Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 46: 46. Planned Accident, Again?

Akshu's PoV

It was a horrible accident. People rushed to the car to see what happened. Yash put on his cap and
called the cops immediately. We said it's our car and people made way for us. The driver was in a bad

Yash called the ambulance. I have this problem of feeling nauseous when I see blood. Yash caught me
at the right time before I fell.

"Honey, Are you alright? Here, Go back and wait in the restaurant. I will be with you in no time." he
said, helping me out of the crowd.

"I am scared, Yash! It was horrible. It should have been us." I started crying. I was totally shaken by
what I saw.

"Listen to me now. You don't have to be scared. Accidents happen, dear. I will take care of it. Now
please be safe in there." he walked me to the restaurant.

I understand he needs to be in that place. It's more important than soothing me.

"I'm ok, Yash. You be careful out there." I sent him with a hug.

"I will. Love you." he kissed my forehead.

I waited impatiently for more than an hour before he came to me again. He looked tired. I ran to him. I
am happy to be on his side to make him feel better.

"Was the man ok?" I asked him.

"He was alive when they took him to the hospital. I don't know his status yet."

"I hope he is ok."

"He should be. Honey, the police are here for the formalities. We don't have to go to the police station.
But it may take another hour or so before we go on."

"No worries. I am ok as long as you are with me." I sat near him.

He sat back with his head looking up at the ceiling. He is exhausted. I made an order of coffee and a

"Here, Yash. Eat. You look very tired." I gave him the sandwich. He took it without a word. I gave him
his coffee and had mine too.

"You behave just like my mom." he said, caressing my cheek.

"haha, am I now? Something is bothering you. What is it?" I asked him. He is deeply thinking about

"Shia, Would you listen to me if I say something?"

"Just tell me, Yash."

"I want you to stay away from me."

"What? Not again!" I don't know. Is he serious?

"Shia, I'm getting a bad vibe from everything that is happening around us. Or you to be specific. I need
to know if it is after you or me."

"We can file a police complaint. Why should I be away from you? I can't! I won't!" I said. I'm angry.

"Shia, please. It doesn't mean we are breaking up. I just want whoever is watching us, to know that we
are not together."

"Is it necessary? I am not going to leave your side."

"Honey! Plea..." I cut him off.

"We will talk about this later. Don't spoil my mood more than it already is." I stopped him.

We are done with the police formalities. The car is good for nothing. Yash has called someone named
Joshua to bring him a car. I asked him to take me to the hospital where that man was admitted. The
police said he made it out of danger. The police worked so fast and let the family know of his accident.
When we went to the hospital, a woman and 2 kids were crying outside the ICU. It pricked my heart.
We saw the man covered in bandages and tubes and wires all over him. Tough sight to see.

"Please, Don't cry. He will be alright. We are deeply sorry that it happened in our car." I spoke to that

"It's all our fate. It's his job and you have nothing to do with this. Thank you for your kind words. Also
thank you for checking on us." that lady spoke while crying. She was very considerate. The children
must be around the start of teen age.Yash came back after talking with the doctor about his condition. I
saw him with hopeful eyes. He gave a slight nod to me that spread calmness in my heart.

"Madam, I am sorry for what happened. It's a hit and run. Eye witness says it was a truck that hit our
car. But the police couldn't track any truck that went by this way. We will do what we can to find the
truck driver. About your husband's condition, he is out of danger. He survived this accident. He has bad
fractures but luckily no internal damages and hemorrhage. It may take almost 3months for him to get
back up. He is sedated now to be unconscious to make him feel painless."

"Thank you so much, sir!" that lady started crying. It's heartbreaking to watch.

"Please madam, I know how hard it is for you. I paid all the hospital bills. I spoke to the management to
charge me for his entire recovery. Here is a cheque for Rs.5 lakhs. To keep your lives going until he
gets back up. This is my card. You can call this number anytime if you need help."

I am amazed! We left the hospital and started waiting for Joshua to come and get us!

"I am so much in love with your heart, Yash. The way you responded to this dreadful situation, the
responsibility you showed to that man's family is just amazing. Why are you so good?" I leaned on his

"I am not a good man, Shia!" he said. He is not himself now. He is still thinking about staying away from
me? He better not!

"Are you ok?" I turned his face to look at me.

"Honey, please. You need to go to chennai. I have something to do here."

Is he going to send me away alone? After so many denials and slaps, I finally got him to accept his
feelings just yesterday. Why does this have to happen today? Ugh!

"I will go with you." If he is stubborn to send me away, I am stubborn to stick with him. He didn't speak a
word. He got back into his shell? Again? A car came by the hospital we were waiting in. Yash went out
and I ran behind him. I was shocked to see the man who got down!

I know this man. No, This man knows me. He was the one who helped me get to the hospital when I
was hit by a car. What is he doing here? I clutched Yash's hand tight and stopped him.

"Yash, This man. He is the one who helped me on that day. When I had acci.."

"I know!" he said.

What? What is happening around me?

"Hi Joshua, I trust her with you. Get her safely to Chennai."

Wait what? He is sending me away with this man?! Who is he? How did he know me and how did Yash
Know him?

"Yes sir." that Joshua said.

"Shia, He will drop you safely at your pg." he said.

"But I said I will go with you!"

"Akshitha, Stop now. Just listen to what I say. Now go." he yelled at me.

He called me by my full name? He is angry. He doesn't want me to be with him. He wants me to go.

I am scared to look at him angry. Maybe he will get back to me once he sorts this all out. I got in the car
without a word. They both talked for a brief moment before Joshua got in and we drove off. I hope he
comes back to me. I have this feeling that he is going to distance himself from Me!