Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 43: 43. For Real?

Akshu's PoV

I couldn't believe what just happened. He accepted his love for me. He said 'I love you' to me. I still
don't know what kept him away from me. But I am happy now that he broke his reasons and accepted
my love for him. Now my only prob is mom. I should somehow make her realize that there will be no
happiness in my life if not for Yash. I am amazed by his self control. For a man who was gossiped to
have had sex very often, he showed wonderful resistance. That showed me how much he values me.

Though I am disappointed by his resistance, I love him even more now if that was even possible. I
honestly wanted to make love with him tonight. I wanted him to mark me as his! His touches made me
want for more. His sensual strokes on my sensitive spots put me under his spell. I didn't want this to
stop. His kisses on my neck almost made me faint. How I wish his hands experience my every flesh
and bones. He was this close in touching my breasts. Or I wanted him to touch me there. But then he
covered me with my shirt. He wants to do it right. I can wait for him. Even an eternity!

He pushed me out of his room literally. He doesn't want me there. I can understand his inner-struggle. I
slowly got down the stairs. Just when I was wondering on how to get back, I heard him.

"Hey loosu, Come I will drop you."

"Hey meanie, Stop calling me like that!"

"Awww, You are so cute! But I like to call you that. You are really that. I mean who in their right mind will
climb on a wall that is 7ft high? In a skirt?" he winked at me. I felt a knot in my lower stomach and hot in
my face.

"Bad boy." I intertwined my fingers in his hands. It just felt right.

"So you guys got along well, I guess." Jamin uncle came out from his room.

"Um... Yes uncle." I tried to take my hand from him but he gripped it tight, not letting go.

"Good, Does your mom know, Akshu? She showed me a picture of your groom. Looks like he is your
aunt's son. Your mom is looking for a reunion with your dad's family. She told me about your grandma
who is on her deathbed! This wedding is her final wish. She also said about a Will. Talk to your mother
soon, Akshu. Congratulations, Mr.Yadav! Akshu is a very good girl." Jamin uncle spoke long which I felt
was totally unnecessary. Because for every word he spoke, Yash tightened his grip on me.

"I will talk to her uncle. I am leaving for Chennai tomorrow. I will call you every other day. Good night."

"Sure, Akshu. Good night. Take care of her, Mr.Yadav." he sounded like a warning to Yash. How funny.
He is very protective of me. I'm very lucky to have lovable people around me.

"Haha, he will, uncle. See you."

We went out to his car. He didn't speak a word. He is very calm. God, Not again.

"Yash!" I touched his hand on the gear.

"Get this wrapped up soon, Shia." he said, looking me in the eye. His dark brown orbs pierced my soul.
"Will do, Yash. Please don't be mad. I like the playful Yash more." I pouted at him and leaned on his

"Love you, Shia. I get angry soon when it involves you. I actually am a composed person. But it
collapses if it's you." he said, caressing my cheek.

"I love it." I kissed his cheek. His shoulders felt like home. His eyes make me warm. His hands and lips
make me feel the stars.

"Don't kiss me too often like this. I may not be the same every time." he said, touching our foreheads

I closed my eyes. I can even die at this moment. Reaching him is my life's destiny. I still couldn't believe
that it's him sitting beside me and driving me home. I couldn't believe that he loves me too. I couldn't
believe his feelings were more intense than mine. I couldn't believe my admiration and craze for the
glowing star out of reach has brought it very close to me. I couldn't believe my love for him actually got
reciprocated. I must say, I am lucky. I mean, how many girls get to marry a star?!

Raajiv's PoV

She is a beautiful girl. I have never even dreamt a girl as beautiful as her will jump out of nowhere into
my life. I am not complaining though. I should actually thank grandma. I have an important meeting with
mom in the late afternoon. She had an operation yesterday that was 8hours long. She needs rest. If not
for it, she would be the first to come to the hospital.

Dheekshu is in training. She will make a good doctor in the near future. Someone knocked on my door.

"Come in!"

"Hi doc! Good morning. I have doubts about this report." Anika came in with a file.

"Come on, Anika. You are good at reading reports. Tell me what's the matter?"

"Raj, you know what I will talk about. Our marriage."

"Anika, please. I think we already spoke enough of it. I'm not interested in a marriage with you." She is

"Raj, But we have a beautiful chemistry between us. I think I have developed feelings for you."

"I like you, Anika. I love your company. I like spending time with you. But I don't love you. I told you this
so many times now. My answer won't change."

"Are you seeing someone?" She asked me.

"Well kind of. My mom chose my bride already."

"So when will be your wedding?"

"Anytime soon. Maybe within 3months!"

"So we are done?" she pouted. She is a beautiful girl too. My junior in college. Every boy had his eye
on her. But she chose me.

"Nope, Anika. We are not done. I will always enjoy your company." I went to her with an

assurance. She was happy with my assurance.

We have had an agreement since college. We hang out together, we get physical. But we won't force
each other into marriage. I am not sure of Akshitha. If she is open enough to accept this, I will continue
to entertain Anika. If she is a typical good girl type, then I should drop Anika here.

We started having physical relationships in college. Studying about everything and a beautiful girl on
my side made me do this. We were curious. After looking at Akshitha's picture, I feel guilty for having
done this. But I am safe. We both needed each other only for sex. No emotions involved. My heart is
clean for my future wife, you see!