Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 36: 36. First Kiss?

Akshu's PoV

I never expected him to come to me like a ball from a wall. He pulled me out of the pool dodging all my
protests and carried me to his room. I won't lie, I enjoyed every second in his hands. He was getting
wet from me. I mean his dress was getting wet!

I could feel his muscles bulging under his shirt. But I am angry. He always takes up so much advantage
on me but yet denies everything. I don't know what I said triggered him this time. My stupid heart is
melting in his hands but my mind tells me to jump out and run in the opposite direction for he is
disrespecting my feelings in every instance. But I know, I can't do that. After all, I know his concern for
me. Something is stopping him.

He gave me his clothes to change. My heart made somersaults in happiness. Being in the same room
as his and getting to wear his clothes, I already feel like his wife. But I put on an act like I'm totally
disinterested. Yeah. I have to take care of my image, you know. I felt an irritation on my stomach where
they have stitched the wound. I reacted to it and he ran to my side. I said it's my wound that hurts. I
saw a true guilt in his face as he apologised again. Poor him!

WAIT! What? He wants to see my boo-boo? My wound that was on the side of my stomach? He wants
me to lift up my shirt for him? No way.

I felt too shy to show him my privates. Hey, don't look at me like that. Anything that is covered in clothes
are my privates, alright. But he yelled at me saying he is not a pervert. I can never think of him like that.
He is not like that, at least not to me. He mistook my shyness for reluctance.

But then something struck my mind. I mistook his shyness for reluctance? He went rigid because he
was shy? I thought he didn't want me. He pushed me away because I was comparing myself with his
flings? I want to make it up for him. I wanted to tell him that I am not thinking any low of him.

I picked up his clothes and went to the restroom to change. I took off all my clothes and wore his t-shirt
and pants. Just them. I felt totally weird. The scent on his shirt just reminds me of him. It's like hugging
him naked. I am having these wild imaginations still inside the restroom. I don't have trust in myself. I
stayed in the room to gather up courage to open the door.

"How long? Are you ok? Do you need any help?" he started knocking on the door.

"I don't want your help. You go out. and close your eyes. I will go home by myself." I shouted from

"Pch! Don't play around, Shia! Come out!" His voice rang in warning.

"Close your eyes." I insisted.

"How will I dress you if I close my eyes?" he said. I don't know what he felt when he said that. He may
have said that with true concern. But my filthy mind was picturing him actually dressing me up!

"Dress my wound, you mean?" I asked him to reconfirm. This sentence was making weird butterflies in
my tummy.

"I have a way to open the lock from outside. Just open up, Shia!" I think I stayed here very long.

"Aiyo, Please, Yash. I feel weird wearing your dress."

"That's ok. I won't laugh." He said. He won't laugh? So he will laugh at me? He thinks I'm staying
behind just because he will laugh at me? What did he think of me? Am I not a grown up girl with
dangerous love hormones running wild all over me? He thinks I am a school girl? I decided to tease

"God, I have no inner wears. I... um.. I feel shy to come out in front of you." I whisper yelled to him.

I heard nothing out. Did he go? Cha, wasteland, No romantic ideas. Did he really have so many girls
with romantic ideas behind him? Nope, Not possible. Butter-cutter! Those are pure sex.

I opened the door to see him standing straight in front of the door that I bumped into.

Yadav's PoV

"I'm sorry. I thought you went away." she said without raising her eyes to look at me. She looked so
sexy in my clothes. My t-shirt sliding on one of her shoulders showing off her milky skin, her wet hair,
her blush on her cheeks. She looks adorable yet sexy.

I took her hands and made her walk slowly to the bed. I made her sit down and went to get my first aid
box. She never looked up at me once so far.

"Lift up your shirt." I told her ever so softly.

She shook her head in a No. I pushed her down gently on the pillow and sat near her. I slowly rolled up
my tshirt on her. She held my hands when I didn't stop. I got carried away! I caressed her stomach with
my fingers and she closed her eyes tight. She took her lower lip in her teeth to stop her moans coming
out. Fuck! She is so hot.

I took off her old bandage and cleaned the wound. I put on new dressing and pulled her shirt down.
She let out a long breath which made her bosoms raise and dip. God! I cannot see her like this.

"Um... get ready. I will drop you in your home." I said, diverting my gaze.

She sat up and looked at me. Fuck! She is making it so hard for me to stay away. Her eyes literally call
me to do every dirty stuff on her. But she is to be handled gently in a more appropriate situation. I left
her and went out of the room giving her space.

"We shall go." She came behind me and said in a little voice full of disappointment. I didn't turn to see
her for I know if I turn, I may fail to withhold myself. I walked to the stairs but came back to her and
carried her bridal style. She buried her face on my chest. The flimsy shirt gives away all her treasures. I
could literally feel her body. I ran down the stairs and put her down at once. I walked to my car and
opened the door for her. She got in and I drove to her home.

"Be at rest. Don't roam around like you did today. If you want to come there, give me a call. I will come
and pick you up." I told her, helping her out of the car.

"Come in!" she said holding my hand.

"Your mom?" I asked her. It is not safe for us to be alone.

"She is not home yet."

"I will come when she is here. Now get in and take rest!"

"Your dress? Come in and get your dress." she said in a hurry.

She is killing me. I don't want to do something today that I will regret later. But it looks like she is
determined to make me lose my self control.

"I will get it later. Bye!" I said trying to get out of her grip on my hand.

"Don't make a scene, Yash. Come in. I won't eat you." she said with a glint of naughtiness.

That's it! I pulled her to me and held her chin up.

"But I will eat you. Stop doing this, Shia! Don't play with my feelings. You will regret it later!" I warned

Akshu's PoV

His warning only made my butterflies go wild. His tight grip on me makes me want to yearn for more.

"But you are the one who is playing with my feelings." I told him, looking in the eye.

"Pch, How hard is it to just go into your home?" He yelled at me.

"How hard can it be to just come into my home for once?"I questioned him.

He looked lost. He left me and moved away.

"Ok, Go in. I will wait here. Change and bring my clothes." He said.He is not going anywhere before he
accepts his feelings for me. The Yash people talk about, just dont think before fucking a girl. But my
Yash is afraid of me. He doesn't want to do that to me.

I pulled him inside the home and made him sit on the couch in the hall. I went in to make coffee for him.
When I came back with the coffee , he was not there in the hall. Where did he go? I went into my room
to see him looking at his picture on my wall beside the bed.

"Are you crazy?" he asked me.

"I don't know, Yash. I admired you when I made this frame. But now I love you. I am living for you. This
is my only ventilator that has been holding my life for the past week."

"Shia, I'm not the one for you. Please don't make it hard for me. I.." I cut him off.

I went behind him and hugged him. He stopped talking. I stopped thinking as I hugged him tight,
pressing my bosoms on him. He went rigid again. But now I know, he controls himself which he doesn't
have to. I belong to him.

"I love you, Yash."

He took my hands off and turned to me. He took my face in his palms and looked me in the eye. He
crashed his lips on mine and sucked the life out of me!