Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 45: 45. Akshitha Brings Danger To All?

Kavya's PoV

He called me from a different number? I hurriedly checked my phone for the number Akshu sent me. I
got from her the number from which Vishwa called to threaten her when she was in Park Sheraton.
That was not the number Vishwa gave me. I was wondering why he asked her if I had not shared his
number with her when he didn't call her from the number he gave me. I checked for the numbers she
sent me and the one he called me from now. Nope, They are both different. How many numbers does
he have?

I waited so long for Akshu to come. But she didn't come until I started from pg. I tried calling her phone
but I got no answer. I put the address he gave me in the Maps. It was 30minutes away. I sent a
message to Akshu stating that I am out to meet one of my friends. I don't want to scare her and upset
her mood. She is very happy now.

I started the scooty and followed the directions. Since it's an odd hour the traffic is kinda ok. It's damn
sunny and I hate driving in this weather. The map says I reached the spot. But all I see is a Jain temple
and a lot of crowd.

Am I tricked again? Is this some kind of sick joke? Or am I in danger again? I am dumb enough to
believe him again after all he did to me?!

"Don't react, Kavya. Just be casual. Come with me." someone talked from my back. A girl.

I turned to see who that is. This girl? I saw her with Vishwa in the mall. What's her name? Nita, Yes.
What the hell is she doing here?

"I'm leaving." I hopped on my scooty to start but she grabbed my hands and took the keys.

"Don't make a scene and attract attention. Now come with me like a good girl." she spoke, smiling.

What the hell did she think? I'm not going to go with her. I resisted but then she was too strong to knock
off. I picked up my phone to call Vishwa. What did he think of himself?

"Ah ha, No phones dear. See the hoardings? No phone in the temple premises.” She took my phone
too. I felt helpless. I went along with her.

Once inside the temple, she took me to the shrine. It looks like some celebration here. This place is
safe. If I feel threatened, I can always scream and get help. I want to see what this is all about. I don't
want to pop it before I get answers. There is a little room behind the shrine where she took me to.

"Come in, Kavya!" Vishwa was there.

"What nonsense is all this? You said we will meet in your home and where is your mom? What are you
up to, Vishwa? Don't tell me you are into some bandits or mafia!" I told him. I am scared. My stupid
heart never listens to me. I fell for the wrong man.

"Haha, No, Kavya. It's worse than that." he said with a bitter smile.

"I... Uh... I am leaving. I don't want to see you again." I tried to go out. But that girl is in the way
between me and the door.

"You don't want answers? I thought you might want to give me a chance." He said.

"Why would I do that when you tricked me into falling in love with you? You spoiled my dignity and
decorum when you couldn't do whatever you had planned on me. Don't you ever think I will let you ruin
me ever again."

"Is that so? Kavya, do you really think I put that photo of yours on that damn website?" how sincere his
voice sounds!

My heart says 'No' as an answer to his question. But I want to hear it from him. I stayed quiet.

"You know why you are here? Because your heart still refuses to believe that I did such a horrible thing
to you. Because you still love me. Believe me when I say this, Kavya. I love

You!" He said.

"God! Why are you so confusing. Why did you call me now?"

"Nope, It's you who called me!"

"Um... I want to talk to you in private." I said looking at her.

"Nita, wait for my call." he said looking at her. She left.

"Ask me whatever you want. I will answer you." he said with his hands criss crossed on his chest.

"Do you really love me?"

"I do."

"From when?"

"From the day I started talking to you!"

"Really?" I don't know if to believe him or not. But my heart did a somersault now.

"True, Kavya! And I know you had a liking for me from the day you saw me." Well! That's

a good way to embarrass.

"Uh... No I don't." I defended myself.

"Haha, next question." I think I terribly failed at hiding my liking.

"What did you plan on your birthday? To have um... to get physical with me?" It was so hard for me to
say that out loud.

"Haha, You are so cute when you get embarrassed. I wanted to have a great eve with you dancing the
heart out on my birthday. Nope, I didn't plan on getting physical on that day!"

"But, you made bruises on me,.." I said looking down. I am not sure what I feel now.

"Did I? They are called hickeys, baby! Not bruises. Bruises are made when you are forced. Hickeys,
well, you earn it!"

GOD, How embarrassing!

"um... I thought you... uh..misused me by adding alcohol in our drinks."

"I did ask the bartender to add a little wine to your drink. True, but that was just to make your inhibitions
vanish. Not to get you on my bed!"

"Why didn't you say anything when we met in the office the next day?"

"I was fired from our office. I was not in a mood to talk."

"Why were you fired?"

"Because I didn't want to do what they wanted me to do."

"What? Why? Who?"

"I said I am not interested. So they fired me. Someone from our office."

“Interested in doing what?”

“I cannot say that. You will be safe only when you don't know anything. If they know that you know, they
might come for you sooner.”

"God, I don't understand anything. Alright, were you angry with Akshu and me when Akshu spoke
threateningly to you?"

"Nope, I was actually happy that you have a great protective friend."

"What? Then why did you call her and threaten to spoil her name and mine?"

"I did not call her. I have never spoken to her on the phone. The only time I spoke to her was when I
invited her to my party!"


"So you say, you did not trap her in the same room with Yadav Rishid? You say you did not call her?
You say you did not put my picture on that filthy page?"

"Nope, I did nothing in that list you said."

God, I sat on the floor with my hands palming my face. What is he talking about? If it's not him all this
time, then who? What did I ever do to someone to stoop this low to get back at me?

"I dont understand. If not you, then who? I never did anything bad to anyone as I know of!"

"I know, You are targeted because you have something in common with your friend Akshitha. She is in
danger too. Because of her, we are all in danger now. Well I am in danger because I love you."

“You love me? Then who is this Nita?” I asked him.

“She was a past mistake of mine. That was long before I saw you. She knew you were there in the mall
and she was paid to talk like that to me. She knew all along that you were listening.”

“What? Who paid her to do that? What do they gain from that?”

“The same people who put your picture on that site and framed me badly in your eyes. They want me
to stay clear of you.”

I looked up at him. He said he will answer my questions and clear the air. But now I am

totally confused. I'm in a deeper mess!