Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 40: 40. Midnight Texts

Akshu's PoV

"Ma, I told you I love Yash. Why did you give my number to that man? It's getting too much, Ma. You
are invading my personal space. Why don't you value my feelings? Yash is a very good man. He is not
what the media projects. Even if that was true, my love will reform him."

I'm pretty mad at my mom. I decided to end this once and for all. I want my Yash in my life. I should
make mom accept him wholeheartedly. I cannot lose my only family. For all this to happen, I must
eliminate Raajiv.

"Akshu, I have raised you to see you live happily without anything on your shoulders to carry. I have not
raised you to reform someone. Raajiv is the best. He is a doctor. Talk to him. See him in person. He is
an attractive man too. You will like him. He is the right one for you."

"Ma, Did you hear yourself? I said living with Yash is the only thing that will make me happy. And you
say you want me to be happy marrying the man I don't even like to talk about?"

"You cannot decide before meeting him, Akshu. Raajiv is our relative. A close one!"

"Wow, When did this new relationship sprout? Out of nowhere!? I won't be happy if Yash is not in my

"Raajiv is the son of Devaki. Your dad's sister. Devaki called me inquiring about you for his son. I did
my back work. He is the best." Mom is adamant and so am I.

"He may be the best. But for me, Yash is the best. Ma please liste..." She cut me off.

"Akshu, I decided to marry you to Raajiv. I think he is perfect for you. Besides, I love to get in touch with
our relatives. How long are we going to live alone like this? So your wedding with him is my choice. You
can decide otherwise. But if you do, then I'm out of your life!"

She went in. She is not ready to talk? Where does this stupid people jump from in our lives suddenly?
What am I going to do now? Dad's dad was so stubborn that he didn't accept dad and mom when they
married without his consent. He didn't even come to dad's funeral. Cruel people. Mom doesn't entertain
the idea of relatives. But what happened now that changed mom's opinion?

I slumped on the couch. I cannot stay here arguing and fighting with mom. She has made her mind up.
As far as I know, It's nearly impossible to change her mind. I told Kavi that I will come there sunday. But
I am now prepared to go there tomorrow.

I should meet this Raajiv Aththaan(Maternal aunt's son) and explain to him that I am already in love
with someone else. Maybe he will hear me out. I should do this as soon as possible. Before everything,
I should talk to Yash. He must know that I love him for eternity.

Shiva's PoV

I had a great day. It is weird but true that I had no inhibitions talking with Dheeksha. It was very natural.
I didn't know for so long that I had it in me. I mean the courage to talk to a girl! We chatted for a while
after the meeting and I insisted on dropping her. But she refused saying she had her ride. Burn!

I gave her my business card. I must have asked for her number. But I felt it was too much asking for
her number at the very first meeting. But I regret it now. I went to bed after setting up a few meetings
for Yadav tomorrow.

It was a new venture for Yadav. We were looking at the surroundings when we came across a camp.
Nearby was a little village from where people came for that medical camp. Yadav felt too tired and he
went to the newly constructed building half way through our tour. I went on when I saw 2men arguing
with a girl going dangerously near her. I stepped in to see that they were angry that she poked one of
them in the wrong spot that he endured more pain. The girl was weeping and none of her friends came

to help. I then noticed it was break time and none of the senior doctors were there. I asked what they
wanted and they demanded money. I knew instantly that the girl was not at fault.

I acted as if I'm calling the police and they took off. That girl thanked me and ran in the

camp tent. Poor girl.

I woke up and sat on the bed. We have met before. That girl is Dheeksha. That must be her final year
in MBBS. She remembered me? Or she just asked me without knowing? I am an idiot. I should have
remembered her. Or at least I should have got her number. Shit! I picked up my phone and saw a
message from an unknown number. I opened it.

'We have met before, Shiva. Think about it. Good Night.


I was feeling ecstatic. So she remembered me. She asked me to know if I remember her. She must be
upset. I wanted to talk to her. I wanted to hear her voice. But now it's 2am. It will be very inappropriate
to call a girl at this hour.

'I remember you, weeping doctor. Sorry I didn't recognise you at once. Good Night.'

I messaged her and was waiting for her reply. Yeah, I know, She would be sleeping. But I just couldn't
sleep. What the hell is this? I never thought I would fall in love. But am I now!? I don't know if this is
love because I have never felt this way with any girl before.

'Glad you remembered me. I'm not a weeping doctor anymore!'

She replied, She didn't sleep? Oh, she is a doctor. Maybe night shifts!?

'I can see that! Didn't sleep yet?'

'Nope! Didn't feel like sleeping! You?'

'I woke up! Not sleepy anymore!'

'Why? Did something disturb you?'

'What if I say yes and that is you?'

'I never knew you could talk like this!'

'What else you know about me?'

'um...you are shy with girls!'

'Who said that?'

'No one. I just assumed. well I now know I'm not good at assumptions.'

'Is that a bad thing?'

'I like to be your disturbance.'

Whoa, She is bold. It's kinda too fast for me. I like it. But I would love to take it slow.

'It's late Dheeksha. Good night. Will talk to you tmw!'

'What should I assume now? You don't like me?'

'You know you are not good at assumptions'

'good night!'

I never knew I would talk to a girl through messages in the middle of the