Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 34: 34. The Insults

Akshu's PoV

I couldn't believe what I saw. It's really him. So he is the one that bought uncle's mansion? Wow, I have
admired him in every instance. Even without knowing it's him, I liked him in every way. I always know
Yash is a good man at heart.

As usual, his concern for my safety was exhibited by his very same dialog. Actually I'm just used to it
now. Infact, I would be feeling different if he didn't yell at me. Did he actually know me before? I know
it's kind of a greedy wish. I now know we are meant to be together!

I jumped in his hands without wasting a minute. I literally found my missing piece when I was in his
hands. I saw a little distraction in his eyes when I pulled him close to me. I had butterflies in my tummy
too. But I longed to see him so far. I just filled him in my heart through my eyes.

This Eli is a pure disturbance. We were having a blissful time until she came in with her screeching
voice. I was on the verge of killing her with my bare hands when she hugged Yash. But when he
returned the hug, I wanted to kill him too. How dare he?

"What is uncle doing, ELI!?" I asked her, stressing the last word.

"Stop it, Akshitha. Don't call me that. Thatha is in his room." She said.

"Oh don't worry, Em! Some people are out of fashion. Like old times, she teases you with a silly name. I
really like your name, Em!" Yash told her, looking at me coldly.

He will not play this game with me. He is going to feel terrible for doing this. I ignored both of them and
went in to see Jamin uncle.

When I went in walking slowly, uncle was sitting on the couch in the hall. His eyes grew bigger when he
saw me. Yeah, I know. He didn't expect me to walk like this.

"Akshu! How did you come here? Did you jump the wall? The sand bed is not there now. God! Are you
ok?" He literally jumped up from the couch and came running to me. He took my hands and walked me
slowly to the couch and sat with me.

"I'm fine, uncle. Your guest caught me without falling. And I found your secret." I winked at him.

"Haha, sorry dear. He requested not to tell anyone. I know you will find out very soon."

"I told you. Why didn't you come today, uncle? Why is Eli still here?" I asked him. I don't like her being
here in the same house as Yash.

"She said she has a vacation. I'm happy she is here with me. I wanted to come and see you dear. But
Emily had some issues with the wifi here. So I was helping her." I felt so selfish for wanting her to go

"oh!" Eli and Yash came in together. I wanted to strangle him to death. But then my conscience hit me
hard. He always had flings. He had numerous sexual affairs before. Did that not bother me? Why am I
reacting too much for just a hug with Eli?

"Mr.Yadav, This is Akshitha. My dearie. She lives behind our mansion. My best company so far." uncle
introduced me to him.

"I just met her, Mr.Benjamin. Hello, Akshitha." he started with uncle and ended with me.

"Hi! What are you doing, Mr.Yadav? I mean what do you do for a living?" I asked him with a challenging

He looked puzzled! I love that!

"You mean you dont know me?" he asked me with a raised eyebrow.

"Mmmm Nuh-Nah. I don't remember you.Have we met before?”

"No, I'm a businessman." His posture changed from casual to cold. I know I hit his ego. I wanted that.
How dare he hug her in front of me? Is it ok if he does that in my absence? I don't want to answer that
question. We have an invisible thread of connection. We can't deny it. But I don't know what he feels
about it. I for sure know that it's love.

"Oh, I see. But why didn't you want to reveal your identity, Mr.Yadav? I don't get it!" I spoke to him with
a flat tone. If he is angry, then I'm angry too.

"That's none of your business." he cut me off!

"Please, Mr.Yadav. Don't get tense. You told me that she is silly. Now I will tell you the same. Don't take
her seriously. Infact, she knows you very well. She just acts like she doesn't know you and your fame.
Maybe she is jealous that you speak to me in a more friendly manner!" Eli spoke out of nowhere. But
she was right. I am behaving silly because I am jealous of her.

"Akshu, You have his picture framed on your walls. Why do you talk like this, dear? It's very
inappropriate. Emily, She is not that kind of a girl to get jealous. Stop talking unwanted." uncle spoke to
me in disappointment and in warning to Eli.

I felt so ashamed. I should not have done this.

"I will come later when you are free, uncle. Bye!" I went to the backyard without paying any attention to
Yash. His gaze never left me. His penetrating gaze followed me to the door. But I didn't dare to look at

I already knew that he has a bad reputation with girls. I still love him. What do I expect him to do? To
change totally for me? Then who am I loving? Love should accept anything and everything just the

same, right? Is my love not true? Why do I expect him to change for me?

I sat down in the swimming pool with my legs inside the water. So many questions bumped into my
brain. All with no answers. Can I live with him knowing he will be with some other girls? No, I want him.
I want him for myself.

"Shia!" I heard him behind me.

I got goosebumps when he called me. My name sounds beautiful when it rolls out of his mouth. I didn't
turn to see him. I felt ashamed to have spoken to him like that.

"Shia, I'm sorry! I just wanted to pull your legs. I didn't know she would talk like that." his voice is truly
sorry. I got up from the pool and tried to go inside past him. He held my arm above my elbow and
stopped me.

"I'm talking to you. I don't like people walking over me." He spoke in warning to me.

"I love you, Yash. I want you. I want you for myself. You belong to me. Only me! Why are you doing this
to me? I can't bear to look at you with someone else other than me." I hugged him without adieu. He
stood still. I felt him go rigid in my embrace. He is fighting with himself. But why?

"You don't like me? You don't have feelings for me? Why are you trying to avoid me? Am I not good for
you? You don't like me because I am not rich like you? You don't like me because I came to you? You
think I'm just another girl who spent her night with you in bed? you..."

I fell in the pool. He just pulled me out of him and pushed me aside. I lost my balance and with his look
on me, I think I lost him too! He has no love for me like I thought.