Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 35: 35. Dress Her Up?

Yadav's PoV

This Emily is a nuisance. I think I landed myself in a ditch. I cannot tolerate her talk being disrespectful
to Shia. I knew Shia wanted to get back at me for pulling her leg outside when she spoke like she
doesn't know me. But Emily took advantage and spoke real mean to her.

I cannot see her little face full of embarrassment. She ignored me and went out. I know she cannot go
home without help. I excused myself from them and went out to see her sitting with her legs in the pool.

I wanted to apologise to her for what happened. But when I did, she again went away ignoring me
which made my anger shoot up. I held her elbow and warned her not to ignore me. But she did
something unexpected. She hugged me.

I have had this disturbance in my mind since I saw her here. Her closeness with me is driving me crazy.
I now have all bad ideas about her which I have never felt with any girl before. I want to feel her. But I
know I can't do that to her. She deserves better. I wanted to stay away from her.

But then she got all wrong about my reluctance. She thinks that I avoid her because she is not rich like
me? She thinks that I'm thinking so low of her? She is something that happened to me without my
knowledge. She has that power to control me. For once, I really love to be under her control. But she
deserves better.

I couldn't tolerate what she said about herself and I lost my cool again. I hate myself for doing that. I
turned to leave and went near the door but I can't just leave her in the pool. I forgot about her injury. I
ran to help her.

"Are you alright, Shia? Here give your hand. I'm sorry, does it hurt somewhere?" I asked her, lending
my hand to her.

"I don't want your help. Who are you to help me? I was mad to think that you have the same feeling I
had on you. But you just pushed me away. You always do that. Everytime, it was me who came running
behind you confessing my love for you. You never did. I am sorry to have bothered you. You made it so
clear now that I am wrong. Just get lost!"

She spoke crying. I felt guilty for doing this to her. But at the same time I could not hear her say that I'm
no one to her. I know, I'm not clear in my head. I truly don't know what I really want.

I ignored her shouts and pulled her out of the pool and carried her to my room.

"Let me go, Yash. I hate you. You don't love me, right? I don't love you either. Now let me go." she
shouted when I carried her on the stairs.

"Shhh! Don't shout, Shia. Your Jamin uncle will hear." I stopped her in a low tone.

"Why should he not hear? I hate you. Let him know that you hit me just because I love you!" she replied
to me in a husky voice. OMG, she is so cute.

"Why the hell are you smiling? Are you nuts? I'm telling you that I hate you. Idiot! Let me go." she
continued in a husky voice while beating me with her tender hands on my chest.

I put her down in my room and went to the wardrobe to get a change of clothes and towel for both of

"Here, That's the restroom. Go and change. I will drop you in your home. Go." I gave her a towel and
my t-shirt and pants.

"I said I don't want your help. Are you deaf? I know how to get to my house." She refused to take the
clothes from me.

"Like how you came in? Idiot! Now stop arguing and go get changed." I got back to my grumpy self,
she is testing my patience.

"Pch, You are so complicated. You keep me away whenever I come near you. It hurts me, Yash. You
were very clear from the start to keep me away. But it's me who gets confused. Now I know what you
wish. I will go away. I won't bother you anymore. Just open the door." she spoke with a tinge of regret. I
regret it too. I may have behaved rudely to her. But I really don't intend to do that. It's the only way to
keep her away. But when she says what I want to hear, my heart bleeds!

"I said stop talking. Now go and get yourself changed into this." I told her.

"Ouch!" she held her hand at the side of her stomach.

"Shia, Does it hurt? Are you ok?" I ran to her.

"It's kinda burning on my boo-boo. I think it's the pool Water." she said.

"Let me see. Take your hands off."

"Mhum, No." she pulled her shirt down more.

She is in her skirt and blouse. Her skirt reached her knees. She is completely soaked in water, showing
off her curves and bumps. Her clothes made me see her inappropriate when she was sitting on the
compound wall. I was fighting with myself not to make a move on her but she was making it hard.

But now, I'm in no mood. I'm worried for her. It's all my fault that she is in pain now. The way she pulled
her shirt down is a complete insult to me. I'm not a womanizer. At Least I won't do that to her. I value

"Pch, I'm not a pervert. I want to help." I pushed her down on the bed and lifted her shirt up to see the

"Go and get changed. I will bring a new bandage. I have a first aid box. I will dress you up!"

"What? I'm not a kid. I know how to dress myself." She said, alarmed. I wanted to laugh at her.

"Idiot, I said I will dress up your wound." I yelled at her.

She picked up the clothes I gave her and ran in the restroom. I let out a laugh at her silly behaviour. But
what she proposed was hot stuff. So far, never once have I seen her or thought about her
inappropriately. But from the time I saw her here, I couldn't stop myself from thinking bad stuff about

I changed myself in the room and waited for her. It's almost half an hour since she went in.

"How long? Are you ok? Do you need any help?" I asked her.

"I don't want your help. You go out and close your eyes. I will go to my home myself."

"Pch, Don't play around, Shia. Come out."

"Close your eyes." She demanded.

"How will I dress you if I close my eyes?"

"Dress my wound, you mean?"

God, She is making it very difficult for me to stay sane. I totally want to feel her against me.

"I have a way to open the lock from outside. Just open up, Shia!"

"Aiyo, Please, Yash. I feel weird wearing your dress."

"That's ok. I won't laugh." I reassured her.

"God, I have no inner wears. I... um.. I feel shy to come out in front of you." she whisper

yelled.She is going to be the death of me!