Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 41: 41. His Confession

Akshu's PoV

After my mom retired to sleep, I sneakily went out to go and meet Yash. The more I delay talking to
him, the more he is going to go away from me. The good thing about my mom is she will sleep very
early, at 8.30pm. And also she is a sound sleeper.

I climbed on the wall and was about to call Manoj to come there to catch me. But then I saw Yash
sitting near the pool with his legs in the water. Eli was sitting with him and talking like the world is going
to end tomorrow. I just wish to kill her. But then the looks on Yash's face showed me he is not enjoying
her company. That calmed me down a little. He keeps moving away from her and she gets even more
closer than the previous time. Aaargh!

"Yash!" I couldn't tolerate seeing them together anymore. I called out on him.

He raised his eyes at me and turned. He turned away? How dare he!

"Hey, Akshitha! How many times do we have to tell you not to climb on the wall? You are going to break
it." Eli shouted.

That's it!

"Oh shut up, Eli. It's not your property anymore. Let him say that." I said to her and looked at him, "Are
you going to come and catch me now or what?" I asked him.

"Why should he do that? Talk to him with respect, Akshitha." she said.

God! What is with her?

"Yash!" I called him in a final tone.

He stood up and came near the wall and I jumped on him. He caught me safely and was about to put
me down.

"Uh.. Don't put me down. I want to talk to you. Take me to your room." I whispered to him. He looked at
me and put me down.

"We have nothing to talk about, I guess." He said coldly.

I pulled his collar and bent him down so that his face got in line with mine.

"If you don't take me to your room now, I will kiss you. Eli is looking at us. I swear I will do it."

He had a smirk which said I won't.

Huh, Who does he think I am? I pulled him closer and crashed my lips on his. I chained my hands
around his neck and pulled him in even more. He went rigid at first but soon warmed up. He grabbed
my waist and started to deepen the kiss just when that stupid Eli interrupted again.

"What the hell? I never thought you were this cheap, Akshitha. You kissed a man without his consent?
Gross, Are you this desperate for men?" she started shrieking.

"Shut up! Another word on her and you are dead." Yash defended me. His voice was so sharp that
even I had a ball of fear in my stomach. Eli just stood there in shock while he picked me up and took
me to his room walking past her.

I opened his room and he went in. I closed it behind us. Though I am overwhelmed with the way he
spoke for me, I am still afraid of his sudden outburst. I dare not look him in the eye. He put me down
gently near the love seat.

He lifted my chin up to make me see him. His eyes are dark filled with lust. His breath fanning my
cheek, I was slowly losing myself. He palmed my cheeks and took my lips in his! We continued what

we started. This kiss was very sensual. I saw stars in my closed eyes. Our lips move synchronously,
Our tongue dancing to the same tune, It is heaven! I felt my knees buckle and lose sense of my legs.
My eyes rolled up making sparkles all over my body. He started stroking my back, arms and pulled me
in his chest by my waist balancing my now limp body.

We broke to catch some air. I buried my face on his chest. I am too shy to look up at him.

"I love you, Yash!" I told him, hugging him tight.

He was very silent. That was odd. His grip on me loosened. He just stood there. Not


"Shia, See! This is not what you think. It's just an..."

I stopped him. He is going to say something that will hurt me.

"Yash, How long are you going to deny your feelings for me? Don't complicate it. I love you. If I'm not
going to live with you, I will never be happy. If you want to see me unhappy for my whole life then do
what you are doing now. Just deny me! I will die in front of your eyes." I told him.

"Shit, Shia, listen, I'm not a good guy. I don't believe in love. I'm not the guy who stays with the same
girl for the whole life. I like you. That's true. I care for your safety. That is true too. But I don't know if I
love you." He said. God, how can I teach him that he is in love with me?

"God, Who am I for you to care for my safety? Why do you like me? Have you ever felt responsible for
some random girl's safety? Have you ever shortened your trip abroad and came running to see a girl in
hospital? Don't you know why you did all this to me? Because you love me, idiot! How am I going to tell
you what love is?" I am exhausted. He is not sure of his feelings.

"Stop it, Shia. I know I did all this to you. I may have done all this because I thought you were beautiful.
To me, beauty is something I see in every girl. This all is just an attraction towards you. It may vanish
as soon as I get you on my bed!" He said not meeting my eyes.

He is a ruthless moron. Just talking won’t get into his thick skull.

"Ok, You have a valid point. Tell me how many times did you have sex in the past 2 months? I know,
Nil. Why?"

"How do you even be sure of that? Nothing on the news doesnt mean I had no sex." He said. He
doesn't know that his words are scarring my soul.

"Alright, Take me now, Yash. I'm all yours. If your interest on me vanish after this sex, I won’t bother
you anymore. Anyways I won’t marry another man. I have considered myself as yours. So I have no
problem giving myself to you." I spoke while unbuttoning my shirt.

He held my hand midway. "Shia." his voice rang in warning.

"I'm not playing, Yash. You think you need to have sex with me? That is what interests you in me? Let's
do it. I don't know about you. But I need you. I don't care if it's just for a night or my whole life. I love
you." I pushed his hands aside and took my shirt off.

"Stop it, Shia. Put your shirt on!" He turned away to the other side.

"Why? Don't I look appealing? I know I am a curvy woman!" I walked in front of him and tried to take my
bra off.

"God, I love you. I Love you, alright! Now put on your shirt. You are the sexiest girl I have ever seen.
Don't test my self control. I don't want to do this now. And yes I didnt have any interest in other women

after seeing you. I didn't even have the urge to have sex. But now I'm not sure. Put your clothes on and
go out before it gets too late." He said turning to the other side. It worked after all.

I hugged him from behind. He is mine! Only mine!