Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 37: 37. Arranged Marriage?

Akshu's PoV

We broke our kiss when we heard my mom's bike coming. His face held guilt.

"I'm sorry, Shia." he said.

He said what? What is he sorry for?

"You don't like me?" I asked him.

"Pch, Stop talking like this, Shia. I have this weird feeling towards you. I can promise you that never
have I ever felt this before on anyone. I said sorry because even now I feel I'm not the one for you!" He
said. He is struggling to accept that this weird feeling he has on me is called love.

"I love you!" I told him still in his embrace.

He looked at me like I'm going to disappear any second now. His deep brown orbs are trying to pierce
my eyes. When I leaned in for another kiss, he took a step back.

“I will see you tomorrow.” He said walking out of the room.

My mom came in exactly when we came out of our room. Her face had a big question mark. I can
sense anger in her. I should explain everything to her.

"Hello, Mrs.Sumathi. I'm Yadav Rishid. I'm the one who bought Mr.Benjamin's mansion. He said your
daughter is a fan of mine. So just came by to see her." he spoke like it's the truth.

Thiruttu paiyan! (Little thief)

"Oh, Welcome son. Yes, my daughter is a fan of yours. She even has your picture framed on the walls."

"She just showed me now. I'm so happy to have met her. I just got to know that she knows my mom
and dad too. Such a small world. It's nice to meet you too. If you don't mind, can I call you aunty?"

Wow, He is a natural!

"Sure, son. She knows your mom and dad?" my mom asked him and saw me. Oops, I forgot to tell her
that Shalu aunty is his mom.

"um...yes ma. Shalu aunty is his mom. I just got to know this last week. I forgot to tell you!"

"Oh! So that is why you wanted to join his company? Did you get a recommendation from Shalini?" My
mom asked me with a raised tone.

"Oh no, aunty. I didn't do any interviews recently."

Thank God. He saved me.

"Oh, She said she got a call letter from your office . But she had signed a contract for a year in this
office where she is now working." my mom said, giving him a fresh coffee with some snacks and fresh

"That's not a problem, aunty. Our HR department will take care of that."

He went out after having a little chit chat and making my mom believe whatever he said was true. He
made more of my work easier. Now mom wouldn't have so many questions.

"So Akshu, How many of what he was telling were true?" my mom asked me after sending him
off.What should I tell her?


"I can read between the lines, Akshu. He was good at shielding away. But you are not. I saw you
fumble and fiddle whenever I asked him something."

Ok, My mom is a genius. I told her everything . From our first encounter to this time. Except for the
sensor part and the part where I proposed to him. Duh! My mom is a very strict woman.

"So you already like him. Now what?" She asked me.


"If you have any idea to take this relationship to the next level, I'm sorry Akshu, that is not going to
happen. He is not the right man." she said sternly.

"You say this even after you heard everything I said about him? He is a good man at heart. I ... um... I
love him ma. Please don't talk like this." I almost shouted.

"Akshu!" she raised her voice more than mine.

"He may be a good man in everything. But not with girls. I just spoke to Emily. She said he tried to kiss
her when she was in the pool today morning. A womanizer is not going to be your life partner. This
attraction will subside with time. You can be friends with him. You can work in his office. You can
continue going to Shalini's house. But you are not letting him in your heart.” She spoke like she was
giving me an order.

"You believe Emily? He is not like she said. She is a liar, ma!"

"Ok, Emily lied. What about numerous news stories about him? All were lies?" She asked me for which
I don't have an answer to.

"Ok, So you would have believed it if my picture came on the news that night? Not every news story is
true, ma!" I tried to talk her out of her views on him.

"I would believe it if that came in the newspapers!" she said coldly.

Shattered is a small word to describe my state.


"I always want the best for you. He is not the best. I have already chosen a nice man for you. Without
any flings attached." She placed a photo on the table and went in.What should I do now? How will I
compromise her? That Eli is a bitch. How dare she lied on him. After 2months of struggle, Yash is now
getting a bit close to me. But now, mom is getting in the way!

Yadav's PoV

I can sense uncertainty in her mom's demeanour. She is not happy with my presence. I knew it. This is
why I wanted to stay away from her. I now know why my mom was so worried about my reputation.
This playboy tag is not going to just disappear. I am not complaining about Shia's mom. This is what
every parent would feel like.

This is why I avoided her as much as I could. She may not join my office next week. I cannot see her
henceforth. Shit! I should have not kissed her. That's a big mistake. I should have controlled my
feelings and emotions towards her.

She just walked all over me. I let her do it to me. That lingering kiss we shared a little before is the thing
I have to cherish forever! I badly wanted to divert myself. I should make it easy for Shia to go away
from me. Actually I should have done that long back!

"May I come in, Mr.Yadav." That screeching voice again.

God, Can't people understand ignoring?

"Yes!" I said reluctantly.

"Hi Mr.Yadav, Are you bored? I can take you on a tour of our corn field, coffee estate and strawberry

"Sorry, Emily. I'm tired. We shall go tomorrow"

"Oh, It's ok. Actually you can call me Em like you said in the morning." I just want to bang my head on
the wall.

"Sure. Now if you will please excuse me, I have some important calls to make." I restrained myself from
lashing out on her.

"Come on, Mr.Yadav. You are on vacation. We shall play something. How about chess? or carrom

How can I tell her to get out in a more diplomatic way ? Is she uneducated?

"Do you have a degree, Ms.Emily?" I asked her.

"Yes! I'm a fashion designing graduate. I'm now doing my masters in it."

"Nice, You don't have any assignments?"

"I do. Shall we work together?"

"Pch, Will you please get out, Ms.Emily? I have had enough. I said I will call you Em just to pull the legs
of Shia. Not because I like you. Now please!" I showed her the door.