Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 33: 33. Destiny Has Other Plans

Akshu's PoV

My leg is a little better now. I'm just walking indoors, slowly without help. I feel all better already. The cut
on my stomach was not deep. It hurts though, but not too much to handle. Kavi is not talking to me
properly. She has something in her mind that disturbs her. I'm ok as long as she is fine. She aced the
interview and got in. The joining date is after a week. Ofcourse, he gives me time to get better. Lover
boy. But he won't accept it. I'm terribly missing him. I just want to hear him at least yell at me. That is
how famished I am for him.

Aunty told me about the girl found who went missing from the home. She also said Yash made
changes in the authorities of the orphanage. Police have made some arrests too. I always knew I could
rely on Yash. I know he will take care of anything and everything!

"Akshu! I'm going to the fruit stall now. I will be back in 2hrs. Be a good girl. Practice walking inside,
ok?" my mom said.

"Ok Ma! Come soon!"

Ok, So 2hours of independence. I badly wanted to get out of this home. It's practically suffocating me. I
decided to go to uncle's mansion. I just feel like dipping my feet in the swimming pool. Some corn
would be nice too. But it can wait for evening. What's fun eating alone!?

I made sure mom went out and went to the backyard. Since I have the habit of climbing this wall to get
through, uncle has made a sand bed on his side for me to make the jump easier. This side, there is a
mango tree that touches our wall. The branches are low and easy for climbing. I slowly climbed the tree
and sat on the compound wall.

Oops, The sand bed is now gone. OMG, The property is not uncle's anymore. How did I forget that?
Shit! The owner is a real good man. I should not sneak into his property. But the pool is so inviting. I

may break my bones if I jump from here. That's not a wise idea. After a long thinking, I decided to go
back to my home. When I was about to swing my leg to the other side of the wall, I heard a very
familiar yelling! Am I hallucinating? I'm getting crazy! I see him everywhere. I hear him everywhere. He
is getting too much for my little heart. The weight of my love for him is just unbearable. I cannot hold it
back anymore. I Love Him!

Yadav's PoV

I felt at peace when I came to this mansion. The wavering of my heart settled down as if it felt Shia was
safe somewhere. Strange, but true. More than anything, I was worried about her safety. I totally don't
know what makes my mind and heart calm in this mansion.

The mansion renewal has come out just as I imagined. I took a tour of this place and went to the far
corner room on the first floor. That was a secluded and quiet area. I was looking out the window when I
saw someone climb the tree from behind the compound wall. Just as the person emerged above the
wall, I saw it was a girl. I confirmed that it's that stupid when she carefully sat on the wall with her legs
swinging on my side of the wall.

She is nuts. A crack case. She has a broken bone on her leg and she is climbing a wall that is two
times her height. Idiot, I ran down immediately to stop her from whatever she was planning to do.
Never a dull moment with her!

"Are you insane? What the hell are you doing up on the wall? Idiot! Remember you had an accident
and your leg was broken? You are planning to jump? No person with a right mind would do that. Idiot! I
truly think your head is hollow inside! Do you really have brains?"

She was frozen on her spot. She was looking at me without even blinking her eyes. She clearly didn't
expect me here. That's evident! So am I. I thought of getting away from her thoughts but it looked like
destiny had some other plans for us.

WAIT A MINUTE, WHAT IS SHE DOING HERE? She lives here? So Coonoor is her hometown?
Where is she living? Is she Benjamin's granddaughter? But why is climbing over a wall?

"Hey loosu?! You are supposed to be in bed rest. What are you doing here? You live here?" I asked
her, breaking her trance.

She came back from mars and looked at me with mischievous eyes.

"Do you go to the gym?" she asked me.

"You really are a loosu. What are you doing on the wall?"

"Pch, Answer me, Yash. Are you a strong man?" She asked me again which was completely irrelevant
to the current situation.

"God! Yes, I am a ..."

She is really an insane girl. She jumped on me from the 7feet tall wall. She just jumped without any
warning. I should be getting angry for her inappropriate behavior. But my heart has this weird
satisfaction. Holding her in my arms, knowing she is safe just calmed my nerves. Now I know why this
mansion gave me calmness. My heart knew that Shia is very near!

"Are you out of your mind? What would have happened if I didn't catch you?"

"You caught me well and good. And I love this!" she threw her hands around my neck.

This closeness is making my sleeping demon wake up inside of me. Her scent is making me crazy!

"Are you ok? Your leg healed?" I asked her, diverting my perverted mind.

"Cha, A beautiful girl in your embrace! And all you ask is about my broken leg? You are very poor in
romance, Yash!" she pouted her lips at me.

God, She is going to be the death of me. It took all of me to stop me from grabbing those luscious lips.
What is she doing to me? She is a living hell.

"Where is your home?" I asked her.

She pointed her finger over the wall. So her home is just behind this wall? All I wanted was to get time
away from her thoughts and here I am holding her in my arms. I put her down when I heard a
screeching voice of a girl.

"Hey, Akshitha. How many times do I have to tell you not to climb this wall? Hey, your leg is ok now?
See you have disturbed, Yadav!" she spoke to Shia.

"Hi, Yadav. I'm Emily. Benjamin is my grandpa. I'm so glad that I get to meet you in person. I hope you
know me. I'm the photo model for your new face cream." She introduced herself with a hug. That hug
was a little too much for an intro hug. I didn't enjoy it. But when I saw Shia, I wanted to play a game!

"Hi Emily. How about I call you Em? Nice meeting you." I returned her hug and Shia's face was red with
anger. OMG, This is going to be fun!