Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 42: 42. Take Me!

Dheeksha's PoV

I couldn't sleep. His eyes follow me everywhere. I see him everywhere in my room. I didn't even
properly thank him on our first encounter. I was scared. But when I saw him in the conference room, I
knew it's him instantly.

The way he saw me, I felt it burning a hole through me. So intense. I never expected him to tell me that
I'm beautiful. It made my heart flutter. I liked it. We spoke for more than 30minutes after the meeting.
What did we talk about? I don't know. But I didn't ever want that time to get over.

He gave me his card. I know, he was shy to ask for my number. Having his number with me and not
contacting him seemed impossible. But I also knew he didn't recognise me. I just sent him a text telling
him that we have met before. No reply. He didn't see it yet. Has he slept already? God, It's 12.30am
already and I messaged a man whom I just met today? Wow!

I tried sleeping but sleep just played hide and seek with me. I opened the message box and looked at
his display picture. Handsome! He is really handsome. He has a string to my heart. He pulls it towards
him every second now. My phone pinged with his message while I was looking at his picture. It said he
recognised me. Am I happy? If Jumping on the bed at 2am in the night squealing joyfully comes under
the category of being happy, then I am happy! Ecstatic!

We chatted for a while. He has some inhibitions in talking to me. Maybe he wants to take it slow. But I
know what we have between us. I can give him his time. Shy guy!

I am now getting ready for the hospital. Mom and bro are waiting in the dining hall for me. We are all
doctors except for my dad. He is No More!

"Dheekshu, how long? It's already late!" my brother shouted from downstairs. I ran down and took a
seat beside him.

"If you get late, just go. I didn't ask you to wait. You always rush me every morning bro. By the way,
good morning!" I greeted him.

"Dheekshu, is this the way you talk to your brother? You are both going to the same place. Why 2 cars?
Help our environment. And try being a responsible doctor Dheekshu. Being late is the first
disqualification!" My mother started her long lecture. My brother had that teasing smile on his face.
How I wish to wipe that off of him.

"Raajiv, I found the facebook profile of Akshitha. There are not many pictures. But it has some. I have
sent you the link. She is a beautiful girl. We should bring her home. My anni(brother's wife) is all happy
that we asked for Akshitha's hand in marriage. I'm happy too to have a chance to rebuild the
relationship that was lost with my brother. Since grandpa is no more now, grandma's only wish is to
bring the family together!"

"Ma, Even if she is not beautiful, I will marry her. I know you won’t wrong me!"

Aahhh! Drama, Sentiment, My brother is a perfect son. I'm the total opposite. I'm always compared to
him. That is the main reason for me to hate him. But I also love him because he loves me
unconditionally. Though we fight every now and then, it's him I turn to, at all of my miserable times. He
is an idiot. He agrees for a marriage without looking at the picture of a girl? He lives in BC.

"Ma, Send me the link. I want to see her. This will proceed to the wedding only after my approval." I told

"Dheekshu, What did I say about grandma?" My mom said with a disapproving look.

"Ma, are you serious? Grandma is very old and on her deathbed. I love her too. But it's my bro's life we
are talking about. Grandma's life is , as per her records, may not exceed 3months. We can bring this,
What's her name? Ah, Akshitha and her mom home. Show them to grandma. Make her believe we are
one happy family. Even tell a lie that bro and that girl are going to marry. Make her happy when she

finishes her life journey. But pushing my bro into a loveless wedding is not right. Your loving son may
roll his head for whatever you say. But I will talk on behalf of him!" I said, my mom can’t be thinking
about grandma and spoil Raajiv’s future.

My brother patted my head lovingly. He bent down my ears and said,

"I already saw her pics. She is super beautiful. I said ok only after that. Anyways thank you for the long
talk, sis!" He went to wash his hands.

I know he is a tiger in a cow's disguise. Ouch! He hit my ego. All my emotions went in the drain? Cha,
Next time I should not stand up for him.

