Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 39: 39. A Beautiful Doctor

Akshu's PoV

Disaster! Why!? Why does something like this always happen to me? Shit! I never thought that stupid
Raajiv will call me. His timing was perfect. Mom is ruining everything I struggled to build. She gave him
my phone number and didn't care to tell me? Atrocious!

I was angry at Yash for not coming down to get me. Just by his looks, I can tell he got back into his
shell again. I just wanted to pull his leg and it backfired at me. I ran behind him to explain that I'm not
interested in that proposal. But he shut me off, Again! What am I going to do now? I should talk mom
out of this mess. If she wouldn't nudge, I should tell my refusal to Raajiv and his mom when I meet him
next weekend.

I'm healed. But it still exhausts me if I climb stairs. So I didn't climb behind him to his room. First thing
first. I should sort out the mess around me before I talk to him.

Kavya's PoV

It's very boring being here without Akshu. She sure is a nuisance but a loving nuisance. I hope she
comes as soon as possible. It's already the weekend. We still have five more days for the joining date.
Akshu said she will come on sunday.

I decided to go shopping. Like window shopping. I really don't have anything to buy. I just want to get
out to get some fresh air and see some new faces. Being in the room leaves me to think only about that
horrific incident and it makes me feel like killing myself. Shalu aunty calls me every other day to keep
me in check. Akshu's job. I informed her about my outing!

I took the scooty and went to the nearby mall. I started roaming around. It's kinda refreshing. I was
surfing through the clothes in a shop when I saw something through the glass on the opposite side.

I ran out to get a clear view. Is that really him? It is him. Vishwa! With a girl kinda modern. Unlike me.
She was a beautiful girl. I walked across to get a better view. I hid behind a pillar without them noticing

"Vish, It's been a long time man. Where have you disappeared? Shall we meet up tonight?"

"Listen, Nita. What we had was just a one night stand. I prefer it stays that way."

"Come on, Vish. I was a pure virgin when you had me. I thought you were in love with me. But you
cheated me. Now you.."

"Shut up, Nita. I gave you enough money to lose your virginity to me. So that's a trade once you get
money. Don't do this emotional blackmailing to me. I'm far better at that than you!"

"Cool down man. Ok ok, Why not another night with some money again?"

"I won't entertain the same woman again. bye Nita."

She went away. I regret having heard this conversation. I feel a sharp pain in my heart. After our
encounter at the hospital, I thought maybe there is more that is not seen. I still thought he may be a
good man after all. But now?

I didn't know I was crying until a drop fell on my shoes. I wiped it off and turned to leave. But then I
bumped on him again. When did he come? Did he know I heard him talk filthy?

"Sorry." I tried to move away but then he caged me against the pillar.

"Kavya, You always hear and see the wrong part." He said. How dare he?

"Let me go!" I refused to look at him.

"I say it again. Don't just believe what you see or hear. There is always another side to the


"Why? Why Vishwa? Why are you doing this to me?"

"I have no other choice. I started something just like that and now I'm trapped. I really don't have any
idea that something like this will happen to me. I'm a mess, Kavya! Gimme some time to sort it out!"

"I don't understand anything that you say. I can't stop my heart from running after you. You are such a
low life ,Vishwa. My mind knows it well. But my heart refuses. You killed my soul, Vishwa. Please don't
come into my life ever again. Let me go!"

He removed his hands and stood aside giving me a way. I walked away without sparing him a look. He
doesn't deserve it. He spoiled a girl's life and is not guilty? How many girls does he cheated on?

There are girls of his type readily available to share his bed. Why does he target innocents with a bait
called 'love'? Will he ever feel guilty of what he is doing?

Shiva's PoV

Handling Yadav's business is very hard. He is obviously an expert. He called me just now. He is
starting from Coonoor tonight. He will come to the office tomorrow. A big burden is off my shoulders
soon. I'm relieved but I also feel bad for him that he didn't even spend 3 days there. I have a meeting
with these medical insurance people regarding the policies of our employees. Yadav said that
Pranesh's hospital has tied up with an insurance company and it would be better if we change to them
to get the best for our employees.

I went into the conference hall to see them that have come already. I greeted everyone and took the
seat. There were 3 people. 2 men and a girl. A beautiful girl.

"I'm Shiva. I represent Yadav for today."

"Hello, Shiva. I'm Manikandan and he is Rudramurthy. We are from the insurance company."

"Nice meeting you. And you Miss?"

"Hi, I'm Dheeksha. I'm an oncologist with MJ hospitals. I'm here to represent our hospital and our Deen
Mrs.Devaki." She said and I heard jingles when she talked.


The meeting went on for another 1hour and we had a break. Their schemes are very good and cover
almost all medical conditions. But I just have to make sure they have anything like conditions applied.
The main point of us switching to them is for the betterment of our workers.

"Um... Have we met before?" Dheeksha asked me.

"Sorry, Not that I remember of. But you do look familiar." I lied. You know it will be rude to say no on a
girl's face. That too on a beautiful girl's face.

"Never mind, Sorry!" her face held guilt.

"Please don't be, Ms. Dheeksha. So you are an oncologist huh? You look so young."

"um...I'm actually an intern. I'm in my final semester in MD."

"Wow, intern in a very big concern. Lucky you, Congratulations!"

"Well, Actually it turns out that MJ hospital's Deen is my mother. So yeah, I didn't do much to get in!"
she said meekly.

That was cute.

"Good for you, A girl like you should be in comfort all your life."

"Really? Why do you say so?"

"Well, You are beautiful." Her face turned crimson, I was shocked! Did I really tell that out loud to her?
I'm not this kinda guy.