Novel Name : Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love! Chapter 44: 44. Is He Worth It?

Kavya's PoV

Akshu called me yesterday night about 10pm to tell me all about how Yadav became a part of her. She
kept it away from me for so long because she wanted to tell me only when he reciprocates her love.
She said they are coming here together today.

I thought she was crazy for getting behind a famous person. But she won her feelings. Her love won his
heart for her. Well, I am happy for her. I hope he stays loyal to her.

I wonder now, do thoughts and feelings have that power to make changes in a person's heart? Can we
really bring a person who is totally a stranger, as a close one? Or is she merely lucky? Should I try to
reform Vishwa? I called his number. It's 8am in the morning. I know he is not working in the office
anymore. I don't know if he found another job yet. He picked in the very first ring.

"Kavya, Is that you?" his voice held astonishment and hurry.

"um..yes, How are you?"

"Kavya, Hang up now. I will call you in a minute."


He hung up on me? What am I doing?

My phone rang Again. An unknown number?

"Hello." I picked it up.

"Kavya, It's me, Vishwa."

"Why are you calling me from a different number?"

"It's complicated. How are you Kavya?"

"I'm good. Shall we meet up today?" I asked him, setting aside all my inhibitions.

"Sure, Can you come over to my home? After 3pm in the noon? Don't worry, my mom will be home."

"Ok, I guess."

"Will send you my home address through whatsapp from this number. Don't call my number. Call to this
number if you need something."

"Why? Won't you ask me why I want to meet you?"

"I'm happy that you want to meet me. I can't do it out. So I invited you home. I can hear anything you
want to say."

"Why do you sound like a good man to me?"

"Maybe because I am a good man after all." he said with a little softness in his voice.

"Vishwa, I know what you are." I hate it when my heart ignores all the facts and runs behind him like a
brainless idiot.

"Oh really? So what's the point in this meeting when you already know me?"

"You betrayed me!" I said that more to myself to keep my dumb heart reminding what he did.

"Kavya, Don't say that. I would never do that to you. I didn't do anything that will hurt you." He said and
all I wanted to do was to believe him.

"Oh really? How do you explain what happened in our office?"

"You want answers? I am ready to give you them. But know one thing. I may not have been a good
man before. But now I love you. Only you. I can do anything to keep you safe."

"Vishwa!" I couldn't speak. He just told me he loves me for the very first time. But I cannot tell him that
until he tells me Everything that I need to know. A part of me feels joyous. My throat thickens, getting
hard to swallow.

"We will talk today, Kavya. I promise. Talking on the phone for so long is not good. Love you. Bye!"

What? Why? He talks like we were in some kinda suspense thriller movie. He hung up on me again.
Well, I think I have to wait until 3pm today to find answers for his weird behavior.

Akshu's PoV

As planned I came to the bus stand after a little argument with my mom. Obviously she wanted me to
stay back. I sneaked into his car that was waiting for me at the bus stand. How sweet of him to cut off
the driver. Of Course we need privacy.

"Good morning, Yash." I greeted him as I got in the car.

"Good morning, honey." he gave a little peck on my cheek. How romantic!

"Thank you for waiting for me. I am really happy, Yash. Is that really you?" I pinched him on his hand.

"Sss... you little devil. It hurts, de!"

"Awww I love it. It's like I am already your wife."

"Love what?"

"You calling me de. It's very intimate. You know I have never let my friends who are boys call me that.
That is specially reserved for you."

"I have never called anyone like that before!" He said.

"You better don't!" He laughed. OMG, his dimples. How I admired his dimple in a picture before. Now
he is all mine! Only mine!

"I love your dimple." I touched his cheek with my finger.

"I know. You have told me that before." he said with that heart melting smile again.

"Stop smiling at me like that!"

"Haha! what! you don't want me to be happy?" He asked me.

"Can you pull over?"



He pulled over to the side and turned to look at me.

"I want you to always be happy!" I kissed him on his lips. He was surprised at first and then warmed up
to kiss me back.

He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him.

"Shia, We won't go to Chennai if you are doing this." he broke our kiss and tucked my loose hair behind
my ears.

"I don't know why I am doing this. But I couldn't stop myself from kissing you. I... um.. I couldn't stop
thinking all bad about us." I said looking at my feet.

"Baby, Look at me!" he cupped my cheeks and made me look at him. He brushed his nose with mine
and joined our foreheads.

"Honey, I know what that feeling is. Because I am experiencing it now. I...uh... How to put it in words?
Sorry if it hurt you, honey. I know what sex is. I am old at it. You are naive. I bet you not even have
book knowledge on what sex is. Why am I telling you this? It's hard for me to control myself when I
know everything. But it's even harder for you to control because you are curious. Baby, I want to do it
the right way! You are precious to me. The feeling you put in me is priceless. I just have to value it.
Maybe we should wait until your mom gives us a green signal! What do you say?" He spoke looking
me in the eye and all I did was just inhale his scent and lost in his touch.

I just jumped on him claiming his lips again. The deserted road gave us all advantage. I just want him
more after hearing him talk. He is in love with me. Every cell of my body needs his warmth.

"SHIA, Honey, You are incredible!" He started kissing me again. I just don't want this time to end. I love
this. I love him. I love to live in this minute.

"This is not going to get us anywhere. Get down and go to the back seat." he said after a

long kiss.

"Yash!" I pouted at him.

"Please, Shia. You are very hard to resist. Get down now!" He is serious now. Maybe he is right. I
should control my hormones. It's all over the place. He started driving with the songs on and me in the
back seat. I felt sleepy.

"Shia, Wake up! Baby!" I woke up when he shuffled me.

"Sorry, Did I sleep too long?" I asked him.

"Nope, Not long. Just 2hours." He said with a little glint of teasing.

"Sorry!" I said sheepishly. Actually I am embarrassed. I mean who will sleep in such a romantic

"Haha it's ok. Come we shall have some brunch and start again."

It was a small restaurant built a little in on the highway. The restaurant is pretty full at the moment. We
didn't get a parking space.

"This place is full, Yash. Can't we go to some other place with less crowd?" I asked him.

"Secluded place with you? No, Crowded place is safe!" he said playfully.

"Stop talking like I am going to rape you." I hit him on his shoulder.

A man came to us and offered to help with the parking. He said there is a parking lot on the highway
and if we call him after we are done he will bring the car to us. We cross checked with the reception
and gave our keys. We started waiting for our table.

"I can't believe you just wait in a small restaurant just like any of us." I told him.

"I love places where people don't recognise me, baby."

"Me too." I said.

"Hey Hi, sir. Mr.Yadav Rishid. Wow, I couldn't believe my eyes! Can we have a picture together? OMG!
You are so handsome." a girl of my age jumped at us. She never left her eyes on him.

"Hi! Please don't make a scene, miss. Of Course we can take a picture." he posed for a picture with

"You are still with that heroine? Are you going to marry her sir? Your chemistry is awesome!" She went
on and on.

"Sorry, miss. I don't discuss my private life. Now if you will, please excuse me."

"Oh, sure. bye sir! It's surprising and nice meeting you!"

Huh! Finally! He looked at me with a sorry face after she left.

"Awww, Don't look at me like that. If I met you like this, my questions would have been the same. No
offence taken, sweet heart." I reassured him. I least cared about his life before me.

There was this commotion in the waiting hall suddenly and everyone started to go out talking about an
accident. We ran too to see our car crushed!

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