Yadav's PoV

She is literally testing my patience. She is hugging me from behind, shirtless? What did she think of
me? Some saint? I'm losing my self control. I turned to see her. But then, she hugged me tight burying
her face in my chest. I took my hands to hug her but dropped it down when my fingers felt bare skin.
She is going to be the death of me.

I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her out of me. She stood in front of me with her pink bra and a full
length skirt! Fuck!

She felt self conscious? How cute and sexy!? She tried to cover herself with her hands. My eyes never
left its treat. She is a perfectly carved girl with beautiful ups and downs.

"Shia!" I called her. She jumped on me, hugging me tight, closing my eyes. We lost balance and fell on
the couch, she was on top of me with her treasures pressed on me. Not Helping!

I started feeling her smooth skin on her back. The more my fingers caress her, the more she pastes her
on to me. I couldn't stop myself. But this is wrong. She is precious! She trusts me with all she has. I

should value it!

"Shia, please. Don't make it too hard for me. Put on your shirt and leave." I told her.

She lifted her head up to see me. Her eyes have that deliberate call for my hands to feel her. This is
getting out of control. "You don't want me?" She raised her eyebrows. She is very bold yet stupid. She
doesn't know what she is stepping into.

I clutched her hair and pulled it away from me such that her neck and cleavage were exposed to me.

"Huh..." she left out a loud gasp!

"You think I am a saint?" I dipped in her neck and trailed my kisses down her throat to the middle of her

"Yash!" she jerked when I gave her a love bite there. She is soft as hell. I cannot stop. I picked up her
shirt and covered her mounds, which is making me insane.

"Shia, Leave before it gets too much to control."

"I want more!" she clutched my shirt and started kissing me on my face, down my neck

while unbuttoning my shirt. Everytime her lips brush my skin, it ignites a fire that could only be put down
by her.

"Shia, Enough! I dont have the power to stop it if you are doing it. You will regret it later!" I told, stopping

"Mark me as yours, Yash. I don't know what happened to me. But all I know is I want you!" she said in a
pleasing voice.

"I know, You have no idea how much I wish to take you right here by tearing those clothes that hide you
from me. But baby, Please! This is not the right time. I promise you, You are mine to take. Please get
dressed and go home!" I said looking her in the eye. Her eyes are the only thing I want to see now to
harness my wild running dirty mind.

She hugged me tight and gave me a peck on my cheek. She turned me around away from

her. She is funny, she doesn't want me to see her putting on her shirt?

"I love you, Yash! I'm so happy. Have a good sleep. Will see you in the morning." She said getting in
front of me after dressing up.

"Love you too, baby. I wish I could see you in the morning. But I am leaving to Chennai now!" I told her.

"What? Why?"

"What happened to that wedding proposal?" I asked her, angry.

"oh, You are leaving because you are angry with me? Idiot, I will handle it. I came to tell you that. I was
angry at you when you ignored me. I just wanted to pull your leg. But I swear I had no idea that man
would call me. Sorry, Yash!" She said, holding her ears. She is so cute.

"Ok ok, I'm sorry too. But I told Shiva that I will be there tomorrow. He made my schedule, dear. I have
to go!" I said. I don't want to go.

"Can you start in the morning? I was planning to go to Chennai tomorrow. If you can stall for the
morning, we can go together.” She jumped like a kid.

"But how? You still need rest, Shia. And also your mom will know. She didn't like me, you know!"

"Sorry, she made you feel that way. I love you and she will learn to love you too. Give her time. I am
perfectly alright. I will go to the bus stand and you will pick me up there, Deal?" she said with her voice
full of sorry.

"Haha, What are we now? Some school lovers hiding away from their parents?" I asked her, she
makes me feel like I am a teenager.

"pch, will you wait for me or what?"

"Chill, tell me your time. We shall go together." I kissed her cheeks and pushed her out of my room.

"Good night, I will call you tomorrow. And this is not the right way to handle your wife, Mr.Yash!" she
said playfully.

"Enough, Call me. Now go." I showed her the stairs. She is impossible!