Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 38: 38. Perfect Groom

Akshu's PoV

I don't know what to do. Mom is not ready to talk with me about Yash. I thought she would not say no to
love marriage because she herself had a love marriage. That is why we have no relatives. Mom and
dad had a very loving life.

One day a police constable came with the grave news that my dad met with an accident and he was
dead on the spot. We were shattered. My mom took almost a year to recover. She even asked me
about committing suicide. Benjamin uncle talked her out of it. She is now living for me. Only me.

I took the picture mom put on the table. He looks smart. Who is he by the way? Where did he jump
from? I never knew mom was in the groom hunt for me. We have never spoken about it. Ok, Now I
should talk to mom about stopping whatever it is going on with this nameless guy. We can talk about
Yash later.

I badly want to see him. But mom is not going anywhere today. I cannot ask her to go and see Jamin
uncle. Obviously she will know why I am asking. Duh! Knowing that he is behind the wall, I cannot stay

Being in here is very boring too. Someone rang the bell and I went to open it. That's Manoj and Rahul.

"Akka (sis)! How are you?" Both asked me.

"I'm good da. What are you guys doing here at this time? No college?"

"No akka. Study holidays have started. We knew you would be bored. So just came by to give you
company." Manoj said.

"You are walking already? Take a rest." Rahul said.

"I'm alright. Maa, Manoj and Rahul are here. I'm going out with them." I shouted looking inside.

"Ok, But be careful. Walk slowly." she said.

We went out walking to the compound. They both panicked and said no for me to climb.

"Akka, there is no sand bed. It's very dangerous." Rahul said.

"I know. I have a special way of jumping. Now you both jump."

I climbed on the compound wall and sat comfortably. I picked my phone and called Yash.

"Yash, I need you now."

".." No answer?

"Yash, Are you there? Come to the pool."

"I have other important work to do." He said coldly.

Not again, Not from the start!

"I will jump down if you don't come in 2minutes." I disconnected the call.

But I'm afraid. What would I do if he didn’t come? He is an expert in ignoring. I waited for him to come.

Yadav's PoV

She is a nuisance. I already am feeling weird about her. She calls me up and says 'I need you now'?
Seriously? This gives me all bad ideas. I made up my mind to ignore her yesterday night. But now, I
just want to see her. She disconnected telling me that she will jump if I don't go.

I saw her through the window. She was sitting in the exact same spot where I caught her yesterday.
Should I go? Or should I not?

She picked up her phone and I got a call. "I'm going to jump." she said that and jumped. My heart
skipped a beat and I ran down. She is an idiot. That wall is 7feet. I should have gone when she called
me. I never thought that she would do this. When I reached there, she was walking beside the pool with
2other guys. How? Is she not injured?

"Idiot, Are you insane? Don't you know to be careful? Why the hell did you jump? Are you alright?" I
started shouting.

"Pch, I called you and you didnt come on time. My little brothers caught me alright. Now move aside.
We have many important works. My mom has fixed my wedding with a man. I may get a call from my
future hubby. I need some privacy." she said looking me in the eye. She is not lying.

"What the hell? Who is that? So you kissed me knowing that you have a to-be-groom?" I held her

"Aahh, You are hurting me. And no. I didn't know that before. I got to know it later. And anyways you
have decided to ignore me right? What is your problem if I get married to another man? You should
actually be happy. I won't bother you anymore. " She said with her voice full of anger.

But I'm more angry than her. How can she do this? She really changed her mind so quickly? Why the
hell does this news feel like my heart is being pricked by 1000 needles? Her phone rang and she had a
question mark on her eyebrows.

"Akka, He is Yadav Rishid, right?" one of the boys asked her.

She just nodded her head.

"Did you both kiss? Are you in love with each other? So cool. I knew it when you always looked for his
pictures and news online. I'm so happy that you ..." she stopped him between.

"We don't love! That was a mistake." she said.

Does she mean kissing me was a mistake? But I thought I should cherish it for the rest of my life! How
stupid am I? What does she have that all the other girls who shared my bed don't? Why should I let my
guard down for her?

Her phone rang again. She picked it up.

"Hello! Who is this?"


"Hi, Mr.Raajiv. My mom told me about you just yesterday. I'm good. Thank you. How are you?"


"Um...Sure. Yeah I'm feeling better. Thank you."


"um...ofcourse we can meet. I am planning to join Rishid softwares next week wednesday. We can
meet on the weekend."


"Sure, Mr.Raajiv. Yes please!"


"Hi aunty. I'm good. Thank you. How are you?"


"Um...We shall talk about it, aunty. Sure. We will meet. Bye aunty!"

She disconnected the call. I know it's her groom to be. I went in without waiting for her answer. Do we
really have anything to talk about between us?

"Yash! " she came running behind me.

"Stop running, idiot! You are not completely healed yet. Now just go away." I went upstairs and locked
the room. I cannot stay here anymore. It's her life. She can do whatever she likes. I already knew that
I'm not right for her. I already have decided to stay clear of her way. Now if she is going to get engaged
to someone else, she will be out of danger too!

Until she gets engaged, I decided to keep her on watch with Joshua. Then I should get her out of my
brain and heart.