happy that he finally has found his love.

He spoke worriedly to me. He suspects something is wrong. I mean it's quite common to suspect when
everything around us goes wrong more often. But I truly hope it's just an accident and everything is
mere coincidence.

"Shiva, What is eating your mind?" Dheeksha asked me.

"Nothing, Dheekshu. Just thinking about the situation Yadav is in now." I said. We had plans to meet
tonight for dinner but Dheekshu had to be at the hospital at night so she came in for lunch.

"You haven't eaten anything yet. We get very little time, Shiva. Don't waste it!"

"Sorry, Dheekshu. This accident rekindled my memories. I just remembered my dad."

"Why? What happened to him?"

"He met with an accident 6years ago. He was in the hospital for 3dreadful days. He never came back.
Actually it was your hospital."

"Oh I'm sorry, Shiva. I didn't know." She placed her hands on mine.

"It's not our hospital. My mom is the dean there. There are many shareholders in that hospital. My mom
owns 15% of shares only." she added.

We sort of developed these mutual feelings for eachother in the past week. We chatted for hours in the
night and spoke anything and everything. I like her. I like her company! We both didn't say it in words
yet but we both know.

"Actually, I was just out from my masters degree at that time. Dad had taken insurance very recently
before his accident. That money helped us too. Besides I am lucky, Yadav found me and gave me a job
with a hefty sum as salary. It's because of him, I live a luxurious life now with my mom."

"I understand. My dad passed away too. In a heart attack. Since my mom was a doctor, she donated
every other part of dad to the needy people. She is a strong woman, Shiva. She never shed a tear for
my dad. She was brave enough to come out of it very soon and helped us out too."

"Good for you." I honestly didn't know what to say. I know she spoke about her dad to make me feel

"Ok! enough gloomy sentiments. Talk to me like a young man talks to a beautiful girl."

"Haha where is that beautiful girl you were talking about?"

"Shiva!" she pouted at me. How cute is she!?

"Dheeksha, I want to take you to my home." I said. Her eyes grew bigger and I saw a tinge of crimson
on her cheeks. Beautiful! "To introduce you to my mom!" I added.

"Oh! um... sure. Anytime." she said hurriedly. I sensed a little disappointment in her voice.

"What did you think? " I asked her.

"Huh, I thought you finally became man enough to try something." she murmured but loud enough for
me to hear.

"What did you say?"

"Hehe, You want to hear that again? I said you are a Thayir Saadham (curd rice)!" She is impossible.


"um...Curd rice is yum. You haven't tasted it yet!" she pushed the bowl to me.

"Will you marry me, Dheeksha?" I asked her, looking her in the eye while holding her hand. She didn't
even blink. I gave a little squeeze on her hand and she got back.

"What did you just ask? Come again."

"I asked you, will you marry me?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes I will! Omg, I never expect you to make this move this soon! Wow!"

she went on!

"haha! How else will I prove that I am not a curd rice to you? " I said.

"Gosh!" she averted her gaze from me and looked everywhere. She is so cute looking embarrassed!

"You are so beautiful, Dheeksha! You have no idea what you are doing to me."

"I love you, Shiva! My love is love at second sight."

"Haha, I have never heard of that before."

"The first time we met, I didn't see you properly. I was afraid. But the second time made the spark in
me. So mine is love at second sight."


"You didn't tell me yet!" She asked.

"Tell you what?"

"I love you dear, Dheeksha. You are my love. You are my life. I will not live a day without you. I will do
anything for you. You are my sunshine. You are my.." I cut her off.

"Whoa Whoa, I love you!" I said, stopping her.

"Are you really a doctor?" I added when I saw her twinkling eyes.

"Yes, I studied 7long years, and am still studying. I am a doctor!" she said

"You don't talk like one. You talk like a schoolgirl."

"This side of me is exposed only to my man." She said with drugged eyes that gave me high instantly.

"I love you, Dheeksha."

"Are we going to be vegetarian lovers?" she asked me with a sad face.


"No non-veg until we marry?"

"Haha this is not the right place dear."

"So you know what I meant?" she asked me, surprised. What did she think of me?

"I thought you meant kissing the life out of you, finding out your sensitive spots, feeling you with my
palms, lips and tongue! Did you mean something else?" I asked her calm and composed.

She went into shock mode again but now she refused to see me!



"What happened? "

"um... you are really bad!"

"Haha I haven't done anything yet!"

"Shiva!" She whined.

"Ok ok, We shall have it for another day where situations are better."

"Bad boy!" She said disappointed. I hate to keep her waiting but I have a lot of important work to tend
to before Yadav arrives and this is not the right place to get hard.

We left the restaurant and parted ways for our places. Yadav won't come until evening. Yadav has
called Mike to his place now. I am worried for him. He interlinks everything that's happening. I wish
whatever that is going on around him ends soon so that his life will be settled with that girl. I totally
believe that girl will make his life colorful and joyous!

I am intrigued by a fact. Dheeksha has no dad. Yadav's girlfriend had no dad. I lost my dad too.

There were loads of files on my table regarding the transfer of our insurance policy. I have to clear
them for further processing. Yadav has given me that authority to take important decisions at times of
his absence. But this time I want to wait for his approval before doing this.